Just saw a big bunny run across my yard.  He was going fast, but the work is going slow.  I’m not happy with my progress yesterday.  I was fighting something, and if I don’t figure out what it is, I’ll likely be fighting it again today.  But progress was made, and I’m moving forward.  Slowly.  I doubt I’ll get to new material today, but there is hope.

Feels empty out there today.


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  1. Megan

    Meh, that’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? But you have a cheering section right here, cheering you on!! 🙂 Besides, slow progress is progress still!

    I think this is my first comment on your blog…so I’ll go ahead and get my gushing out of the way. LOVE the books (obviously), and Pale Demon’s my fav so far! I read it in 3 days, which is quite a feat for me since I’m a busy vet student. I’m an Ohioan myself, so it’s great fun to read a series set in Ohio. Would that make Rachel a Buckeyes fan? 😉
    By the way, my favorite character is Al, and I looooooooove where you’re going with him.

    Hope your progress was more to your satisfaction today! Thanks for all your hard work – your fans sure do love you for it!

    • That’s how I think of it, Megan. Slow progress is still progress.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! Vet student, eh? Yep, you’re busy. Phew!

      I’d be willing to bet Rachel has watched a game or two. 😉

  2. Hiya Kim,
    Just a friendly reminder… amazing as you are, you are still human, and are entitled to slow human days. Enjoy the other things, like, your tea, the bunny, and play with your mind. Imagine the bunny encased in flames (that do not burn him of course, because he’s a magick burning bunny…) as he streaks across your yard…. invent conversations between the birds. Just give yourself a break, you overwork your neurons. 🙂

    On a light note. Last night, I was sitting here, talking to Jeff about the FIB and what it was, and telling him about the fight between Rachel and the witches at the train station when she was there with the FIB and trying to bust Trent, (he isn’t a reader, but he gets all engrossed when I “storytell”…. *sigh*) his eyes go all wide as I give him the bits and blows… and I closed with… “all because of a flame in the spark of one person’s imagination.” And he’s all … “You should get a burning cat.” I didn’t get it at first, and I just looked at him dumbly and said, “What?” and he says, “A burning cat, ya know, Kim Harrison, burning cat.” I LOL’d so hard, and said, “Bunny.” …. “Bunny?” …. “Yes, it’s a burning bunny, not a burning cat.” 😀 Ahh it was great.

    And another mental picture for you? I am presently, the happiest woman alive, as I sit here, having my latte, in my fistful of charms mug, wearing an FIB hat. -grin- If Jeff were here, he’d be seriously laughing at me. As is, It is inevitable my picture is going to get taken before the day is out.

    V—V Thank you…. Kim.

    • OMGosh, that’s too funny about the burning cat. I get that a lot, actually. Most people don’t really see the ears, and since I write better than I draw . . . -laugh-

      Enjoy your stuff! We have a great time coming up with them.

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    I wanted to say something inspirational and encouraging …
    But I think I know how u feel b/c at this moment nothing tantalizing comes to mind ….

    … “I’m a reader not a writer” ….

    But hang in there … 🙂
    Peep at the eagles they made me feel better … 🙂
    You’re right they have gotten quite big… ❤ ❤ ❤

    It may feel empty out there but you're definitely not alone .. 🙂
    Look at all these wonderful posts …

    • OMGosh, AKR, I appreciate the thought, but I really wasn’t trolling for encouragement, just giving the state of affairs. But thank you.

      The eagles are looking much better this morning. I don’t see food laying about the nest anymore. I think they are eating it faster.

  4. jkh

    Ahh, because of your generosity in sharing your work patterns I know what’s coming next. You’ll sit down with pad and pen and write out what you want to happen, and then the resolution will sneak up on you. Maybe it has to gestate a little, and if you were fighting off a cold that may have slowed down the process. But you’re back on track already, I’ll bet.

    If you plant out a patch of parsley, the bunnies will keep it trimmed for you 😉

  5. Donna Bailey

    Kim, dont worry about things going slow, we all trust that it’ll be an awesome story and that you’ll figure it out eventually… dont be afraid to leave it for a bit and come back to it, literary genius that you are it’ll come to you when it’s ready.

  6. Autumn

    Too bad the bunny wasn’t covered in magical flames…then it would have been an idea for the book, right? 😛 Good luck with the rewrite!

  7. Randall Andrews


    I have to admit that I find it somewhat reassuring to know that even pros like yourself get stuck from time to time. A morbid sentiment, perhaps (misery loves company?), but it’s good to know that it’s not just me.

    Maybe spending a little time with another set of characters could offer you some fresh inspiration. I could recommend a good self-published fantasy by a fellow Michigander:) Or maybe all you need is a little sunchine, which I hear is just around the corner.

    Anyway, kudos to you for plowing forward through a tough stretch. At least it’s better than plowing snow – knock on wood!

    Peace and spring, Randy

    • OMGosh, Randy. I get stuck all the time. It’s what we do when we get stuck that makes or breaks us. I took another look at what I’d done and decided it wasn’t as bad as I thought, did a bit of tweaking and planning, and pushed forward.

      I hear what you’re saying. (grin) Truly I do.

  8. Stephenie

    Gah. This whole morning is starting out badly. I’m supposed to be able to register tomorrow but I haven’t been credited for past due library books that I returned yet, so I can’t pay my university account balance, so I can’t register. And I have very specific classes I need.
    Boo. I’m trying to focus on one story but sometimes the other ones are so much fun.
    I can’t wait to start them, every time someone says something about them I get more excited to read them.

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    Big bunny? Easter is just around the corner…hmmm.

    Sounds like you need a little song.


    • -grin- In the version I grew up with, the train was full of all sorts of good things for boys and girls to eat and toys for them to play with. I still have it, if you can believe it, on my shelf where most books have fallen away. Funny what sticks with us.

  10. Here on the east side of the state everyone is going weather crazy as in, “this weather is making me crazy!” I am blaming it for pretty much everything that happens this week! I have backyard bunnies but Gracie the Wonderdog keeps them hopping! 😀

    • Crazy weather. Yep. I’m right there with you, Colleen. I keep staring at my crocus out my office window. They are closed up tight. Maybe the sun will open them today.

  11. Maryellen

    Hang in there, Miss Kim. Feel better! 🙂

  12. Amy

    Well at least you are already far into the rewrite before you hit the current snafu. It happens to all of us and you’ll figure it all out, you always have. Sometimes fighting things and finally going okay I have to do this leads things to a new great creative path….your imagination just goes wild.

    I had my front door open yesterday with the screen and heard this strange noise. Then the terrier starting yipping and I heard some kids yelling Hi Turkey! Yep…walking up the street (in the gutter not in the middle of the road) was a few turkey hens…just walking by my house and gobbling. Now this is interesting because I live smack in the middle of the suburbs. I mean, I don’t live anywhere near the country.

    Little bit of nature is always nice 🙂

    • Ha! That is funny, Amy. I once saw a deer doing the same thing. We had a patch of open field two blocks down, and we figure that’s where she came from. Turkeys, though? That’s a big bird!

  13. Yesterday must have had bad mojo working it, Kim. It was a day from hell for me, too. Hope your writing flows better. I’m going to tidy up my desk, put away papers, work through some soul-searching writing, and cast on for a new sweater.

    • Thanks, Jeannie. It’s flowing better. I had to invent a few things is all, and that takes some time.

      Have fun with the sweater! I’ve been knitting a bit lately, too. Small, very easy projects with fast outcomes to balance the agony of slowness with my book work.

  14. tim collins

    Hi Kim,

    This happens to us all. We are working on some sorta project for a while and then hit a big wall. It’s your brain rebelling against working on the same problem over and over. I’ll tell you the advice I was given in my teens. Stop working on the project. Take a break. Go somewhere you have not gone to for a while, the zoo, a dress shop, night out with the “girls”. I promise you that when you get back to doing your story you will have a whole bunch of new ideas.
    Your friend,

    • That’s a great idea, Tim.

      Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow for that luxury of taking a day off out of the blue. I managed to push through the rough spot with a huge shift in music. Went from my usual slow spa music to loud, hard, aggressive alternative rock for a few days. I like ’em both, but it’s hard to work to loud music with lyrics and a strong beat, (and I had it cranked, believe me) so the spa music is what’s usually playing. I don’t know what I’m going to listen to today. I like the alternate rock, but as I said, it’s hard to work to.

  15. MoonDragn

    Well something funny happened last week. There is this stray cat that has been hanging around the neighborhood. My gf puts food out for her all the time and we figure the cat has been eating it all. Boy were we wrong!

    My gf comes running in one day yelling omg! omg! Theres a big animal outside where she smokes on the stairs. I go outside to look and there is a giant racoon the size of a dog coming up the stairs, with the stray cat between it and the door. Now we know where all the cat food went! It wasn’t the cat, it was the Racoon!

    I had to scare the thing away with a snow shovel, but the good news is that it hasn’t come back.

    As for the stray, last weekend there was a big tornado warning and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. The cat pounded on our door to come in and we have took it in. She’s now a new member of our family. Boy those vet bills are expensive.

    • Aww! Your kitty knew where safety was. Yes, vet bills are not cheap but they’re worth it.

    • jkh

      You have been chosen by a little creature of the Powers That Be. This is a gift, and I bless you for honoring it with a vet check-up, etc. It’s going to be such fun discovering your new companion animal’s quirks and personality!

    • That is fabulous, Moondragon. I’m a firm believer that when the universe sends you something, you need to make room for it. I hope it’s a good match for both you and the cat.

  16. Kim-

    Speaking of weather (well, we have been the last few days at least), had another line of storms come last night, but other than making noise, did little else. I saw your comment that things were noisy up there too.

    I couldn’t imagine waking up, looking out my window and seeing bunnies. Mainly because even if I had a yard a bunny would feel it would want to cross, I have 3 kids that would immediately run outside screaming to hug the bunny… making certain the bunny and any other animals would never return.

    Oh, what have a brought into this world? 🙂

  17. Jenn

    Don’t you hate it when you know there is something not quite right but you can’t put your finger on it?
    On a positive note, we had a racoon nest in our chimney & got them removed yesterday. There was 3 babies about a week old & the mom. She just really didn’t want to get out of there at all. But in the end we did get her out. The babies were all healthy & were put in a heated box to wait for mom to come & get them. I sure hope she did. 3 baby coons is a lot to raise lol.

    • Donna Bailey

      ummm actually if you moved the babies they are gonna not smell right now… same as with baby birds… there IS a big chance she probably will abandon them since she’s wild, I’d reccomend you contact your local wildlife rescue.

    • Donna Bailey

      (if she hasnt already taken and moved them by now that is, because then she isnt likely to)

    • jkh

      Jenn, dear, please keep us posted on the ‘coon babies. I’ll bet their mama will pick them up and relocate them, since she’s been living so close to humans and won’t be completely scared of them.

    • Yikes! I’m so glad you got them out of there. That could have caused all sorts of problems. I’m sure that momma raccoon got her babies okay. That was a good idea of a heated box. I’d be willing to bet that the drive to protect and nurture her babies overshadowed the smell of you on them, seeing as she was living in your chimney and smelling you all the time, anyway.