Not cool.

Okay. Β That’s just not funny.

. . . still not laughing. . . .


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  1. Steve

    Reason 103 that I moved from Michigan to Arizona.

    Funny side note, I had people out for a visit from Michigan over the weekend and they were in the pool =0 No one in their right mind in Arizona would be in the pool when the water is only 71 degrees LOL.

    The snow should stop by May……………..maybe, it is Michigan afterall

  2. AKR (Trinidad)

    Whoa!!! WTF?!!
    Hmmm … Do I really want to move from the hot sunny Caribbean ??!!!
    YIKES …..!!
    SHOCKING ..!!!
    I was just as shocked to see the ‘Decorah Eagles’ all snowed on Saturday morning when I peeped in on them …

  3. SeattleRobin

    So sorry, but I chuckled out aloud when I saw your picture. It’s funny in one of those helpless laughter ways? Okay, at least admit how you arranged your blog post was funny! (And wow, that’s not just a light dusting either, is it?)

    • SeattleRobin

      p.s. I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She’s in Mesa, Arizona and she said it was 97 degrees there. Talk about extremes!

    • Steve

      Hehe, yep I live in North Phoenix, it was sunny, 97 and people from Michigan in the pool =)

      I have driven in blizards in Michigan in late April thus the move to Arizona.

    • Oh, I laughed too, Robin, once I got the disgusted look off my face. I know everything that has come up will be fine, but that was not what I wanted to see when I looked past my curtain yesterday morning.
      Three inches.
      But it’s gone now.

  4. Mirja

    Aw! I hope all the plants will make it! Here in Finland spring has been on it’s way too, but they’re promising sleet and snow for tomorrow. Let’s hope we both can enjoy the spring again soon πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Mirja. The plants are just fine. They have a lot of bitter juices in them which will keep them from freezing. It also keeps the deer from eating them. Spring will come.

  5. Mim

    Oh, man! It’s supposed to be spring!

  6. Val-OH

    Those flowers looks soo sad. You poor thing. *hugs*

  7. No, definitely not funny at all. 😦

  8. Christy

    It is a little funny.

  9. Thats Michigan for you. The High winds the last two days were loads of fun too. Well at least we dont have monsoons or hurricanes right??

  10. Erin

    AAWWW Poor Kim I’m sorry and all that hard work 😦 but they look like they’ll be ok. Take another pic when the weather perks up and let us know how they did.

    • Hi Erin. Oh, they will be fine, but it was still disgusting to see in the morning. I’d show you a picture of them now, but someone dumped a shovel of snow on them, and they are not quite snow-free yet.

  11. mudepoz

    *snort* This is the time of year people discover why bad crotch angles are dangerous. Trees are leafing out, we get the heavy, wet snow of spring, and the trees snap. Hyacinths don’t mind. My crocus are long gone, the Pushkinia on their way out, a few of my oddball Trillium (spotted, yellows) are trying to open, and my Lenten Rose is shivering. They’ll be fine.

    • Mud, it’s a good thing I know you. -laugh- Bad crotch angles, indeed. -grin- You just gave me a good idea, though. I was worried about my Trilliums since they were new in the ground, but they look just fine, as you said. πŸ˜‰

  12. jkh

    Tulips or grape hyacinth? Both bulbs, already established; they’re hardy and will get through the temporary set-back. Besides, snow isn’t as harsh as a real, deep freeze. But, I agree: Not. Funny.

    Visualizing the X-country team rousting Thing 2 out of bed brought to mind some of the early scenes in Juno, where the boy-lead/teen daddy is gearing up for the morning run. I only hope all those guys shower before class…

    • Hi JKH. Tulips in back, Hyacinth in front, and yes, they will be fine, but it was disgusting to wake up to. I can laugh now, because it’s so typical. As Guy says, “Just when you think you got Mother Nature figured out, you find out she’s a man in drag.”

  13. Antonio

    It’s a little funny.

    You can’t use perfect comedic timing(setup/picture/punchline) and not expect some laughs. My friend slipped in her heels a few days ago and was still really sore when I saw her last night. She kept telling me not to be funny because it hurt her to laugh. I was ‘literally’ being a pain in her ass. The weather here in the upper midwest, like my affect on women, is always unpredictable…or maybe it’s predictably unpredictable?

    Q>Speaking of funny…Is ‘Every Which Way But Dead’ the only Hollow’s title based on a Clint Eastwood comedy? And–Is that title borrowed from ‘Any Which Way You Can’ or ‘Every Which Way But Loose?’

    Be good… 😎

    • Judi in NJ

      Both are HILARIOUS movies! “Right turn, Clyde” “Dem’s Black Widdas” “Eatin’ all my Oreos, craaaaapin’ all over the place. 12 ribs my ass!” Hahahahahahaha!

    • Antonio


    • Yes, it’s a little funny, but not first thing in the morning. sigh

      I think EWWBD is the only one, yes. It’s based on AWWYC, and we thought about a title based on EWWBL, but they would be too close and easily confused.

  14. Gail S

    Hi Kim, I agree not funny at all! On the bright side it shouldn’t last long πŸ˜‰ What’s taking spring so long this year? I hope it’s not going to be one of those years where it’s 40 and then summer hits and its 80+ in a day!
    Nonetheless, have a good week!

    • It’s not unheard of to have snow this late, but it is unusual. There was no damage to anything, because MI greenery knows better than to come out this early. I’m just impatient.

  15. Judi in NJ

    Sorry to post twice. But maybe the eagles will brighten your day. E1 is getting HUGE & even imitates mom when she flies away sometimes by flapping “his” “wings”. E3 is learning to wobble to the front of the feeding line to get some yummy fish or days-old squirrel; & e2 is a lovely mix of both – not as advanced as e1, but kind of a mentor to e3. I lOVE this family! πŸ˜€

  16. Judi in NJ

    Ouch, Kim. Yikes…….That is just ALL kinds of wrong.

  17. Marcie

    That is so not funny at all. But look on the brightside, I’m in PA and I got rain and tornadoes which we don’t get at all. So Ssturay, I my entire yard looked like a lake. Parts of my driveway I could not see at all as it was underwater and all of the sudden I had a river going through my backyard. All the tan bark is in my yard so I will have to rake that up and put it pack in the flower beds. My garden was under 4 feet of water. Today if you go outside it is like a swamp and you sink down. The creek that is nearby overflowed and went over the road. It is still rushing. The neighbor that lives next door to the creek had the creek make a new path down her driveway. I so wanted to take pictures, but alas I’m not going out in a lightening storm for any picture. By morning most of the water had rushed away, but still we had some and the creek was still high. I got a picture of that at least!

    Thank you for the signed Madison book.

  18. Michelle H.

    I guess you are passing that snow this way…we are expecting more this week in Illinois, too. (Sigh) I haven’t touched the garden yet for this very reason. Look at it this way! Favorite book, writing, hot tea, blanket, window and comfy sofa…what more do we need?

  19. I’m using all my Force to pull that snow from there to here…
    *puts two hands forward* Hhnnngghhhh…

  20. James R, Fox

    Hi Ms Kim- I think if you go with the temporary greenhouse made of thin plastic sheeting they Should be ok. That’s what my mom used to do, she has the green thumb in our family. She isn’t gardening this year,she had to have surgeryon a collapsed artery in her leg, and since she’s 96, the Dr says “no gardening”. So she drives her Mennonite farm girl nuts setting out her potted plants instead. Mennonite farm girls are big and tough, and do drive all black cars with no chrome.The family has been working for mom since she was living by herself in the country. (She now lives by herself in the city. with the next youngest girl to help with heavy stuff.)Also, please try not to get in the road of the tornados, ok?

    • Fortunately everything that is up can take the snow, but it’s still disgusting to wake up to. I hope your mom can keep working in the dirt. We all need something to nurture.

  21. Smith

    Heh… We got a foot of snow in Calgary last week.

    Our flowers go through that every spring. They’ll be fine πŸ™‚ Mother Nature is one a tough cookie.

  22. Robin

    I feel your pain. In Utah it’s just raining right now but I’ve had it do that to me in mid May. I have a bunch of seedlings in my house right now and every year I feel like I’m trying to jump into double dutch ropes. A late snow can kill the new babies or really stall them growing but too late and the temps suddenly soar before their established and everything gets fried or stops growing. The joys of gardening!

  23. Lauren

    Oh no cool at all, Old Man Winter has a sick sense of humor.

  24. Dayton Denise

    My friend lives in Waterford, MI and she said she got 3 inches of snow….said it was snowing Sunday all morning…here in Dayton, OH it will be 61 today, while my son, who is in Boot Camp in Lawton, OK, it will reach 98 degrees!!

    • That’s about what we got, Denise. 3 inches. But it’s gone now, and the weather, when it is nice, is like heaven. The air is rare, and the sun doesn’t hurt. (which it does in SC)

  25. MoonDragn

    Geez! Where do you live Kim, Alaska? Or Canada? It is pretty warm here in Maryland already and I have the exact same flower planted in our front yard.

  26. Marsha

    Wow, that’s quite a change in temperatures. No wonder we had tornadoes here in the South. We are expecting 80 today. Maybe the snow will melt quickly.i

  27. Melody

    Abomination! Pure evil! where’s a team of pixies when you need one!?!

    There may still be hope, if the ground didn’t freeze down by the roots. You may be able to pour some lukewarm water (don’t use hot, it’ll shock the plant worse) to melt that abominable snow around the plant, warm the roots back up and wrap some shopping bags or glass jars over the top. Keep them covered until it warms back up, then poke at the base to check for signs of rot. This kind of random snow crops up in Ohio too, and that’s what my mom always does. You may not be able to save all of them but it may give them a fighting chance. Best of luck!

    • With it being cold enough to snow, they were hopefully hibernating still. I’d hate to think what would have happened had they woken up for Spring and the weather dips that cold again. 😦

    • Oh, the plant will be fine, Melody. I know better than to put anything into the ground before Memorial Day. If it is coming up, it can handle the snow, but it is still disgusting. πŸ˜‰

  28. tim collins

    Dear Kim,
    I’m so sorry that pic upset you, but as I often tell my wife..

    “It’s Not My Fault!!!”.

    I’m not a plant exspirt (sp?). But I’ll bet anyone out there 5 bucks that in a week or 2 that flower will bounce back. Really.

    Trust me. All will turn out OK in the end.
    (Wishing you dragonflies and butterflies dancing in your dreaming head.)
    To My friend.

  29. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Is there no hope for the poor plant? Maybe warm it up with a blow dryer and then put a box over it with a light on to keep it warm? I saw something somewhere, they used chicken wire and plastic wrap to make a small temporary greenhouse.

    I watched the first Episode of Game of Thrones on HBO. It was like watching video cliff notes of the books and hard to follow if you’ve never read the books. Turning 10000 pages into 10 hours of video, we’ll see how if goes.

    It was still very good. They did a very good job of matching the look and feel of the books with the settings and actors. It all looked pretty much the way I saw it in my head.


    • Vampy-

      I have a bunch of Facebook friends practically frothing at the mouth over Game of Thrones. I read the first book and just couldn’t get into it. Too dry for me. I get the political appeal of things, but I like my fantasy a bit more… fantastic if you get my meaning. Not necessarily high fantasy (although that is one of my favorites), but definitely less dry and political. Maybe I don’t get it as much as I should.

    • That’s great, Vampy. I don’t have HBO, so I’m missing it. I’m not that much of a TV watcher, anyway. Good to see such a big production, though. I love it when there is attention to detail.

  30. Okay, I admit that I’m probably not a good person here. I saw the picture and had to stifle a laugh. Then I got to thinking about how much time and effort you put into your yard and how important gardening is to you. Then the smile went away and I felt a bit guilty. Then I posted this… I should probably organize my emotions prior to responding. πŸ™‚

    I wanted to thank you for the last few comments you’ve left me. I must say that your blog nearly always puts me in a good mood, and my worst days are the ones in which I never come here to read your drama box. Thank you for that.

    I hope your plants survive the snow. I see parts of Michigan are getting snow right now, but I hope you’re far enough south to get the rain.

    • Oh, don’t feel guilty, Greg. It was funny, and there is nothing coming up that will be damaged by snow. They will be fine. I was just a bit disgusted that it was there, is all. πŸ˜‰ But thanks! I appreciate it. It snowed all day, but now it’s gone, and the ground never froze, so we’re all good.

      I’m glad that you’re pulling things from my daily ramblings that make you feel good. The way I see it, you can be miserable where you are, or you can be happy. No harm in being happy while you work to find a new situation.

  31. Hey, Kim! Well I’m down here in Tennessee and planted some tomatoes and strawberries over the weekend and then the temp dropped to 35 degrees overnight. I was afraid I would probably lose what I had planted but just barely scraped by!

    So sorry about your Spring turned back to Winter. I know you were so looking forward to warmer days!!!

    • Yikes! The tomatoes might need some TLC, but the strawberries are probably good. It’s amazing how a bottle of water next to a plant can ease it through a cold spell.

      Snow is gone now, so things are looking up!

  32. Eeek. I’m wincing for you! Here I am with growing allergy misery as pollen coats my car. :-/

  33. Kirisch

    Want to trade? Im melting here in the Netherlands. We haven`t had such high temperatures in spring for years :s

  34. Tracey

    We had snow in Toronto yesterday too. Not enough to stay on the ground. I’m hoping my tulips survived.

  35. Dragongirl

    Snow?! O.O

  36. Sabrina

    Oh, that’s harsh.

    Sunny greetings from Germany (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Please, don’t kill me!!


    P.S.: I’m not laughing!

  37. BECCA

    oh kim iam sorry,you called spring to soon lololol!!
    but it is funny,i cant believe you still having snow,mother nature can be harsh,normaly its me moaning with being in the uk about the weather but we have got it really nice at the mo,20/21’c not bad hey t-shirt days!
    hope it picks up soon
    i got me some dirt time over the weekend,planting wisteria,and clematis and pussy willow,also did 2 hanging baskets only if if can keep our cat out of the fresh earth πŸ˜‰
    hugs to all
    becca and co

    • I know! I know! iI’s a dirty trick, but everything that’s up can take it, and I know better than to put annuals in the ground before Memorial Day. sigh.

      I have to admit that I bought a pussy willow, though. It’s sitting in it’s pot in the snow and cold, doing just fine.

      Have fun in the dirt! I’ll be there soon enough.

  38. Jenn

    Oh no…that is really not funny at all.