A-a-a-a-and it’s Friday!

Congratulations everyone!  We made it to another Friday!  I’m planning out my weekend, even as I stare at the hours of work still on my desk yet to finish before I call it official.  I’ll be able to knock off an hour or so earlier than usual thanks to having been woken up before the sun by a dozen athletic young men in running gear hammering on my door.  -grin-  And people wonder where I get my ideas.

Seriously, there is something kind of idea-generating about seeing young men clustered in the shadow light in the dead of the morning when all is quiet, gathering up the last of the group so they can run off and create mayhem.  Okay, in this case, they were simply going to run, but what if they were going to break into the big-bad-ugly’s fortress and destroy the dam so that the town’s crops wouldn’t die from lack of water?  Huh?  What if they had to get across the tundra before the sun melted the glacier?  What if the vampire had gotten back to his lair, and this was the only time they could try to kill him?

Okay, maybe not those ideas, but what I took away from my pre-sun extravaganza was the utter quiet of the morning with its breathless feel of waiting.  The sight of athletic silhouettes shifting in the chill shadow, impatient to be away.  The curious sensation of cold, sunless air hitting my bed-warm skin.  (It feels different.  It really does.)  The feeling of urgency and question that pulled me from my bed.  The doubt in me when I found out my husband hadn’t locked himself out but that there was a strange man on my porch, beating on my door.  —  All that I take with me, squirreling it away until needed, be it two hours, or two years from now.  Though it may sound stupid, I know what unwritten story, what unrealized scene those sensations will fit into already.  (Grace, I will return to you someday.)

I spent the next half hour stumbling about in search of tea, glad I wasn’t the one that went from rem cycles to pounding the pavement in two minutes flat.  Dude, that is something I don’t particularly want to experience firsthand, even if the sensations would be worth gold.  I’ll fake those, thank you.

But the sun just came up red, so it’s time to get to work.  Looks like I won’t be in the garden this weekend.  Red sun in morning, sailor take warning . . . which means there should be rain by the end of the day.  I’ll probably bake instead.  Mmmm, I might make pop-tarts . . .  Which are 100 times better than the store-bought ones, but take six hours to make with all the chillin’.


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  1. James R, Fox

    Hi Ms Kim, It’s Jim From Warren.I have been thinking hard, and have decided that it’s my duty to the human race NOT to reveal what meds my doctors have me on.I mean, what if Vampyre got hold of some, Or Thing one and Thing Two? No, it’s my bounden duty to take them all myself! As for the copperhead nest Guy saw, have your king snake eat them, unless, of course,Guy bashed him over the head with a garden rake which seemed to be in the offing if I remember right. By the way I bought a kindle and I can read easily again,yaaay me! I just turn the type up to headline size. Now I just got to save money for all your books.I prefer reading to audio. I like to construct things in my head. (wild imaginatiom,you know.) And I have this sexy new computer with wide screen monitor, 6core processor, and 950 gig memory with all kinds of visual aids. Kind of like a walker for my eyeballs. I’m glad to hear everything is going good for you and Guy and the gang.

  2. A day in your life sounds amazing. It was nice to take a vacation through your eyes, by way of your blog right now. Just what the doctor ordered.

  3. I’ve been enjoying reading bits of your day & watching as your new works come together. I’ve only been reading your Dramabox for a couple months but have been reading your Hollows books for a couple years. I’m slowly collecting them because I re-read them often. When things get tough at work and in life I grab one and it helps me stay sane & get through another day. Thank you for writing them! Great work on Pale Demon & can’t wait for your the next one.
    Best Wishes!

    • Thank you, Pinepig! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much, and appreciate knowing that you’re enjoying the drama box, too. Thanks! I don’t think I could stop writing now. It’s addictive.

  4. Antonio

    Waxing leaves in the Fall, spending 6 hours to make PopTarts in the Spring…your hobbies leave much to be desired. 🙄 I do like Cherry PopTarts though. Hey, when was the last time you made Buckeyes? Am I remembering correctly–you like to make Buckeyes a few times a year?

    Q>When you get an idea and you are not at your keyboard, do you ever write yourself notes?

    • -grin- I only make Buckeyes in November and December. And that’s it. I actually didn’t bake much this weekend. Just plain-old chocolate chip cookies.

      Not often, but I did email myself a couple of ideas last month when I was away from the office. Most of my notes I make while at the keyboard, wreathing my screen with sticky notes.

  5. You’re an early bird, Kim. Hope the sun comes out for you to work in the garden a little bit.

    Pop Tarts? Homemade pop tarts? I’m with nearly everyone here and would love for you to post the recipe – or provide a link to it.

    • Okay, I had to laugh when I read your post, Jeannie. See, I think I get up early, but Guy is up an hour or two before me, he he thinks I’m a late riser. However . . . I’m always up first on the weekends, so there it is.

      I didn’t make pop-tarts this weekend, but next time I do, I’ll post a recipe. I have to ask my mom, first.

  6. Theresa

    Hey Miss Kim that sounds delicious!! Would you pretty please post the directions for how to make those homemade pop-tarts I would be ever so grateful! And just thinking about hot and tasty young men close to my age running by my house sounds wonderful. Jealousy! Maybe I will get lucky and they will run cross country over to my house… -evil grin-

  7. Marsha

    Home made pop tarts? That intrigues me. Are they made by sandwiching a good jam between two layers of pie crust? Do you put them in the oven or the toaster? Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Rynaras

    well i got my hands on pale demon today paying a freakin lot of money and had to wait ages for it (u have to love german book stores lol-_-) i liked it like the others ^^ actually spend my day enjoying the book ….. but im just wondering about a couple of things^^ 1. someone told me it sounded like an ending story like no new books about rache^^ thought it caaaant end like that lol hope he was just trying to piss me off ^^ 2. why did u make the relationship between rache and yvy so … annoying … seriously they belong together if you read your books again it becomes obvious that they can not part …. they evolved along the books to a couple that cant be apart anymore lol 3. the ending was annoying -_- she cant seal her powers … and i dont think the character u created would … she need the powers to save yvys soul + keep jenks alive + as trend explained to her shes a walking target lol even worse than before because now some freaks will make it their holy mission to kill her lol …. + the demons were actually respecting her al was even caring for her so why hide from them ? no offense but i dont get the end … or rather i dont see an end everything is open this is even far beyond an open endingt -_-

    • I’m so glad you got it, Rynaras! I know it’s a pain. You had a couple of questions.

      1. This is not the ending, no. I’ve got 12-13 planned before I call it good and write the final book.
      2. I can’t explain the relationship between Rachel and Ivy. It was nothing I planned, and I had to write it as it flowed.
      3. Sorry you didn’t like the ending. You know she’s not going to keep that bracelet on for long. I agree, that would be a sucky ending for the series.

  9. jkh

    I would probably cheat and use frozen puff pastry…and little cookie cutters for the openings on the top layer. Mmmm, homemade jam…maybe just a smidge of cream-cheese icing piped in lines (or swirls) across the top…You know I’m gonna run with this!

    • jkh

      P.S.: Can you divide your big ol’ hostas? Might make them a little more manageable. Not sure about that…I know most varieties like part sun/dappled shade, so under the trees could be good…

    • Oh, that sounds delicious, JKH.

      I can divide them, yes. THey are overdue.

  10. Linda, Ireland

    🙂 Have to smile at the ‘Red sun in the morning…’, haven’t heard that in ages! Here we say ‘red sky in the morning, shepard’s warning’. You’d know I’d live in an agricultural country!

    Be interested to know how to make pop tarts too! Used to love the chocolate ones.

    Have a brilliant weekend!


  11. Stephenie

    Can we have a Manic Monday for pop-tarts? I didn’t even know you could make them from scratch. (My mom is not a super cooky kind of lady.) I totally wish that had happened to me! I miss exciting things happening for no reason. I loved when my friends used to arrive randomy to take me away for silly things. 😀

    It’s windy here today, and I love it. We haven’t had very much stormy weather this year compared to last and when the wind is ripping at everything I feel really creative and I figured out the mythos behind my main character.

    I hope your weekend is better than mine. I’m baking a cake and then studying-studying-studying for my French test.

    • -laugh- Absolutely not! They are too much a PITA to give away. That, and too tasty.

      That’s great that you had some creativity blow through you!

      Hope the test goes well.

  12. Alice

    One question from Pale Demon is niggling at me. Why didn’t Vivian do what she promised Rachel at the end? I guess Rachel didn’t ultimately need the collective … so the point is moot …?

  13. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I rolled out of bed at the crack of noon today. Fuzzy was doing her “Meeowt!” call. Not willing to risk her peeing on me again, I had to let her out.

    I was up until about 6 AM this morning building an interstellar empire. I’ve been playing X3:The Terran Conflict. It’s been keeping me up nights.

    My sister is on her last book of the Truth series and loving it. Fantasy and fantasy with dragons are her favorite things. The Raku are dragony enough to make her happy.

    Have a great weekend and try not to over do it.(That’s like telling a squirrel to stay out of the trees.)


    • That is so cool that your sister is enjoying the Truth books. sigh Lots of good images in there.

      I hope you had a great weekend, Vampy. I know I did!

  14. Alice

    Kim, I stayed up till 5am this morning reading Pale Demon. THANK YOU for the awesome story. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. So many things clicked into place for me in this book and I am counting down the days to reading your next. So thanks for keeping me up all night (really) … Pale Demon blew me away. Great, great job.

  15. Lynn Webber

    I want you to know how much I have enjoyed The Hollows Series. I received a Kindle for Christmas, read the first book and I was hooked. I just finished the last one in March. I had to have my Hollows fix everyday. I miss them! Can’t wait until the next book is published. Is it going to be anytime soon? I miss them!!!I also live in SC. Wonder if we live anywhere close. Have a great day.

    • Thank you, Lynn! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! I don’t have an electronic reader myself, but I know a tremendous number of people love them.

      I used to live in Rock Hill, just south of Charlotte.

      You have a great day, too!

  16. Tee

    I’d have much preferred your early morning wake up to mine of “Mom! She won’t give me the brush!”

    Have a great, productive day and may your pop tarts be as delicious as your writing. 😉

    Be blessed.

  17. Victoria Eskey

    I have always loved the paranormal feel of early morning. 🙂 I used to wake up early as a kid and sit outside in the near dark, feeling that sense of waiting, and assuming it was meant for me. and if it’s foggy, it’s even creepier

  18. Ok first off, HOMEMADE POPTARTS!!!!!!!!! Ive never had one of those but they sound soooo delicious. Must share how to make them !!! Dont tease us like that. Now the real question is what did the group of young men in running gear want that was so urgent that they woke you up that early? Wrong address maybe? enquiring minds must know?????

    • They are fabulous, Joe. Dangerously so. I’ll ask my mom if I can post them.

      My youngest son is on the track team, and they have an early morning practice on Friday. He slept in, and missed getting to school on time for it. They stopped by to pick him up. It made me feel really good to know he’s fitting in so quickly.

  19. Kim, I know I (and many others) have said this before, but I absolutely love the glimpses into your creative mind you provide to us. I love it most because I can identify with it. I’ve had seemingly random and innocuous events trigger scenes for stories I have yet to write. The difference is that you actually *have* been writing, and I have not. I’ve probably lost more ideas than I’ll ever have.

    As far as Friday goes…. YES!!!! I just had a conversation with a coworker about our jobs. He said he’s “wishing his life away.” We’re so miserable that Monday through Friday we just keep wishing for the weekend. Then the weekend comes and we’re happy for 2 days (though Sunday is filled with the dread knowledge that Monday is just around the corner). But, that’s why I’m in school, right? 🙂

    I’m 36 years old and I’m already at the “I’m too old for this stuff,” stage. *grin*

    • Thanks, Greg. I take my ideas where I can find the! 😉 Just write. It’s that easy, sometimes.

      I hear you about wishing your life away. The last time I lost my job in the early 90’s, I swore my paycheck was never going to be at the whim of corporate cuts and faceless bureaucracy again. That was when I started a licensed home daycare. Took charge, took risks. It’s amazing how much more interesting everything becomes when you know that you have a say in the outcome.

      36 isn’t too old to start new patterns. Not by a long shot.

  20. Angela L

    OH yum home made pop-tarts! Sounds super tasty! I’m always awake at aprox 5:15 every morning ick 😦 But next week is spring break, thank goodness so I’ll be getting some much needed SLEEP! And more time to stalk your blogs 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Seriously? Home made pop-tarts? I must have that recipe (if you have time, of course, before during or after plotting Rachel’s losing arguments (with Trent, I hope). You’ve got me rambling now… I’ll leave you in peace (I typed leave you in peach… hmmm, don’t think I want a peach pop-tart… what is that all about?). Rambling again. Shutting up now. Have a great day, one and all!

  22. Jenn

    Hm…you were up before me today! Sounds like an adventure. I’m taking it Thing 2 didn’t know they were coming? What a start to the day!
    Just so you know, I am routinely up at 5am. I’ll drop you a breif line via Guy’s email.
    I did my baking a couple days ago! Banana bread & peanut butter cookies! Yum.
    Hope you have/had a great weekend!

    • My schedule is shifting a bit earlier now that the sun is rising sooner, but Friday was unusual. I don’t do 5:00 very well. I’ll work like a dog to avoid it. -laugh-

      Mmmm, sounds like a capital baking day. I ended up making chocolate chip cookies, and nothing more. Did a lot of craft work, though.

  23. Rachel_A. Cutler

    Home made poptarts? Ooh, I wish I had some cherry jam. The good stuff from Traverse City would be perfect. Time to add to the to do list.

    • Mmmm, for me, the only thing better than cherry jam from Traverse City is raspberry jam. There is a pie place twenty minutes down the road that has Traverse City cherry pie. OMGosh, it is so good.