Everybody wins!

Everyone wins ten points today.  Yes, it was Ginger Rodgers who does everything Fred Astaire does, only backward and in high heels.  But to be honest, if you watch them, Fred is moving backward just about as much as Ginger.  -laugh-

It was busy outside my window yesterday.  It’s been nice watching everyone get their dogs out again and see who has new puppies and how last year’s puppies have grown.  Not everyone has their “street manners” yet, and there’s a lot of barking.  Lots of new strollers, too, though I don’t watch the babies as much as I do the dogs. (Maybe if they would bark at me, I’d pay attention to them, too.)

I’ve got a small project I want to do this weekend if the weather holds and we don’t get rain.  I need to move the 40 year old hosta plants before we get in and rip the small porch off the side of the house, and I’ve been debating where to put them.   They would look fabulous in a spot I’ve been eyeing outside the fence, but then they are not protected against the daily dog washes, so I’m hesitating.  I don’t want them just stuck against the house, either.  I’d like to keep them with the eastern exposure they have, and then there is the fence I need to consider, too.  Blahh.  I think I’ll stick with trying to do the impossible in my writing.  It’s easier.

Oh!  And a big hurray for Jenks this morning.  I almost forgot!  He scored big over at Tor yesterday.  Top ten urban fantasy sidekicks


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23 responses to “Everybody wins!

  1. Theresa

    OMGosh that is sooooo cool!!!!! #2 baby!! It’s not #1 but close enough! =) It was also kind of cool to find out one of my other favorite author Jaye Wells’ Sabina Kane series was #5 that is pretty darn cool. Also I have hostas too and they would look very good bordering the pathway to your front door or something like that (just an idea). And just curious what are the 10 points worth?

    • The thing is, Theresa, Jenks came in #2 at a Tor website, and I write for Harper. (grin) Not bad. Not bad at all.

      I’m still kicking around the hosta placement. These things are huge, almost three feet across. They would overwhelm the space. I’m thinking the base of one of my trees, now.

      You can exchange those ten points for my undying gratitude. 😉

  2. jkh

    (rueful smile) Around here we call Hostas “slug food.” The only way to keep the little mollusks away is to surround the hostas with a barrier of copper or zinc.

    Good-oh for Jenks. Sometimes I think the sidekicks are what make the prime character what s/he is. That list has inspired me to look into some other authors. When I have time…

    • We’ve been pretty lucky with slugs. We’ve got deer, too, but so far, I’ve been lucky with that, too.

      I almost hate to call Jenks a sidekick, really. Supporting character? He’s got way too much going on.

  3. Jade/Third Coast

    Yeah, Jenks! Speech! Speech!

  4. Now, what would Jenks say to being called a sidekick? *grin*

  5. Fairy Farts! Jenks should be the #1 sidekick, but number two is pretty great too. 😉 I love Jenks, he makes the story.

  6. Marsha

    Jenks is number one on the list in our book, but coming in second on that list is pretty impressive.

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Good news about Jenks. Getting beat out by Bob is not bad at all. Jenks is funnier and better looking though.


  8. ROFL! Is it bad that when you mentioned, stroller, I was thinking about pets being in them?



    And that’s awesome for Jenks!

  9. Horray for Jenks! Your battle with the hosta’s may be a moot point for this weekend at least. I think we’re both up for some storms tomorrow evening if the weather is right. Good luck with them whenever you do tackle that project though! 🙂

  10. Staci

    I was starting to think I was a bit ‘touched’ since no one I know has a clue about Dr. Who, the TARDIS, Tom Baker and his magnificent scarf. BTW, I still have my scarf *grin*.

  11. Jenn

    ~lol~ We do know that you will win with the writing!
    As for the hosta’s could you not make them a little section in your lawn with maybe a path wandering around them? That would look nice.