Spring. I’m calling it.

I was woken this morning by an aggressive robin singing outside at the top of a roofline.  He was full-force into his territory song, which I hadn’t heard until now, so I’m calling it.  It’s officially spring in lower Michigan.  We might still get some cold weather, but it’s spring, damn it, and that’s all I’m saying about it.

My bird station with its running water/bird bath and food has seen more action in the last two weeks than the entire winter months combined.  The goldfinches, especially, have enjoyed the seed since their food supply is at its lowest point right now.  I’m delighted.  I don’t just stick a feeder into the ground and hope they come.  From the ten yards of dirt, to the new red-twig dogwoods you see in the photo, to the stone wall you can’t see holding the earth back from the sidewalk, the 6 by 18 ft area was designed with birds in mind.  I’ve got to put in a few small evergreens before I call it done, but that’s for when the ground can be worked.  It’s too wet right now, and most of the nurseries in the area are not ready.

The deer, too, are coming out onto the golf courses to snack on the new grass.  I saw a good dozen of them last night about dusk when I went on an ink run.  ( I could have sworn I bought another cartridge two weeks ago . . .)

I think I’m going to add the sound of a printer running smoothly to my list of favorite things to hear besides robins in the spring.  🙂




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28 responses to “Spring. I’m calling it.

  1. Mirja

    Hey! It sure sounds like spring! 😀 And I love the feeding station! Here spring is making us wait impatiently -there’s still snow and sleet everywhere. But I do have a bit of spring in my heart at least! 😉

    Hope it gets green soon!


  2. Bird song boasting is a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way. We have this little bit of a bird (I think it’s a Tanger ?!?) that sits on a tree branch outside the yarn shop window and warbles its little heart out every day. Methinks it’s after a mate, little cutie.

    Weather-wise, I count my blessings for our little piece of Shangri-La here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona – sunny temps in the 60s and 70s during the day with lows in the 40s – ah-h-h!

  3. Theresa

    OMGosh Spring Break has just started and I’m going to my Grandma’s house where we shall go on nature hikes every day for the whole week, yay for spring! Were going to see lots of freshly bloomed flowers!!! I’m glad your bird feeder and bird bath are in use, you should post some pics of it in use for us ,if you don’t mind 😉 .

  4. Douglas

    Almost time for Pixies to come out to play

  5. Congratulations on “calling” Spring… It’s about time! 😉 Ahh… the thought of your printer running in high gear makes my day. So excited for your upcoming work. 😉 But you knew that already. Today, I am packing up and going home – from my dads house to where Jeff and I live. Theoretical progress post-op. It’s only 15 miles away, but that is a long haul for me. I’m both excited and nervous. Gonna make a pit stop at the craft store along the way for my current top secret Project: Kim Harrison project 😉 I should have it finished within a week… and shipped shortly thereafter if all goes as planed. -evil grin-


    • jkh

      Hiya Faith, best wishes on your continued recovery. If you’ve been on bed rest you know you’re going to be a little bit weak, so take it easy but keep striving–gently. I know when I got home from a 3-week stay first in hospital, then in rehab, it was the first good night’s sleep I’d had since I left. And just puttering around at home was just as good for my strength building as p/t exercises.

    • Congrats on the progress, Faith. 😉

  6. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    “What a sweet face, Vampy!”

    Thanks, but Fuzzy is cute too.

    We had a big storm. The high winds and the soggy ground made it easy to knock over 3 giant pine trees. They crushed a car and messed up the roof. While the roof was damaged, they didn’t make it into the rest of the house. Yep it’s Spring and April Fools!

    That really did happen here but it was about 20 years ago.


    • jkh

      Vampy, your Fuzzy reminds me so much of my sweet ol’ Nickolas Plushbottom Pussycat. I have dozens of stories about him, but briefly, he was a mommy’s boy and I was his mommy.

    • Theresa

      OMGosh i saw the picture of Fuzzy and it totally reminded me of my cat Scarlet they look just the same except for Scarlet is orange. =)

    • -grin- April fools, eh? Gotcha.

  7. Donna

    it is NOT spring yet…. here in NH we just got hit with another heavy hitting snow storm and its expected we MAY get another one in the coming week.

  8. Marsha

    I saw my first humming bird so I know we are full into our Spring. I’m kind of worried about the little thing since we have really cooled off the past week, but due to warm up tomorrow and Sunday. We have a cockatiel who loves to sing with the Robins and the Mockingbirds each morning, no sleeping in here until winter.

  9. This sounds so official. I want to go out and do something Spring-y, but I’m fairly certain I’ll end up killing some poor plant that doesn’t deserve such a miserable ending. 🙂 I think it’s wonderful you have such a connection to nature. I enjoy nature, but I don’t have the skills or no-how to implement it in the paltry yard space we have at the house. Kudos to you.

    I also wanted to thank you for yesterday’s kind words. I’d had some bad experiences with writing in the past, and basically really had my feelings hurt (it goes a bit beyond that, but I don’t want to clog your blog with specifics), and I couldn’t get the motivation to ever try again. It felt really good to do it again. 🙂

    Happy Spring, and Happy April Fool’s Day.

    • I had a very bad 4th grade teacher for half a year. It took me the rest of my school history to get over the mental blocks I put in place because of her words. Looking back, it seems stupid, but at the time, that’s where I was. I can say don’t listen to the bad stuff, but that is easier said than done. Just keep pushing forward, Greg. Do what you enjoy. LIfe’s too hard otherwise.

  10. Brandi

    For me spring happened on Tuesday. The Osprey came back from their winter retreat. I love watching them. Being in Michigan my self, I can’t wait for the cold dreary weather to be gone, but at least I get to watch the birds again.

  11. Stephenie

    I was woken this morning by my dog cryyying outside. Almost a howl but not quite. Birds would have been much nicer. Especially since I’m sick. I used to love to play with my grandmother’s bird bath. Someday I’ll be able to landscape a home of my own. *sigh*

    Your bird area looks beautiful, I hope you get to do lots of watching over the weekend!