I.S. stands for Interior Spring

I’m getting tired of waiting for spring.  The maples are ready, with their flower buds reddening, but that’s about it.  Nothing on my dogwoods or Crocus.  I hear the pollen is blooming down South, so every place has its tradeoffs.  (And until you go out in the morning and brush pollen off your car, you just can’t comprehend.)  But inside, my plants are being springy.  I was sure that this little guy was going to flower when I was on tour, but he waited as did another orchid I’ve got blooming right now.  Orchids and I get along pretty well.  We both like morning sun, and we do well when ignored for short periods of time.

As I understand it, most of the maple sugaring places have already had their fling, which I think is odd since we’re still in the tapping stage.  Warm days, below freezing nights.  Poor Trent.  I think he lives just south of the narrow band where it’s feasible to tap for sap.  Must go google it.


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  1. Theresa

    Hey I thought I.S. stood for Inderland Security 😉 hehe just kiddin. Your orchid is very pretty I have one too but it hasn’t bloomed yet it is just a couple of leaves right now but hopefully it will bloom soon! =) I prefer to stay away from pollen filled areas because I have allergies so I don’t have the experience but I can just imagine how annoying it could get.
    Sincerly, Theresa

  2. Marsha

    Do you have the amount of pollen up there that we have down here? The pines are apparenty very happy right now; even with the rain we’ve had lately my car is well coated…not as bad as last year though.

  3. Autumn

    It skipped spring here in Florida and just went straight to summer! And while I adore the warmth, you are definitely correct about the attack of pollen. I have been eating allergy meds like candy for the past few weeks. Not to mention the multiple tornadoes we had today…

    Anyways, your flower is lovely and I hope that spring comes soon for you (and Trent).

  4. Tee

    I understand your frustration and really I have no room to complain. Down here is Southeastern Louisiana, we’ve been enjoying lovely 75 degree temperatures…plenty of time for yard work and planting.

    Then the bottom fell out a few days ago and we’re barely reaching 40 today. Now, before you throw your coffee mug at the screen, I’ll add this small caveat: 40 degree in the deep south is very cold! Plus, the trade off is that we have to endure all those hot, humid, scorching temperatures in the summer.

    However, I think we’re all on our own ways to spring. This morning I saw the tinniest little gardenia flower emerging from my new planted shrubs. 🙂

    Keep dry and warm, Kim!

    • Hi Tee. No, 40 is cold for down there. I totally understand, having lived in SC for 13 years. I think my blood has finally thickened back up again, because 40 feels warm to me again.

      Congrats on the gardenia! Love the smell of them.

  5. Frederique

    Thanks Kim now you have me thinking if and how I could possibly tap my own maple syrup hahaha. Isn’t it bad enough that I already collect my own eggs from my pet chicken and plant and harvest a lot of my own food? I live in socal for goodness sakes, people are starting to think I’ve mistaken it for farmland up north.

    I’m glad you are at least having an indoor spring and don’t worry your outdoor spring will come soon enough 🙂

    I was number 14 for manic monday which is awesome because that is part of my birthday gift to myself.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    • You know, Frederique, I’m thinking I might tap one or two of the trees on my property this next year. They are mature and are dripping all over my car. 😉

      Happy Birthday!

  6. jkh

    Pollen. I think of it as the seasonal attack. I’m really not complaining, but a few pollen types really can affect me. Alder pollen is one, and it’s happening soon. I do pills, eyedrops, nasal sprays and inhalants to keep my airways and eyes open, or else I get to visit the doc for an asthma treatment. That leaves me shaking for an hour, even if I can breathe again. Last year we had an exceptional onslaught of deodar pollen (both our tree and our neighbor’s) and I finally bought one of those California car dusters to deal with it. Amazing stuff: I looked outdoors one morning and everything had a thick yellow coating…

  7. BECCA

    hey there kim
    love the slipper orchid beautiful,i never could get the to re-flower after they had done it once for me!!you have very green fingers maybe you were a florist in a past life 😉
    i was number 137 for a signed madison book really happy,a friend i work with loves to read and in turn her daughter loves reading i hope she likes the book when i get around to giving it to her i think i can read it in a day 😉
    happy april fools day,remember no tricks after 12.00 mid day or the joke/tricks on you!!
    hugs to you and yours
    becca and co

    • Yay! You should get your copy soon. Everything that was paid for by yesterday went out today.

      Very cool on giving the book away after you read it. I like that!

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Ah yes, pollen. Ny car was covered with it. Fuzzzy’s pw prints were all over it. I coulse where she’d loose traction and slide down the yellow glass.

    Then it rained for almost 2 days. I put my car out in it. Fuzzy wanted me to make it stop. She’d look ouyside,look at me and give the most
    sorrowful ‘meowwwt. ever.

    Now my car is rinsed off, yhe wild fires ae out and so id Fuzzy…for a little while. It’s 11:30 and it’s getting dark out there again. poor Fuzzy.


  9. There is something about maple in Michigan. And the trees and flowers in bloom. Mostly, I’ve only appreciated it by photo… but it is a sight to behold. I miss fudge from Mackinaw the most though. I got to go over the bridge and back… while the lake was frozen solid underneath. It was so breathtakingly beautiful – and terrifying. Nature calls to me lately. The need to travel. I will at least travel in my mind until I can….

    I have been networking with other Hollows-ers on Tumblr 😉 There are a ton of us out here!

  10. NickinColoma

    Happy Spring. Here’s to no more snow. Cheers, NickinColoma

  11. mudepoz

    Pretty! That might be one of the Paph. St. Albans.

    Not sure of Maple sugaring there, since we don’t have much here in Southern WI, I would suspect not much in Cincinnati, either. Of course, we don’t have many sugar maples down here, either.


    Here’s a collection of pics from work the last 2 months. You can see the progression of growing and flowering in the growth chambers and greenhouses. One thing to keep in mind, I grow only a few plants of each kind, so while I may grow over fifty varieties, I only have 150 plants total. They have to bloom on ONE day for the class. Nice challenge.

  12. Stephenie

    I was very excited yesterday because I saw the first buds on the trees yesterday. My grandmother and I used to take car rides in the spring and fall and look at the leaves and watch the buds bloom, so it makes me really happy! I have tried to get my mother orchids on multiple occasions but they don’t like her. Most of my mother’s plants have had to go on ‘hospital’ visits to my cousin, who can grow anything.

    Thank you for your advice on the personality tests. I’ll try that again and see if it changes. I’m really enjoying the work I’ve been doing. I did research on train tickets last night and my girlfriend thought I was running away. 😀

    • Hi Stephenie. One of my mom’s traditions with my grandparents was a spring ride out to a particular nursery that made fresh doughnuts. They would stop somewhere picturesque on the way home and eat them. I tried to follow that tradition with my mom, but I always ended up eating the doughnuts before we got to the car. -laugh-

  13. Hi!

    That is the going phrase over here in Maryland as well. “When will spring start?” Or… “This is the longest winter EVER!” Or “Global Warming? All we see is ice and snow through March!”.

    Whatever the reason, we have had a month of hi’s in the 40’s, lows in the 20’s for the past month when it Should be 60’s-70’s.

    Nothing started in my Dogwood, white oak, only a occasional sucidal weed.

    Maybe some magic will work…


    • Yup, the weather is erratic. It’s trying to balance out, and it’s going to be hard for the next decade or so, with mega storms, freezes, and heat waves. Don’t get me started. . . .

  14. Sebrina

    I haven’t been around for a while, but I know what you mean about spring. It seems to come, and go of ate in England. The trees are budding with the promise of new leaves, and the sun has been making appearance quite often in the last week, but that’s about it.

    I went into a charity shop, and found Nightwalker, Dayhunter, and Dawnbreaker by Jocelynn Drake. I bought the first as a sort of ‘taster’ to see if I’ll enjoy the series as a whole. Just in case I love it, I wanted to say thanks in advanced for the rec in some of your previous posts ;-). So, thanks!

    Also? I’m going insane waiting for your latest release to hit England!

  15. So when you tap a maple tree… what do you have to do to the sap to make syrup? Is it hard? It sounds kinda fun, and I bet the results are YUMMY!

    Worry not, Spring is coming. It’s supposed to get back up around 50 today here in Indianapolis, and continue warming through Monday. I just bought new bikes for my oldes, my wife, and myself and I’m eager to try them out! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m very excited. I just wrote my first short story in 6 years. Just an intro to a character I am playing on one of my favorite games, but it was good to write it. Doing that made the debacle of my teacher trying to grade my most recent paper without reading it almost tolerable.

    • jkh

      Hi Greg in IN, It’s been a long time, no see thing. Hope you and your family are well, stable, etc. It sucks when some officious T.A. does that, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you obviously have more imagination than the teacher. I have never experienced maple syrup-making, but from what I’ve read (Little House in the Big Woods thru recent posts on a site to which I belong) the process is basically evaporation and maintaining a steady temperature. The air must smell HEAVENLY!!

      Keep doing good things for yourself and your loved ones. It makes a wonderful life for all of you.

    • Greg, that’s fabulous that you had fun with a bit of creative writing, just for you. That’s the best kind.

      I’d give you a link for how to sugar sap, but a quick google of “how to make maple syrup” will give you very good results. I’ve been to a sugaring house a couple of times, and yes, it smells wonderful.

  16. The tapping season is definitely over in central Indiana. I got just under six pints of syrup from my two trees.