Vampy remarked yesterday that I seem cheerful lately, and though some of that comes from it being spring, most of it’s coming from about six things floating around in my head as I finish up the HOLLOWS INSIDER.

I’m not happy with book ten, but I’m excited about some possible changes.  I don’t think my editor gets it, why I’m cheerful about having to make some huge changes to the text.  First, I’m cheerful because she was seeing the exact same things that was bothering me, meaning she reaffirmed my belief that I’m good at crafting a story, I just have to trust myself a bit more.  Second, I don’t mind rewriting chunks because that’s my favorite part, as in seeing what happens when you miss the train and have to walk.  Third, I’m very competitive, but I don’t like beating out my friends, and in rewriting, I can be as ruthless as I want to be.  —  let me explain.

There are days that Guy goes “lurking”, where he goes to Amazon or websites to check out both my reviews and reviews of other authors in the genre.  Sometimes I’m interested, such a knowing if they go to the same places I do on tour, but for the most part, I try very hard to ignore him as he checks everything/one out.  I’m glad he’s doing it, but I don’t want to know how I’m stacking up against everyone else on that particular day.  It all changes so fast, that the only clear barometer I have is measuring myself over my last book, and today, I’m just kicking myself.  Book nine rocked my personal socks, addressing several issues I’d been building to.  In its current form, book ten doesn’t stack up to its older sibling.  It’s a good story, but it doesn’t accomplish as much.

That will never do.

So today I am cheerful in that I’ve given myself a very high bar to strive for.  You might like what is coming in book ten.  You might hate it.  But I’m going to make it a cracker-jack story in the telling of it, and the crafting of that is going to be intense.

I can’t wait.


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  1. Maryellen

    We certainly trust you Miss Kim!

    It feels good to stretch yourself as a writer ( I had a blast yesterday composing a freaky murder scene! tee-hee! — boy, did THAT sound wrong– )

    But anyway, Book Ten will be wonderful I’m sure even if it is very different from its older sibling who’s getting all the current attention. You are a gifted story-teller, your fans know that about you and will eat it up with a spoon, then ask for extra whip cream on top!

    Have fun today! 🙂

  2. Watching Ghost Hunters last night, and they were at Mackinaw island!!!! Okay, that was random. But, I just thought it was so cool! Love the picture of the bridge at the top of the drama page:)

  3. Victoria Eskey

    Hi Kim! I just read your post, and wanted to commment. 🙂
    I’m so happy that we=your readers, and the rest of the world are one step closer to Book 10. (title? not yet, huh?… hehe) and while I’m sorry you are not happy with it yet, I am very thankful you are working so hard to knock our socks off again. Because honestly, you are an AMAZING writer, and story crafter. Who else but you would have turned the fanged hound of hell from the library basement, into a character everyone (myself, included) just loves? Every “itchy witch” makes me smile.
    And I’m sure Guy is just trying to help. Can he be bribed off of Amazon with a cookie?

  4. Tina ~ WI

    Kim, I love that you set the bar so high every book. I don’t think the Hollows would be my favorite series if you set the bar lower. Thanks for one of the Madison book! I got one!

  5. Terri

    Hi Kim. Don’t listen to what Guy reads on the any web sites about what they are saying about your books. People are fickle from one day to the other. I don’t understand where people get off writing about a book the author puts blood, sweat and tears into their story. It’s your story, you write how you want. I’ll keep reading your books and re-read them because they are so different and enjoy how the characters are unique.
    I’m one of your biggest fans.

    • OMGosh, Terri, I don’t, as a general rule. I haven’t for a long time, but occasionally, a reviewer has some nice bit of insight that tells me if I’m getting my idea across. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  6. Theresa

    OMGosh!!! I can’t wait till book 10!!! I just know it’s going to be AWESOME!!

  7. Amanda in Tampa

    Just want you to know Pale Demon has been my #1 this year!!!!

    Pale Demon
    Green Eyed Demon – Jaye Wells
    Tempest’s Legacy – Nicole Peeler
    River Marked – Patricia Biggs
    Iron Crowned – Richelle Mead

  8. Jemma

    Hey Miss Kim!

    I’m glad Vampy brought that up. I’d noticed it too. 🙂 You’ve been very cheery and I’m glad (also been quite jealous as I’ve been having some drama in all areas of my life lately so I wish I were cheery!)

    I have Pale Demon sitting in my room and can’t wait to start reading it but I’m trying to re-read BMS first and for some reason (probably real life drama) I’m not getting through it as quickly as I usually do. 😦

    • I’m hopefully done with the drama in my life for a while. We had a couple of hard years with family, but it does, as my grandma used to say, “come to pass.”

      I hope you enjoy the read!

  9. Meri

    Hey Kim this is Meri again pronounced Mah-Riy, anyways i didn’t know if my last comment stayed where it was… I dunno i think it dissapeared or something.
    Maybe i should write it again?
    ohkay i really love writing books and novels and i thought that writing poems and small stories for now would be perfect for me, just to get my name out there right?
    I already have a bunch of short stories that i wrote in notebooks and i just have to type them and send them out… except im not quiet sure who to send them out to.
    Im also planning on getting a laptop soon (with my own money) from my self employment job.
    I sing for people and get paid for it!
    But i also want to write novels and get paid for that as well…
    Gah! There are a million things i wanna do with my life and writing is a must! So is being a carpenter, singer, actress, dancer… i even want to be a mime! Maybe i could be them all?

    Oh i wanted to tell you about the most fantabulous day of my life that happened just yesterday!
    I met and ate supper with Canada’s first native comedian and it was soooo awesome! His name is Don Burnstick and he’s alot like the characters in your book.
    If i could compare him to any of the characters in your book it would definately have to be Jenks.
    And thank you so much for your last reply, i’ll be sure to keep writing my novel and writing poems for publishing untill im out of school and have the time to type and edit my novel. I wonder how long it would take for me to finish the novel, with the way im going it would probably take a week, i write like every day!

    Oh! Um i almost forgot, if you want to see me singing you can look it up on google. New Dawn Drum Group…. I’m the one in the red shirt and the white belt(I don’t know what i was thinking when i chose that outfit).
    And im also the one in the blue vest and the yellow shirt.(I don’t really have a sense of fashion…)
    Thank you so much for your books and everything!

    Algaliarept is the BEST!!!

  10. jkh

    …and that’s why we call them “drafts” (from First to Final) and thank all the goodies for personal computers (or Macs). I was a typist for 10+ years, and retyping things because of a rearrangement or insertion/deletion of a few words was the most boring…

    You could get your wonderful Guy to put some glass shelves across that perfectly placed window, to create a mini-greenhouse area for your seedlings…

    • Drafts is right. I am so glad I missed the typewriter stage. I started just as PC became available, though it was a couple of years before I could afford one. 😉

  11. Hello there ma’am,

    I shudder to think what you’re planning for us. I am so mad at myself. I wanted to read PD tonight as I’m sleeping out for work (middle of nowhere always fun to be) and there I go, forgetting it in my room. I had had it in my hand. I had picked it up and meant to stuff it in my bag.
    But, I forgot it. And now I have to suffer for it. No energy to write, barely enough to blog – nothing good to watch and no Pale Demon. If you want to write a sequence in hell, that might be a good place to start.

    I’m happy that you’re happy. 🙂 And, I look forward to see where this will go. I suspect I know what’s going to happen towards the end, lol. 😛 But I’m keeping that to myself. All I can say is, good luck ma’am. I might not always like where things are going (R/I shipper who’s loosing hope…), but I love your writing. All your writing. From the blog, to the Hollows, to the Princess books. Because you put a lot of work into it, and it shows.

    Thank you,


  12. jenniffer

    I LOVED PALE DEMON!!! IT WAS SOOOOOO FRIGGIN AWESOME!! (yes i was shouting that to the world)..Great job as usual Kim! I’ve read all of the hallows books at least twice and loved every single one of them. I am really really excited for book 10 and really can’t wait for the sneak peeks (hint hint). Thank you for all that you do and for providing me with a way to escape reality, even if it is just for a little while. (maybe) hehe

  13. Krysta

    Kim, you never cease to amaze me with your books. Being that I just finished Pale Demon, I can honestly say that its going to be excruciating waiting for the next chapter in my favorite series. Thank the heavens that you have more goodies for us in the mean time or i might just go insane. Your writing has captured me in ways that most authors fail to do. The detail and emotion you instill in your novels makes me feel like I’m right there, an unknown watcher in the story of the hollows. I’ve watched Rachel and her friends grow into amazing characters, and I’m hoping that the adventure continues for some time to come. I couldn’t survive knowing that Pale Demon was the end. Its just the beginning!

    You’re an amazing author, the best of the best. And you and your stories of the hollows will go down in literary history for though they are fiction, the emotions and desires of everyday people are reflected beautifully in the characters of the hollows.

    Keep doing what you do best and invent a fictional world so believable that once you are done reading you won’t be able to seperate fact from fiction. Thats what I love about your books, and since you left me dying for more of the hollows after Pale Demon, I know I’m going to spend a lot of time in my head with the hollows, waiting for the next adventure.

    You are a powerful and captivating writer and may you continue to enjoy writing stories that trap your readers and leave them breathless waiting for more.

    • Wow, thank you, Krysta. I really appreciate that! Thank you, very much. Here’s hoping I can pull this one off. It was easy with PALE DEMON. This one is going to be a bit harder.

  14. Meri

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    I think making poems and small stories would be perfect for me for now since i have so much school work(being in grade 10 and all).
    I already have like a gazillion small stories in notebooks but typing it all out is gonna be hard. I have a 40/words per minute thing but it still kinda hurts my wrists to type too much.
    I think you have to send in something thats typed though right? I don’t think i’ve heard of someone sending a hand-written story to a publisher or anything. Garrrgh! I can’t wait till my birthday! Instead of a car from my dad im gonna ask for a laptop for typing out my stories! Or i could save all the money i get from my ‘self employment’ job and get one for myself…. *sighs* I’m always up for the easy way but the hard way is probably the way to go for now in order to get myself a laptop for typing.

    I love writing by the way, being able to write down the thoughts and pictures that you have stuck in your brains and letting people see it. My sisters all love everything i’ve written so far and i was wondering if you might want to read it… when im done it i mean.
    Meri Jean

  15. Robin

    I CAN”T WAIT EITHER!! You never disappoint!! It’s just the waiting . . . 🙂 Nine books and we are here everyday begging for more so I think it’s clear you know what you’re doing. We’re just verra verra happy to be along for the ride.

  16. Antonio

    I read a lot and rely on customer reviews in a variety of places to help inform my purchases. I keep track of all the authors in the genre, their reviews and sales figures. Since you brought it up today, I can put your post in context.

    AMAZON utilizes a 5-star customer review. For me, personally, I look for 1) BIG customer review totals(over 50, but especially over 100 total reviews catch my eye), and 2) the ratio of 1-2-3 star reviews compared to the total number of reviews. I won’t purchase a book(especially a first book) if the 1-2-3 star reviews add up to more than a third of the total number of reviews. There are always people who give 1 or 2-star reviews because they choose to use this medium to complain about kindle prices, or shipping delays…

    You have no 1 or 2 star reviews on amazon(unheard of!)…you only have a handful of 3-star reviews(i think 12 out of 145 total). That’s below 10% of the total!

    There are only a few books published in this genre the last 2 years that are in the same neighborhood as these customer reviews…(over 100 total custimer reviews, and 1-2-3 star reviews accounting for less than 15% of total reviews)…

    Silver Borne, by Patricia Briggs
    Magic Strikes, Magic Bleeds, and The Edge, by Ilona Andrews
    Turn Coat, and Changes, by Jim Butcher
    Last Sacrifice, and Succubus Blues, by Richelle Mead
    Soulless, by Gail Carriger

    That’s pretty good company, right?

    Be good. 😎

  17. Stephenie

    I have yet to be disappointed in any of your books Kim! I don’t know how you can match the intensity of PD, but if you say book 10 is going to try then I believe you and oh baby! (to quote my favorite English teacher) am I excited!

    I’m excited about how my work is coming on my novel too. I forgot how much fun chapter summaries are for me, and how much easier it is to plot a story. I’m trying to keep in mind themes and plot points I would want to carry over into the next (theoretical) book. Thank you for your information on the personality tests! It’s been helpful. I keep taking different forms of the test for my main character because I disagree with the result, but that’s what I keep getting, so I guess I’ll figure that out. She’s a conundrum that one. 😀

    • Stephenie, that’s fabulous that you’re moving forward so well. Keep it up.

      One thing about those personality tests. It’s very hard to divorce yourself from your own personality when you take them, so you might be getting mixed results simply because your morals are seeping into your character’s. For each question, imagine your character running into that situation, and see what she does. Good luck!

  18. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I’m all warm and fuzzy because I had a little influence in today’s drama box. 😀

    I forgot to mention that I met another one of your faithful readers Friday when I went to see Sucker Punch. The lady taking tickets had a Kindle. I started talking to her about it and mentioned you as my favorite and she said you were her favorite too. We’re getting married next week….just kidding.

    On J. Frost’s Blog yesterday, she posted about authors and how they react to critic both good and bad can affect them. It was pretty good. “Reviews Dos and Don’ts.

    I saw Limitless yesterday. While it was good, it is nothing compared to Sucker Punch. I want to see that again, it’s still burning in my brain. It’s going to be THE movie for the summer I think.


  19. Jenny

    I think one of the things that make the Hollows series so successful (aside from you being a great writer!) is that the reader can tell your heart is still in it. You still care what happens to the characters. In the past couple of years another author has really disappointed me because he continues to write a series when he doesn’t want to. I feel it really shows in his work.Your excitement and your enthusiasm along with your writing skills really makes the Hollows a geat read.

  20. Mendi in STL

    Heyde hey!

    O you crafty little witch! Just as I was settling in for the long wait, you pull this out of the spell pot and get me all itchy for the next Rachel adventure. AHHH! Best to you during the rewriting process.

  21. Diuna

    I noticed that favorite books of Hollows for most people are roadbooks (A Fistful of Charms and now PD). For me it’s other cathegory in Hollows 😉 so I’m waiting hard for “motionless” book 10 because my subjective favs are Black Magic Sanction + The Outlaw Demon Wails. Maybe it’s just a charm of the church ;).

    • Antonio

      Hi Diuna (waves)

      I truly love all the books in their own way…KH is my favorite writer afterall. And we may both have to duck thrown objects, but I always enjoy the stories that center in and around Cincinnati best. The Rachel-Ivy-Jenks family in their home base fighting the good fight. Maybe we’re both ‘home-bodies’ Diuna (laugh), more comfortable with our adventures a little closer to home. 😉

    • Hi Diuna. The next couple are close to home, unless you count the ever-after as “on location.” 😉

  22. Just wanted to say thanks for the Manic Monday giveaway, I was lucky enough to get one of the books and my wife and I are eagerly waiting to get it in the mail. Im currently reading PD and cant wait to finish it!! Thanks ever so much!

  23. Val-OH

    HO-HAAA! I just got chills reading your post. I remember you posting your excitement on PD. And that book rocked my world Baby! So excited for the next book already I can hardly stand it! And whatever you have planned I’m sure I will love. And I’m sure every author has to deal with some people that don’t always have the nicest opinions, but you just brush those player haters off giiirl!

    • Ah . . . we’ll see how well I pull it off, Val. Don’t get excited yet! (And no, I don’t listen to the crabby people. If the Hollows isn’t for you, it’s not for you. QED.)

  24. How long does a re-write usually take? It’s very interesting to hear your process. I guess all things creative have those similarities, just ask an artist or an editor or film maker. I sort of know how you feel with feedback in terms of wanting to know about certain things and then *not* wanting to know about other things when it comes to your work and the work of your competitors. It just naturally puts you on the defensive. But I’ll spoil it for you right now and say that you consistently do well on Amazon with each Hollows book. They are all either a 4/5 or 4.5/5. For Pale Demon, I’m sure that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since tons of people have told you they L-O-V-E it. Pale Demon completely re-energized the series which can be very rare in most cases, and I think that’s what makes it so special. That said, I think Book 10 will still be up to Hollows standards and am really looking forward to it. Ugh, is it 2012 yet?

    • Hi Erika. For me, it can take as little as a week to a month. I’m thinking about a month here, but we’ll see. It’s an aggressive plan I’ve got before me.
      The world book was sitting on my desk for a month, but half of that I was on tour, so you never know.

      Thanks, Erika. I appreciate that.

  25. That fire that burns inside you that makes you think, second guess, and rewrite – and be excited for it – are things that are so uniquely you that I can’t help but believe in the process, because I’ve read the outcomes of them. I’m on my 4th owning of the Hollows… long story… these are all hard covers, and will be with me the rest of my life, cherished. In the meantime, I’m busy spreading the word all over the place converting readers to KH readers at a rapid rate. It’s an easy job… your storylines sell themselves. Someday, perhaps I will share some of my writings with you. Not for advice or praise or anything of the sort, just as a peek into my mind. I write every day. I have for years. Nothing magnificent in my opinion… but it gets things out that shouldn’t stay in. 😉 Amazing though the things that manifest themselves from my subconscious.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I can’t wait for the hollows insider either. GAH! I’m just dying to peek at it. 😀 Have a great day….

  26. Ok, now I’m really excited to see what Book 10 is going to be about. I was excited before, but I’m now excited more, if that’s possible.

    I love it!

  27. Ted

    Today’s post describes why you are the best in the genre. Keep up the great work. We love your books.

  28. It’s posts like this that really capture my heart, Kim. When you get excited, I find myself getting excited as well. It’s infectious! 🙂

    I’m very glad to hear you’re in a good mood and ready to take on the challenges before you. I envy your position. Not the fact that you’re a writer (which I do envy), but more that you wake up every day eager to get to work. It’s been a long time since that’s happened with me, but I’ve set into motion some things that will hopefully get me back there.

    Anyway, enough about me. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us!