It’s supposed to get in the mid 40’s today, and I’m thoroughly excited about it.  I’ve not seen mid 40’s since I got back from tour, and all my bulbs are at an arrested development.  (ha!)  There’s stuff coming up in my yard I don’t recognize.  I know I put them in the ground, but the area I’m watching has about three species that I’ve not grown before, and I don’t know what’s coming up yet.  Should be fun.

Had a great chat with my editor yesterday, and I’m all fired up about book ten rewrite.  Turn and face the strange, ch-cha-changes . . . My writing schedule has closed in, though.  This is a good job if you like being busy, and I like being busy.  I’m now kicking around the idea of perhaps moving a book forward in my schedule a year or two down the way, ideally making for two hefty volumes released in one year.   We’ll see.  I have to get through this summer first.

I’m just glad that it’s considering warming up.  If I don’t get into the dirt soon, I’m going to have to do something ugly with my sewing machine.  (That didn’t come out quite right . . .)


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  1. Jenn

    Well, we are finally down to the last little bit of snow here & are hovering around the freezing mark.
    You could always set up your sewing machine in the garden! lol That way you could acomplish both things 🙂
    Oh, can you please ask Guy to check his email. I think we have the wrong price for my book. Thanks!
    I hope you have a great day.

    • Hi Jenn.

      I’ll mention that to Guy. He went through them pretty fast yesterday.

      We could still get snow here, so I’m holding my breath. It’s finally starting to get into the 40s, and it feels WARM! 😉

  2. Autumn

    Two books in one year! That would be AmAzInG! I read the books from “Dead Witch Walking” to “White Witch Black Curse” in a month in 2009 but since then I have been counting down the days until each new book gets released. “Pale Demon” was wonderful, I’m about to re-read it. 🙂

  3. Theresa

    *tears* I didn’t get a copy, but thats okay there is always next time =) and hey now I know how to try for next time! Don’t forget to enjoy the sun! =)

  4. Good Morrow, Ms. Harrison!! 😉
    Fitfully late reply for me, I’m afraid, I’ve just woken up. Had a bad health night last night & didn’t sleep ’til after 5 am. I did however wake up to a wonderful email, that made the entire day worthwhile.

    40 degree weather, I cannot fathom that being cheerful springy weather, but then again, Michiganders have a different view on stuff like that it seems. I have the little flutter of excitement for you, the excitement of the unknown plants that are new varieties. I think that is so fun. I hope you take pictures and share sometime.

    You sound like us of the Wiccan/Pagan persuasion 😀 “If I don’t get in the dirt soon…” LOL!! I literally had to laugh out loud… I plant by the moon, and being down with surgery back a couple of weeks ago I had an outright HISSY FIT when I wanted to plant, and couldn’t because I couldn’t get to the ground. 😉 Jeff (wonderful boyfriend) made me a makeshift “thingy” and brought the ground do me, so I got to plant 6 wonderful potted flowers… not as great as a garden or bulbs… but I got my hands in dirt, and dirt under my nails, and got that wonderful “jeez it feels good to be close to nature” feeling.

    As for your sewing machine… they’re infernal devices, you know that right? I have one that has sewn less than 3 hours total in its life, so it’s practically brand new, and IT IS POSESSED!! *shakes fists violently* It now only sews backwards… I’m not even kidding you… it will place stitches… and then go all shaky crazy violent and remove them and chatter violently… it’s an awful mess!!!! I am rather sad about it, it’s been this way for 2 years and I can’t get a single soul to look at it and tell me the problem… and I’m awful sewing by hand.

    I know I’ve said this before, but you are SO inspirational to me. You know my personal health situation, and I just want you to know, that everyday you inspire me to do more, be more, and strive for more. I have never had such inspiration. 🙂 I look forward to these posts, and it’s my “1st thing in the morning” thing while I’m on leave from school. 😉 Kim’s blog & my Big Al latte. 😉

    Thanks again for the MMM opportunity for all of us. I am thrilled that I got in in time, and wish you could’ve seen my reaction when I got the email. It was the official first thing I did when I got out of bed – look at my inbox for the invoice. (Mind you, I am barely mobile these days) I jump up… (lol) run in the living room where my dad has this half bewildered half concerned look on his face and I start dancing… I said “I won I won I won I won” …. he’s like… “Your stitches! Be careful!!” So I paused for about 1 heartbeat… and then I started dancing again. 😀 I’m a little sore for it, but it was so worth it!!! I hope you got a decent mental picture from that… because it is well worth laughing at.

    V–V Love from California… where it is 70 degrees & sunny today 😉

    • Thank you, Faith. Inspiration is everywhere you look. You just have to look.

      My sewing machine is very old, a gift from my grandfather, and it means a lot to me. He bought and repaired about five of them about 20 years ago, and gave them to his grown up daughters. I was crafty even back then, and he gave one to me, too.

  5. At least your area is consistent. The DC area’s weather changes practically by the hour. It was in the 60s the other day and then it was in the 30s this morning. We even got a snow dusting over the weekend. Our poor cherry blossoms are in jeaopary:–9837.html

    2 volumes you say? Does this mean book 10 and 11 could be released in the same year? Or 11 and 12? Or 12 and 13? That would be OH SO VERY AWESOME AND WELCOME! It’d remind me of the good ‘ole days before you hit hardcover. I think that transition was the hardest for us early Hollows adopters :P. I still haven’t quite adjusted all of these years later, haha. I love the series, but 2-3 more years of torture is a easier than 3-4 :P.

    • Hi Erika. Oh no! I was in DC once for the cherry blossoms. It was beautiful.

      Ah, if I get two volumes out in one year, it will be one Hollows, and one something new. I don’t know if I can swing it. It’s really pushing my schedule up out of it’s carefully balanced plan.

  6. Amy

    My brother lives in Dearborn, I will post on facebook complaining about the 40 degree weather (in winter) and he will always make a smart remark because Michigan has snow! It is going to be 82 on Thursday here, and it is my sister’s birthday and Caesar Chavez day so I have it off. I’m going to San Francisco and enjoy the beautiful weather! Hmmm….I wonder if there will be a witches conference going on, I will have to check!
    You might want to get a greenhouse to start seedlings. I can’t even imagine what it is like living in a cold weather place since I’ve lived in California since I was four. We have a long growing season, almost year round. A lot of rainy days this winter and cold too, but no snow here.

  7. Meri

    Hey kim, this is Meri, i was wondering how old you were when you started writing and how did you get it started. I was asking my Parents for info on it too but they’re not much help. I’ve been writing my own novels as well but i just dont know how to send it out to an editer and producer or if im even old enough to do that. Im 15 right now but i’ll be 16 real soon and i was really hoping for writing for the young adults and all.
    You were also a big inspiration for one that im half way through to finishing, i love your books so much and i hope i can become as famous as you one day! 🙂

    Meri Jean

    • Hi Meri. I was in my mid 20’s when I started, and I wrote for about 3 years on my own, then found a writer’s group that really jump started the process. It was then that I started submitting my work, but it wasn’t until I began going to writer conferences, where agents and editors go to find new talent, that anyone really read my work.

      15 is not too early to start, but I would focus on craft right now, rather than seeking publication. I know a lot of the focus is to get your name out there and prove to everyone that you can write a great novel and to share it, but if you aren’t writing because you enjoy it, then the job is too hard to maintain. However, getting shorts and poems published in the meantime is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Keep working on that novel, but do some short stories and such as well. It’s easier to break into the short story market, and then you will have some publishing credits to put on your cover letter for your novel.
      Good luck!

  8. Angela L

    Erg its suppose to snow here tonight 😦 I’ve got spring fever bad! I’ve tried to keep busy by beading but I’m running out of people who appreciate homemade random stuff haha. Want a bracelet or a necklace or something?!?!

    Two books in one year wow that’s such an exciting thought!!!

    I used to tune to “Cha-cha-changes” as I was telling my students to pack up. Its so much more fun to sing directions then to just say them. They think I’m nutz 😉

  9. Stephenie

    Oh no! That song is in my head now! Aaaaahh!

    We had snow here in Iowa City this morning. It was gone by 10:30 but it was still depressing. I’m still thinking about yesterday’s waffles too. The best waffles in town are gone now.

    I don’t like to be busy with things I don’t like to do… If I had more time to work on my book I’d be happy. I got a portfolio that is a calendar on one side and notepad on the other. It’s big, but thin and makes me really happy. I’ve started putting plot points on the calendar and working on chapter summaries in the notepad. Anything I need to do research on I write on a post it and stick in! 😀 It’s too early to tell if it’s working but I sure do feel accomplished.

    If you’re going to make something ugly you could make a Nick doll.

    • Stephenie

      Oh I did have one question! I know you’ve said something about doing personality tests for your characters; and I was wondering what exactly you used? I’d be really interested to try it.

    • Hi Stephenie. Sounds like you’re moving forward! That is so cool.

      Mmm. I use the Meyer Briggs personality test. A few years back, they had a great website. Last time I looked, they wanted to charge you for everything, but it still gives you some good information.

  10. mudepoz

    Oh NO! This will make me so unpopular, but no. Please don’t release TWO Hollows books. It will only make the ending sooner and I’m not quite ready for that. Granted, I COULD wait, but I know I wouldn’t. I’m an instant gratification type of person. I would say girl, but yesterday’s birthday underscored I will not be a girl again in this lifetime.

    So instead. Making puppies this summer:)

  11. jkh

    Spring is creeping up on us here in the Pacific Northwest, slowly but steadily. We’ve seen 60-degree weather a couple of times now. The early flowers and shrubs are pink and yellow and blue, and the lawns are growing, but the beds are too wet to work very much. I might just plunk in some primroses though. The birds are hungry! I need to refill the feeders and find something for the crows. And my wrist is out of bondage at last (6 weeks) and feeling much better, so I can think about maybe digging out the knitting needles. Of course there are those 3–4 stories I could make first noes on…

  12. Val-OH

    BOWIE is good. Sewing machines BAD.


  13. Chelikins

    Can’t wait to see what is popping up in your yard. I have no green thumb.. my grass grows that is about it.. lol! Not sure if I got a book from yesterday. I didn’t see anything in my email today, though I thought I may have got in on time yesterday. Anyways.. grats to the winners and maybe next Monday, crosses fingers.. lol!

    TWO HUGE BOOKS in one year!!! you are giving me heart palpations! I am excited!

  14. Being busy is so-o-o much better than thinking about being busy. I would much rather have too many things to do – they all get done – instead of not enough to do (which causes a temporal paralysis).

    Our weather is switching from winter to spring with this week’s temps in the 70s and low 80s (nights still down to near freezing). Johnny’s cleaning out the raised veggie garden bed and I’m daydreaming of either a small raised herb garden or a large container of herbs out front.

    Careful about the “uglies” with your sewing machine, unless you plan to whip up some ill-fitting garb for Nick as a going away (far away) present.

    • My drapes were pretty ugly until I fixed them. I don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend if it’s not nice. I already bought a plant I can’t put into the ground. (sigh)

  15. AKR (Trinidad)

    David Bowie?? lol
    Whey …. I hope not BIG changes… 😉
    Anyway any changes are welcome if it means a closer step to the completion of another Hollows book … =D

    … as Super Gorver would say … “on with our story”
    AKR (Trinidad)

  16. Antonio

    Can’t you do both? Get dirty AND do something ugly?

    “…If I don’t get into the dirt soon, I’m going to have to do something ugly with my sewing maching.”

    Don’t kill the sewing machine!

    It sounds like you’re mulling over ideas on how to get rid of a troublesome sewing machine. “Should I bury it or shoot it? Maybe I can drown it!”


  17. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You’re right there are changes. One of them is you seem like you’re happier than you have been for a while. I don’t know if it’s because you’re ‘home’, because of Spring or because there is a big bright light at the end of the Hollows express lane but you haz a happy.

    Sucker Punch was based on a GN and was made by the same people that gave us The Watchmen. The girls are all in a mental institution in the 1950’s. All of the main action parts are taking place in Baby Doll’s head while she is dancing.

    It’s like Charlie’s Angles become the A-Team and meet up with Alice in Wonderland on steroids. The sound track is very good too. When it’s released on DVD, I’ll be getting it. I hope there is a good commentary.

    Happy Spring.


  18. You are so much busier than I am… actually that’s not right, I’m very busy. You just seem so much more… productive than I am! I wish my efforts yielded the same level of rewards yours seem to, Kim.

    On the weather note, it was 70 degrees here in Indy Wednesday of last week. Now it’s in the 40’s. What happened? A good friend of mine on Facebook posted an image of a computer progress meter stuck at 33% that said, “INSTALLING SPRING: 33% DONE……….. Install delayed….please wait……………..Installation failed. Please try again.” 🙂

    • No email from Guy. I got in pretty early, but still looks like I missed out on the book. Well, when I get some money, I’ll see about buying it. 🙂

    • Oh no!!! I found the problem. I did get in early enough… but I copied and pasted the email address so I wouldn’t make a mistake…. and missed the first letter in the email address! Gah! I could just kick myself.

    • Oh, Greg! I’m so sorry! That is sucky! Almost as bad as being stuck at 30% installation of spring.

  19. NO!
    Look… Just drop my wife a line and she will make anything you want with a single crochet needle and yarn…
    (You know a Demon invented the infernal Sewing Machine so women would have more time on their hands to do Mischief!)