Fabulous weekend!

I had a great weekend, with a little bit of crafty stuff, a little bit of baking, and a little bit of family.  Ahhhhh, relaxing.  Spent Saturday going out and using a coupon from a fabric place to get about 6 yards of very nice fabric, 50% off, to make a scarf for my kitchen window.  It turned out pretty good, but I wasn’t happy with the hem, so I took it down Sunday and reworked it.  Much better.   Baking went well, too, and I branched out a bit and made bean soup.  It wasn’t ready by lunch, and Guy had already promised to make me waffles and bacon for dinner, so I have it sitting in the fridge for tonight.  It should be all the tastier for having waited.  (And now you know why Trent likes waffles . . .)

Today is a Manic Monday, delayed until noon so the west coast has a chance at ’em.  Up for grabs is quite a handful of ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY.  Hard cover, signed, and shipped to you for the price of shipping and handling.  😉  Don’t email Guy now, even if you know his address.  Wait until I post with more information, noon, EST.


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26 responses to “Fabulous weekend!

  1. My niece loved her signed copy of Madison’s book from last year, so I gave it another try. Maybe the third time is a charm. 🙂 Nice you had a great weekend.

  2. jkh

    Waffle irons are very affordable now, Stephenie. If you wait ’til April/May the prices go up ’cause they’re very popular wedding gifts. (My sis has one with detachable grids that you can put in the dishwasher. I’m a little envious.) Waffles were Sunday morning breakfast, with bacon or sausage, eggs, and juice or fresh grapefruit, for years. Church is an hour earlier now, just doesn’t give me time to do it on Sundays. But on other days, occasionally, I do.

    (…visualizing birds lining up at the heated pool…)

  3. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim! Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. The tot has been fixing up the garden and it made me think of you (Okay she painted a lawn gnome for the garden and bought a pinwheel for it). I spend the weekend trying to make my website. Man that’s hard, lol. I would have rather been playing with fabric…next weekend. 🙂

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  4. Hi Kim!

    I posted as soon as I saw the new info! I do not have a signed book of yours yet, so this is a first! I’m pretty sure I got under the 150 line.
    I’m suggesting to the wife about seeing you at the Marriot in NY. this year. I am sure with the many romance authors there that my mother in law would want to meet them (And come along…)as well. Just have to see how she is feeling.
    Thanks again for the FREE book. I am looking forward to seeing a different “World” you have created….

    Mucho Thanks!


  5. Maryellen

    Waffles and bacon for dinner… YUM!!

    🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, Miss Kim!

  6. Jessica

    I’m here, its noon?

  7. tattoolady

    yuuuummmmmmy waffles! i haven’t made those in a long time. thanks for the idea for Saturday morning breakfast. i work in a fabric and craft store so i can say that about a million other people in ct shared your idea for crafty stuff!

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    We’re getting a lot of rain now. It should be enough to slow down the fires and probably extinguish them. Glad your weekend was a success. I saw the movie “Sucker Punch” and I loved it. I hope this works…


  9. Waffles sound really good right now. Thanks for giving the west coast a chance, we appreciate it!! Your weekend sounds blissful. You spent yours with fabric and family, I spent mine with yarn & family. 😉

  10. Coolness! I did not know about this Series!
    Let us know the info please!


  11. Stephenie

    Mmmm… waffles. Ever since I was very little I have wanted a big round waffle iron. There’s a scene in All Dogs Go To Heaven, where the little girl gets fed waffles from an iron like that and that was my favorite movie. I’m holding out on a waffle iron until I get one of those, and then I’m trying Trent’s waffle recipe (which I have a feeling might also be Kim and Guy’s ? lol)

    Now I want waffles for breakfast…