Chilly . . .

It’s cold this morning, and ice formed on my bird bath/water fall outside my window.  I turned the heater off last week because of the algae growth, and now it’s got a skim of ice apart from where the water runs fast.  I’m sure it will be gone by noon, but the birds are kind of miffed right now.  Angry robins chirping at me!

I don’t even care how cold it is, because we managed to get through this latest winter storm without getting any snow.  Yay!

I know it’s kind of soon to start promoting the next YA release, but I can’t help myself.  -grin-  The last Madison book SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES, is scheduled for May 24th, and I want to give some new readers a chance to catch up, so I’m going to make Madison the focus of my next Manic Monday.  I’ll be having another one next week, starting at noon EST, and I’m going to give away 150 hard cover copies of ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY for the cost of shipping and handling. (5.48 domestic, 14.48 international)  I’ll be signing them this weekend.

So if you have someone who is a bit too young yet for the Hollows, or you are young at heart yourself, or you just like stories about angels and reapers on earth, set your alarm clock for noon, EST on Monday.  They will go fast!


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  1. Sharanda Payseur

    Aw. I teach high school English and my students love this book. They get hooked and go searching for others. Thanks for inspiring them to love reading.

  2. jkh

    Just checked the Seattle Public Library catalog, and they now have 20 (!) copies of Pale Demon. Not sure whether that includes ebooks, audiobooks, etc, but I think those are counted differently. You had many more than a dozen requests before the title was even released, and being on the NYTimes list surely helps them decide that your books are worth the investment.

  3. Theresa

    Wait!!!! I want to try and get a copy because I am young and I love your books and haven’t read this series of yours yet, but I have no freakin clue how to even try! Please tell me! *puppy dog face*.

  4. Well, hell. I made an avatar & an account and it still didn’t work. How odd. I even made a wordpress account so I can blog my book adventures here… ~ lots of KH blogging to come, when I feel more… human. Thanks for all the tips, Vampy & Kim.

  5. faithlowery

    Hiya Kim!!
    I don’t own the Madison Avery books yet, so I will be entering the contest. They’re on my wishlist, along with the Truth series -grin- I cannot wait until I have them ALL on my shelves. I already have a whole shelf dedicated just to YOU, and a corkboard with quotes from various Hollows books, Rach’s toe tag, Kist’s arm band, etc.

    By the way, the tester post, on the “World Book Rewrite” page wasn’t me. 😉 I did however follow your instructions and went to Gravatar and uploaded a picture of me. This’ll be my first post, to see if it works. -grin- When I get “home” (if I ever get home) I am gonna take pictures with my Hollows books and use those. I used to have some excellent photos COSplay style of me dressed as Ivy… man oh man…

    I am very glad you got my care package. I hope you liked the smell of the coffee!! I tried to be clever with all that. That note, touched my heart, thank you. Made me smile immensely. 🙂 I have heard you say that many times, about your characters, it’s actually one of the quotes on my corkboard. 😉 I should be so blessed, beyond the blessing I have of being alive *this* day, and being in communication with you… if you catch my drift.

    I am making you something. When finished, can I send it to the PO Box? I thank you… for letting me know that you received my letter – and for actually reading it – I know how busy you are, so you hearing my voice, lifts my spirits a lot.

    I had to chuckle at your angry robins chirping at you. I have to say, from my memory, the robins in Michigan are much more outspoken than the robins here in California. Ours are more laid back, I think, but all the birds in Michigan are more entertaining.

    All the best, and many blessings….
    V—V vamp kisses…

    • Hi Faith. Yeah, I figured out that it was vampy. 😉 And yesterday, I was listening to the cardinals sing, and they were sounding just right. Birds sound different down south.

  6. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Just saw that you made it for a fourth week on the NY Times List – #19!!!!! You’re even still on the the USA Today list still at #131! Congratulations!

  7. Marcie

    ahh the poor little birdies. Hopefully they have some warm water now. 🙂 oh I’m getting in line now for Monday!

  8. Aleisha

    I’m actually living in 5 feet of snow and im just glad everything is starting to melt.
    About that new series, this weekend i definately plan on going to get the books and read them, but then i would have finished them in like 2 days because i just finished reading your pale demon book in one day yesterday…
    It was the best book i have ever read in the series but i was sad to hear rache choosing to lie in the end. *sighs* i cant wait till the next book comes out!


    • Oh, yuck. I’m sorry, Aleisha. You’ll get rid of your snow soon, I hope.

      Don’t worry about Rachel. You know that bracelet won’t stay on for long.

  9. tester

    Howdy ma’am,

    It seems like I closed my windows just in time. There are several wild fires about 15 to 20 miles from here. The wind is blowing a lot of smoke and ash this way. I’m in no danger or anything. It just smells like someone is burning leaves out side and a bit smokey/hazy out.

    It’s pretty dry when your swamp burns up. Those poor ‘gators, giant spiders and poisonous snakes, OH MY!


  10. Steve

    Being somewhat new, how does Manic Monday work?

  11. Jenn

    Count me in! I so want a copy & I will be off on Monday so I will be watching my email very expectantly for your post to come through!!!

    Last year when I saw you in Toronto, they were out of the first Madison book, so I’ve been waiting to get a hard cover copy of it. To get one signed would be amazing 🙂 Then when you come back this summer (you are coming back, right?), I will get the 3rd one signed by you! Oh, and I’ll be bringing my friend with me as well as Andy so Guy has someone to talk to.

    I hope you have/had a great weekend!

  12. Judi in NJ

    Yay Madison! (I fall into the kid-at-heart category) 😀

    I loved yesterday’s post! Dog treats to keep them quiet when the mailman comes! Love it! I noticed there is no phone on your desk…love that too! You’ve created such a nice space for yourself. View outside, plants, and Mr. Fish II. Are you saying you’ll be finished with The Insider next week??? Wow!!! I am ridiculously excited about this book!!! I truly can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing with us! Enjoy the weekend! Btw…did your frog ever come back? 😉

    • Hi Judi. Phone is out of reach on the left. I only pick up for NY or my mom. (grin) And my writer friends, but they don’t call much. (laugh)

      I should be done with the HOLLOWS INSIDER by this week, yes, and then it’s right into the editorial rewrite for the next Hollows book.

      Haven’t seen the frog yet, but I’ve been hearing spring peepers sing!

  13. rainswater

    150! That is a lot of books!! I already have ODTS, but if there are some left maybe I can get one as a present for one of my friends. I want to make sure everyone who hasn’t participated in Manic Monday yet though has a chance since I got Truth books. They still haven’t made it to my house though. 😦 But usps will hopefully get them here before I move 😀

    I actually sat down and wrote out a short plot summary for the book I want to write; and gave myself a time limit (which has been my major issue before, well one of them.) Now I think if I plot out what I want to happen when, I’ll be able to make a chapter summary for myself and start writing again… I hope.

    • Stephenie

      Ooops… I changed my gravatar name… here’s to hoping I changed it back.

    • "Guy"

      Hi Stephanie, “Guy” here. Please email me regarding your Truth Books shipment.


    • Antonio

      Guy. Didn’t you used to have a proper Gravatar? A little statute that sits on your desk? Was it lost in the move somehow? Maybe I’m mis-remembering. 😀

    • "Guy"

      Hey Antonio,
      Lost in the move to a new computer. I post so infrequent that I felt the time spent getting a new Gravatar here would best be used elsewhere.


    • Stephenie, that’s great that you’re applying some structure to your writing. I predict that you will see an increase in output! 😉

      Guy tells me you are set now, and should get your books soon. He thanks you “a million times over” for getting back to him.

  14. Donna

    wow… 150 copies… thats A LOT of signing… though thinking about it I’m sure you’ve probably had to do much more than that before at some of your public events… You know it you spoil us? You write books your books and dont take YEARS between one and the next, spoiling us a bit for those series that though awesome are sometimes slower than a half frozen turtle as far as new installments in the series go. THEN you spoil us a bit by showing us these glimpses into the building processes of your books so frequently… and THEN you throw in these little Manic Mondays… which are (atleast to me) even more cool because it’s turned out that the author who’s stories i found so enthralling turned out to be a pretty nifty person who does neat stuff like re-upholster chairs and bribes her dogs when the mailman comes.

    I haven’t read the Madison books yet but its a safe bet that i will eventually since when i find an author i like i tend to eventually work my way through the majority of their literary works (the only cases i havent is where they’ve published so many over a long time period where i cant FIND most of the individual books that make up some of their series) I even still read all of Tamora Pierce’s latest books and i got hooked on her books back when i was about 11 and i’m 26 now.. Hers are very different from yours but i’m quite an eclectic reader really.. lol..

    • Hi Donna. It only took a few minutes. Guy knows how to “feed” them to me. 😉 I once did 3700 in an 8 hour stretch. (never again)

      I hope you give the Madison books a try. It’s way different from the Hollows, but still very character oriented.

  15. Hey Mrs. Harrison,

    Winter’s slow in approaching this year, probably because it’s slow to leave you guys. I still find myself sleeping with all of my windows wide open, fending of mosquitoes. I love winter, but I hate this time of year. The midges are terrible, carrying with them a virus which causes African Horse Sickness. It’s deadly and sadly took one of our horses down yesterday. The golden stallion. Gone. Sigh. We could do with a really good chill to kill off all the nasty biting things.

    As for the African Voilets, I have a whole collection! One from every house of our family. 🙂 Both my grandmothers had them, my aunt, my mother. I had taken a leaf from all of them and cultured it, first in a glass and then later in a small pot. They are great. Mine’s never rebloomed though! Well done.

    I wanted to say yesterday that NaSty Marsha had send me Pale Demon! So, I’m reading it right now. 🙂 It’s interesting so far. Fast paced.
    Very fast paced. 🙂

    Thank you and have a great weekend ma’am, I hope you get to spend some good time with your family and your garden.


    • Donna

      Oh thats Awefull! i’m sad to hear about your horse… I worked on some horse farms here in the US ( the farms were in Maine and NH) and here we have to deal with Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE) but we’ve got vaccinations that have been developed that basically all responsible horse owners up here can get for their horses… That sucks that they dont have an easily available vaccine for African Horse Sickness that you can get in your area.. I hope you don’t loose anymore horses before those horrid bugs die off..

    • The irony is that we did vaccinate. We’re very meticulous about it. But, it’s like the flu. They can vaccinate you for all of last years strains but, when a new one develops, you’ll get it anyway. We’re heart broken. We’ve had so much hope for this stallion. He had an amazing personality, excellent conformation. We’ve worked with him for 3 years. We do endurance, which involved hours of training. And, he’s a friend.

    • jkh

      Alyssa, my condolences on the loss of your horsey friend/child. I’m a cat- and dog-person, but the feeling is just the same. Did he happen to impregnate any mares before he got sick? I know he was young, but…

    • Thank you jkh. We’ve had two foals from him. His latest foal, a filly exactly the same colour as he, has actually been sold already but she’s still with us because she’s only 3 months old. We’ve given the deposit back this weekend, so we’ll be keeping her. To think of practical things, the colour and genes are too precious to loose.

    • Alyssa, I am so sorry for your loss… losing animals we love is almost inconsolable in my opinion. ((hugs)) sending you light & love…

    • Thank you very much faith. 🙂

    • I’m so sorry, Alyssa. That is awful, especially when you’ve done so much to ensure his health.

      That is very cool about the violets! I hope you get them to rebloom. That would be awesome.

      I hope you like Pale Demon all the way through! 😉