World Book Rewrite

A while back, I showed you what my desk looked like when I was doing a rewrite for I think one of the regular books.  This is what it looks like for the rewrite for the world book.  (Phew. A lot messier.  It has a title now, if you’ve missed it. THE HOLLOWS INSIDER )

The picture really doesn’t do the chaos justice.  The wad with the blue sticky notes is my character sheets.  The calendar is the month that one of the books takes place in.  Cards are for info on the characters and institutions that I’ve had to create for the world book (phone numbers, etc.) Sunrise/set, moon rise/set tables on my mouse pad.  Dog treats to keep ’em quiet when the mailman comes. I’ve got the plot spread sheets out of sight on my open file drawer, and if I have to look anything up (like the phase of the moon on October 3rd 2007 or if there really is an address in Cincy that matches Rachel’s mother’s) I have to shift everything to get to my internet computer.  There’s a timeline in there somewhere.   And the Easy Button for when I’m done with it.  -laugh-

I’m looking to be done with this by next week, and then I think I’m starting the editorial rewrite for book ten.  So-o-o-o-o-o many ideas.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to work with the discipline of gathering every thread I can find and weave them to a satisfying close.  Good thing I’ve got 3-4 books to do it.  😉  Writing an open-ended series is far easier than creating a solid ending.  Anyone who is stuck in the middle of their novel, and drops it to start another knows exactly what I’m talking about.  How do I get through it?  Data.  He who has the most data wins.  (snort)


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  1. tester

    testing the icon thing

  2. Jelle

    I once had a desk looking similar to yours. But some time ago I decided not to print reference material any more. Instead of printing it I now use a second monitor to display and browse the stuff. (You can try it out with your laptop, plug in a monitor and select extended desktop on the display settings.) The only paper left on my desk is hand written (notes and drawings).

    • That sounds great, Jelle.
      Now that you mention it, just about everything except the sun/moon tables, and the edited copy of the ms on my desk in that picture are handwritten. Mmmm. I do a lot of printing out, though. And backup my laptop and tower Every. Single. Night.

  3. MichelleG

    Cannot wait for the world book. It sounds so intriguing. Just re-read Pale Demon. Loved it even more the second time. The development of both the Trent and Rachel characters is endearing. What can I say, I love the misunderstood bad boy with a kind heart. I did myself marry the boy who chased me with a spider and made me cry, but he made up for it in spades.

    • It’s not going to be the typical world book, Michelle, and I can’t wait to really get into telling you more about it.

      Ahhh, you married your best friend! That is so cool.

  4. jkh

    I’m very relieved, Kim, to see that your workspace (when you are at work) resembles what mine can be: resources, references, beverage, tissues, and at least one toy, all sort of organized and stacked within reach. The plants and the fish are lovely extras. Neatness happens when I’m done.

    • I’ve got a few too many plants on my desk right now. It will clear out when it gets warmer. And neatness happens when I get done, too. My tradition after sending out a manuscript is to clean my office and put everything away so I know where it is. 😉

  5. Love the photos, Kim. You ARE aware that “a neat desk is the sign of a sick mind”, aren’t you?

    I like that your main working space is contained although I suspect there may be overflow hidden outside the frame shots.

    I find that a smaller writing area keeps the stories intact – less room for my characters to run away when I want them to work with me.

  6. Gail S

    Kim I can see that you thrive in the organized chaos 🙂 Can’t wait for the HOLLOWS INSIDER, it’s goint to be so much fun to peruse.

  7. Oh my gosh, your desk looks like mine at work right now. I’m having to audit some purchase files that just won’t balance out. Unlike me I’ll bet you know precisely where everything is.

    • Most of the time, Marsha, but I’ve found myself recreating a couple of cards. They have been so useful, I think I might keep them for future reference.

  8. theweightofsilence

    Oh my goodness, your desk is so messy! I suppose, it’s chaotic calm. You know where everything is, and you need everything you have there. I especially love the Easy button!! So you have an internet computer and one you keep offline, just for writing? I find that’s my biggest problem, is the internet. I have so many things I do on the internet, including blogging (I don’t really blog on this site, I blog on a different site). I find that my blogging can really take over my life at home. I’m pretty well-known on the site, and I love to talk (obviously, I leave really long comments!!), so that’s always interfered with my writing. I’ve also pretty much talked myself out of writing, because I feel like I’m not good enough for such a small field (even though I’m repeatedly told otherwise). I have a very hard time writing these days. 😦

    I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, so pretty much all that’s around me is corporations… Borders, Barnes & Noble, Target, Wal-Mart… I’ve seen a couple of independents in Minneapolis, but that was years ago. I don’t know if they’re still around. They were several independent book stores in Northfield, MN, but I’m pretty sure they’re all closed now. It’s sad how the economy forces businesses that have been around for years close. Also, I would never buy an electronic reading device. I don’t really have anything against them, I suppose, but I much prefer having a book in my hands. I love the smell and the feel of them. Of turning the pages. Someday, I’m going to have a house and have a room that’s just filled with books, wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. I’ve got a good start, I have 600-700 books. It’s hard to know because most of them are in boxes.

    I started reading First Truth last night and I only read one page. I was so tired my eyes were closing so I was like grrr and had to go to sleep. I read more when I got home from work, and I love it already. It’s a different style, but still really good. 🙂


    • Donna

      Me i do prefer real books.. but its gotten to the point i go through them so fast and so sporadicly and i have such a small place that i’d NEVER have room for all that i want to read.. Here in NH the library system even has a fair number of books available online… so i HAD a NOOK.. but it died its final death recently…. I (i got it replaced once but thats all thats covered by warranty.. lol..) my cats have a habit of rubbing against or nudging things i spend alot of time handling… so it got knocked off of surfaces a lot.. and well all it takes is falling in one bad spot and *crick* when you dont know its fallen behind a pillow in a crevice or something…. sad….. BUT right now my PRIZED books are the ones i got a bit back that are the signed copies of the Truth series… … I’m almost afraid to actually read those copies *cry* i dont wanna crease them or anything…. lol.. i do kinda just sit and hold them though… saved the box they got delivered in too… some day when i have room will have their own shelf on display.. but yeah… real solid books are kinda sacred.. 🙂 …. they transport us all for a brief time to other worlds within the mind of the author…

    • Donna

      ( i do plan on getting a new ebook reader eventually though probably one of the new cheaper brands now available instead of another NOOK or a Kindle… but i do like the NOOK epub format,and have several from i can re-download from my B&N account so will get one that is compatible with those )

    • Hi Crystal. Yup, I made the jump to having two computers a while ago. Having all my internet life on the laptop (website, email, blog, etc) makes it easy to travel and have everything to run my office out of an airport.

      It also is easy to close and cover with papers so that when I’m working, I’m working, not checking my email. -laugh-

  9. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    No – I’ve not disappeared. 🙂 Life’s just been busy.
    I loved the tour photos and have heard from our inside NaSty Kylie what it was like to meet you. 🙂 As always, many praises were given. One day I’ll make a tour… One day…
    Congratulations on the world book but, more to the point – on chiselling out time for your new project. I’m eager to see what will happen there. 🙂

    And!! I see you have an African Voilet on your desk! yeah for african voilets! I grow them in jars. 🙂 I also like seeing where your Betta stands, lol. Mine’s in my printer. Err. On my printer.

    Have a great day ma’am and happy writing! I’m glad you’re back safely from the tour.


    • Hi Alyssa. I’m so glad to hear from you. I know it’s been rough down there for a while.

      OoooH! The violet! Yes! It actually rebloomed for me! I’m all excited about it, which is why it’s on my desk, getting lots of extra love. 😉

      You have a great day, too!

  10. Stephenie

    I love seeing your process. It gives me ideas and hope that I will someday be able to get organized and write something. I’m waiting to hear if I’ve gotten into the creative writing track for next semester and making a plan B if I don’t: Grab the fish and run! (Plan B and kitty brains are now regular visitors into mine and my friends lexicons)

    I loved the interview yesterday. Those were some questions I hadn’t thought of but realized I was dying to know the answers to!

    • Hi Stephenie. The thing about writing, is that methods always change. I don’t write at all the way I did when I first started. You just keep trying different things until you find what works for you.

      Here’s hoping you get into your classes, but truly, though formal schooling helps, actually getting into the trenches and writing a book will serve you just as well.

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Your desk reminds me of how my house looks. Your mess iss functinal, mine isn’t. When I win the lotto, house keeper is the first thing on mt ‘to get’ list!

    I finally broke down and turned on my AC. Not because of the heat. It was because I was trying to fix my lawn mower and 3 galleons of fuel leaked out onto the patio. The hiuse was filling up with fumes. 🙂


  12. Maryellen

    I like the Easy Button! There is obviously a method to the madness, and hey- you don’t mess with what works, right? Right!

    I recently got a friend of mine into your books. She read “Dead Witch Walking” and loved it so much she went out to buy the next three in the series. Poor gal doesn’t know what she’s in for… 🙂

    Have a lovely day, Miss Kim!

    • Ooooh, thank you, Maryellen! I’m so glad that you got your friend hooked. It’s always more fun to talk Hollows with someone.

      You have a great day, too!

  13. Hahahaha -grin-
    I love that your desk is all logically disorganized, and organized in its own way! I call it organized chaos. It’s a genius thing…. I bet you know where every note is, am I right? I also love the zing the plants add. Plants make the writing experience all the better in my opinion… but then again… I’m a bit earthy, to have my head in the clouds. Seeing a spot where you work, where the magic happens, keeps it that much more special. Thanks for sharing.

    I have found copies of the Truth series (finally) in multiple places… and am hoping to get them in the next couple of weeks. Book stores are scarce here, and it breaks my heart. There is nothing a kindle can do to replace the smell of a book. Therefore, the smell of a used book store… is only paralleled by the smell of a coffee shop.

    I mailed you a big fat letter with coffee beans, and my two favorite teas for you to have a cup of, and a letter, regarding my present battle with cancer, and some things I wanted to share with you, because it was important to me. I hope whenever it does make it to you, that you enjoy the teas at the best of moments & with any luck, those little pieces of my life will touch some little piece of yours.

    Thanks for sharing all these little pieces of your life. I know it takes so much time from you, but it sure means a lot.

    Vampire Kisses from -Cloudy, but a pause in the rain- Central Ca
    Faith, who is going nuts… on bed rest.

    • Vampyre

      The Truth series is very good. You are right about the feel and smell of new books but like you, there are no book stores here. For years I bought books from Amazon.

      Finally I was able to buy a Kindle(Kim signed it) and now I can get a new book any time or get free samples to read before deciding to buy. The kindle has paid for itself in all the money saved on shipping costs alone.

      A Kindle is not a replacement for books, it is just a handy “easy button: for reading.


    • Sounds awesome, especially since Kim signed it. I think, when I graduate college next march, that I will buy myself a Kindle, simply to have it with me at work, in hopes that it will pass time night shifts at the local hospital. Those are big hopes, like, hoping that I will be well by then, and get the hospital job I want… before returning to school to finish my 2nd degree. 🙂 But hey, hopes are everything right? BESIDES, then, I can justify buying the book itself, AND the kindle. Ahh… the logic of me. Sometimes it only works for me. 😉 I love the “easy button for reading” part. Hahahaha, thanks for making me smile today Vampy. Say, can you tell me how to get an icon up, instead of a pink square? For instance, you have a burning bunny, others have photos of themselves?

    • Vampyre

      Another good thing about Kindles and other ereaders is no one know what you’re reading. You can read what ever you want without some one running up to you just to tell you you’re gonna burn in hell for reading that smut or they find you’re reading the Bible in a government building a violation of the constitution. They also have scalable fonts and built in dictionaries in case you don’t know what a tulpa is.

      Icons? I think if you click on your square it will give you the option to change it. I just chose the dark bunny because I like it and Kim uses the light bunny.

    • Hi Faith. I got your care package yesterday. Thank you for the letter.

      Have you heard me say that I never create characters from actual people, but take bits and pieces of those who I’ve met and mesh them together to create someone new? Your voice, like many of those I hear at the Drama Box and while on tour, has been heard, and may resurface in the oddest of places. 😉

      Thank you.

    • If you’re trying to change your picture, you have to set up a gravatar account, then sign in here using the same email you set up the account with. It works on a lot of different blogs without setting it up again.

  14. Val-OH

    My 7th grade Social Studies teacher had a sign on his desk that said “Cluttered desk cluttered mind… Then what does a empty desk mean?”