Doo-be-do, Be-doo . . .

It’s a soggy mix of rain and sleet today, so of course I want to go out into it.  No snow yet, and I hope it stays that way.  Work went pretty well yesterday, with me writing out a bit of Kalamack family history.  Trent’s dad used to work for the Saladan family, making the cross-country trek from Sacramento to Cincinnati in search of a non-govenmnent run radio station during the high point of the plague.  Huh.  I didn’t know that.  -laugh-  Now I understand the rivalry and forced friendship between their two boys.

I also spent about two hours staring at my ceiling last night, figuring about three things out for the next book, which is why I woke up humming Frank Sinatra.  (grin)  Progress, progress, My thoughts are huffing like a big diesel engine, cold, but feeling the energies starting to get the momentum going until it can’t be stopped.  Must call editor and talk to her before she gives me the next edit letter.  I see changes.

I’ve got a bit of a treat for you today in the form of a fabulous, non-spoiler review of Pale Demon, brought to you by the bestdamnwritingblog people.  I’ve got a Q&A with them too, which had more than the usual questions, so if you’re curious, take a peek!  I really enjoyed this one.  It made me think about my answers.

. . . dum-de-dum, de-dum . . . exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances . . .


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  1. Hey Kim!!
    Just wanted to share a piece of rainy California with you. It is pouring down here, so I am having a modified “Big Al” Latte. You can see a picture of it here or here on my facebook – I tagged you in the photo post. It is modified… because Big Al’s Latte:
    Grande Double Latte
    No foam
    Shot of Raspberry
    Swirled with cinnamon.

    Faith’s mods to Al’s Latte:
    All the same…
    plus 1/2 shot of creme de cacao…
    whipped cream…
    shaved chocolate

    So tell me… if you close your eyes, and take a breathe in, can you smell the espresso, raspberry, and cinnamon?? It’s a piece of heaven. Orrrr the ever after. 😉

    Vampire Kisses from Rainy Central California,

  2. theweightofsilence

    I loved that interview! I think I know something that will probably happen in the next Hollows book, simply because I know Rachel’s character…but I don’t want to say what, because I’m sure not everyone has read Pale Demon yet. I’m excited to see the development between Trent and Rachel. Their relationship has always intrigued me, ever since his character was introduced. I also love Al and Rachel’s relationship, even if he’s a demon. I find it interesting that Trent’s family used to work for Lee’s family, and now Lee works for Trent 😀

    I find it amazing how much you do, I have no idea how you get all of it done. I thought the Hollows series and the young adult series was a lot at one time, especially because the Hollows is so involved, but I literally found out last Friday that you ALSO write under the name Dawn Cook! There’s a Borders going out of business near me (it saddens me that a book store is going out of business), and I happen to see the first two books in your Truth series and I bought them. I haven’t read them yet, but I’m excited to.


    • Hi Crystal. Time is actually starting to ease up, and I’m looking forward to seeing my schedule start to relax this next year. I’m saying no a lot so I can say yes to the really cool stuff and still have dinner with my family every night.

      About the bookstore closing . . . I was just starting to get the Dawn books out on the shelf when the Walden bookstores (that used to be in the malls) were going out of business. It was hard to see them go, and I miss the people I made friends with ther. I’ve seen Independents struggle as big brick-and-morter stores took their demographic. And now I’m seeing brick-and-morters suffer as electronic outlets with both real and electronic books take their toll. What has been steady through it all has been you guys, the readers. And that won’t change.
      I hope you like the Truth books. You can really see my raw enthusiasm for the written word in them.

  3. Tish

    Lol loved it! That last comment was hilarious! I want My Heaven to be in your imagination!

  4. I really love the interview. And the last thing with Nick made me laugh. 😀

    You said some of your characters are based on someone. Is Nick based on someone? ^^ And Ivy?

    • Thanks, LInda. I don’t base my characters on anyone, but I do take pieces of lots of people and mesh them into someone new. Nick is based on a so many chunks I really can’t pick one.

  5. Amy

    Trent’s family is from Sacramento? Hehehe, well thanks Kim, you know we, your fans from Sacramento, LOVE you. For some reason I thought that Trent’s family had been in the Cincinnati compound for awhile given the state of the woods and how they seem to be old growth woods that were planted to appear natural.
    Don’t you just love how something like that will pop up and just flow and catch you totally by surprise? I do!!!

    • Someone told me you were big into tomatoes there, and I couldn’t resist. Besides, I really enjoyed my time there. Trent’s mother’s family is from Cincy, that’s why they were headed that way. It’s her property that the Kalamack compound is built on.

  6. Your promise to off Nick is a balm to my frayed nerves, but i guess i’ll have to take a number. 🙂

  7. I feel privileged as do many of us here to read your postings. You share so much about your writing process and writing life, Kim, in both the interview and the Q&A. They read like a nonfiction book – maybe there’s one in your future, no?

  8. Ah… Trent… he’s just irresistible.

  9. I Love reading you blabber LOL It’s nice to know that even the big shots are real 🙂

  10. ShannonB

    You are so wicked! I love it how you give us breadcrumbs! Strangers in the night! Evil Woman! 🙂 Yucky Drifting snow here, older son has snow day and he and younger son are trying to simultaneously destroy house/ cagefight each other. Have a great day! I must go referee now. Glad to hear the engine is going, maintain it well!

  11. Jenny

    A very interesting interview. I am looking forward to Nick’s demise 🙂

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    OK. Now I am curious. Which character is like you the most in the personality test? We wont tell.

    Yes, Nick must die or be given to Al…forever.

    Oh, please don’t get all wet and cold and catch pnuemonia.


    • How awful would it be, Vampy, if Nick was given to Al, and Al kept him… then we’d probably be stuck reading about him for the remainder of the series! I hate that guy so bad. >.< But I hope some form of extreme torment is issued him… maybe… give him to Newt as a new plaything. *grin* Then again, that's just MY muse… and KH is the genius… I'm simply a minion. 😉 always a pleasure reading your posts.

    • Hi Vampy. I’ll never tell. -laugh-

  13. Antonio

    INTERVIEW: That was probably my favorite of the interviews so far. Speaking of ‘people who must die’ I would put DeLavine (from A Fistful of Charms) at the top of my personal wish list. I can’t get as worked up over Nick as everybody else. To me, he’s small potatoes in the villian department(shrug).

    DETROIT: I saw your comments to someone about the new Chrysler commercial. My dad is a retired auto worker originally from Detroit. He LOVES that commercial, especially the line “imported from Detroit.” He even likes the Eminem track that runs underneath it. Sadly, the main headline in today’s USAToday is that Detroit has lost 25% of it’s population(according to the new census).

    FRANK SINATRA: Oooo! let me guess: The Hollow’s gang is going on another roadtrip…to NEW YORK!

    Be good. 😎

    • Hi Antonio.
      Detroit losing some of it’s population might be a good thing in the long run, though it hurts right now. 14 years ago when we moved to SC, Detroit had more people that the entire state of South Carolina. Getting some people out of the box sounds like a good idea to me. Unfortunately it’s the wealthy that move first.

  14. Marcie

    Oh I can just see you smiling with a little quirk, hiding something so special it’s about to burst. Loved the post and we are having the same type of weather. Friday it was 80 degrees here which is unusual, but so beautiful and wonderful to be outside. Last night we got the freezing rain and now it’s just raining. Tonight to tomorrow snow, ugh. I think I want that 80 degrees back. There’s been so much rain that me entire front yard is a pond. I had ducks stop by and go swimming on their travles north which was pretty cool to see, however I can’t do anything in my garden because it’s underwater. So while the crocusis are blooming in part of the yard, I’m hoping that the other part dries out soon.

    Enjoyed reading your interview and was laughing so hard at the Nick line. I so agree with you on that. I also liked reading about your insights into your characters. You are so kind to do all of this for us. I’m not a writer at all, but I do read your posts about writing. The other day i was coming up with a description for my newest digital scrapbooking kit which is always lacking in my opinion, but this time after I wrote it and reread it I changed it. It came out so beautiful and i have you to thank for that. Without those little tips I would not have realized what would happen if I changed the sentences around a bit to say the same thing, but be more. Thank you.

  15. Robin

    Lovely, lovely author to share every day with us and let us constantly annoy her. Cruel, cruel author to hint and tease and make us wait! Sinatra, hmmmm . . . 🙂

  16. AKR (Trinidad)

    Ms Harrison,
    You have me laughing here … =D
    LOL …… loved the interview …. “(Except ____. That man has to die. laugh)”

    Reading that has made me yearn some more for the next Hollows book.

    It occurred to me today that if you were a different personality and didn’t enjoy keeping your fans abreast of what you do and take the time to do it we wouldn’t keep coming back for more …. 🙂
    It’s this personal attention that really draws us in …
    So thank you (again) … 🙂

    I have already pre-ordered my Hollows Graphic novel YAYY!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Have a great day …
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Thank you, AKR. You guys, the readers are about the only steady thing in an industry that is constantly changing. Collectively, you’re my harbor. And I use you terribly. 😉

      You have a great day, too.

  17. I sent a comment while you were on tour and compounded the mistake by submitting it on a Saturday night, so it had disappeared from the site by the next morning. I thought perhaps I should try again. It was nice meeting you in Dayton. You signed a copy of Pale Demon for me and another as a birthday present for my wife. She says it’s the best yet and has started rereading it. I’ve been way too busy to start my copy, but I’m looking forward to it. In my earlier attempt at a comment, I mentioned that if you ever decide you need to take a research trip to Ireland, please get in touch. I’ve been looking for the old (pre-Christian) sacred places for forty years, and know a great many that are well off the usual tourist trail and the old tales that go with them. There’s nothing quite like standing inside a 5000-year-old passage at dawn to make one feel like a time traveler. At the moment I’m focusing on locating the various sídhe (dwelling places of the old gods) mentioned in the medieval manuscripts. I talk a little bit about this work in the next issue of Archaeology, and there’s more information on my website. I usually come up first if you Google my name, so pay a visit if you’re interested.

    • Hi Ronald. I remember your post! Yes, it is probably gone if you posted on the Q&A page. I have to keep taking old posts off to keep the page-loading time down. Comments on my daily posts will stay forever!

      I’m so glad that your wife is enjoying the book! Thank you. 🙂 I would love to get to Ireland and settle in for a while to get the feel of the place. Getting off the tourist trail sounds about right. We don’t have many old places here that have survived.

  18. Tee

    Thanks so much for the mention, Kim. I really enjoyed interviewing you and, obviously, I loved Pale Demon. Glad you liked the review. Stay dry and remember, lots of sun and sunshine down here in Louisiana should you ever want a reprieve from winter! 🙂

  19. Angela L

    Haha loved the last thing you said about Nick in your interview!