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I have some of the last PR pieces trickling in for you today if you are interested.  I had a lovely interview with Sherry while on the road.  She actually remembers me visiting the area in 2006 for a romance conference, and it made for  a nice chat.  I’ve no plans to go back anytime soon, but you know how I love my warm, sunny beaches! Interview.

I had a great weekend of relaxation.  Spent a lot of time with my folks, and even got into the yard to clean the leaves out of the front corner garden.  Clean-up was a lot easier this year.  It took me only a few hours rather than the ten I put in last year, and it’s actually ready to plant when the time is right.  (Too cold for about another month.)  Bulbs are coming up everywhere, even my basement.  (sigh)  While bringing out the yard furniture, I found a bucket of tulips that I missed putting in the ground last fall.  Luckily, the ground was soft enough to work, though a bit wet, and I have them in the ground.  We’ll see what happens, but bulbs are tough, so I’m sure I’ll get at least some greenery.  (laugh)


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18 responses to “Daytona Beach News

  1. Sheyla

    I just wished that you come to FL. So I can meet you and get my books signed by you 🙂

  2. Jenn

    I read the interview & thought that it was very well written. It flowed well, and I could “hear your voice”.
    I can’t wait to get my hands in my garden! I just need to wait for the water to seep a bit further down before I start my spring cleanup lol.
    I hope you have fun with yours!

    • Thanks, Jenn.

      I think it will be a while before I get back into my garden, even for cleanup. We’ve got a cold snap coming, but hey, it’s Michigan. That’s how we do things up here. (snerk)

  3. Jenny

    So we’ll be seeing alot more of the ever-after…. YAY 🙂 I know it’s not a pleasant place and I know demons are not nice, but they both intrigue me for some reason. I have always found Al to be an interesting character.

  4. laurel

    hi! i saw that in Dayton(a) sunday’s paper and it was a great interview!! can’t wait to read pale demon!

  5. srinke

    Just a silly little question but i noticed the interview stated that your real name was Dawn Cook, which obviously implies that Kim Harrison is a pen name but I always thought it was vice versa for some reason. So, I was wondering, which name is the real one and which one was the pen name? Just curious 😛

    • Kim is the pen name, Dawn is the real. My editor picked out Harrison for shelf placement, and I liked Kim. It ends in a consonant, same as my given name, with a no-nonscense sound to it. Kim has almost become a job title as I take on more public relations stuff.

  6. natasha starbuck-smith

    Hi Miss Kim, I have to get out and dig up the massive weeds that took root in my lawn over our excuse for a winter! And my lavender and basil died off; i’ll replant when it stops raining so much.
    Got a look at the preview magazine for Comic con this weekend, took me five minutes to stop squealing like Salem when she gets a new Monster High doll!!!! “Pleased to welcome….”, “Special guest….” this is a big deal!!! Do you know whats on the agender? Will you be doing a panel? What day? Will you just be hanging out and meeting adoring fans or will we have to line up to see you? Will you be there on Wednesday evening during preview?
    Okay, too many questions, very squealy!!!!! See what I mean. But I’m very excited…!!…he hehehehe. Very excited to see you again!!

    • jkh

      Natasha, your lavender will thrive in very well-drained, rather sweet soil. It loves to be planted against a concrete foundation or support wall, on the sunny side of the property. Think of Greece: sunny, almost desert-like, limestone everywhere. clip it rather severely, or it will get leggy. And I’ve always treated basil as an annual, it just doesn’t winter over.

    • Hi Natasha. Yup! (blush) I’m a guest, which is totally cool and fortunate because I’ve got two publishers who want me to do stuff while I’m there, and then the Comic Con committee, of course. I don’t have my schedule yet apart from the publisher parties. (laugh) But I am planning on being there for the full course to fit everything in. I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

      It feels good, and I’m ready for whatever they throw at me.

  7. Val-OH

    It’s so nice getting the garden ready, isn’t it? My Lilac bushes are budding, the irises and lily’s are sprouting. And I think the lavender I planted last year is gonna come back strong, I’m really hoping for some blossoms this year from them!

    • It is, Val. I’ve not had lilacs for almost 20 years. They are a part of my childhood memory, and I missed them. I’ve got a lilac “tree” in my new yard that I’ve never seen bloom, and I am so-o-o-o eager to smell it this spring. Here’s hoping we both get some flowers!

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Dayton has a beach now? You also have “Tags: Pale Demon Touir”

    You must of had a really great week end in deed. 😉

    In the interview, you mentioned Jenk’s HEA, he could spin off into his own solo series. Maybe move south and set up his own shop and be a P.P.I(pixie private investigator.

    Just keep writing and I’ll keep reading. 😀