Hollows Cliff Notes

Okay, I’ve been trying all morning to get this video punched into the drama box, but it’s not in a format that wordpress understands, so there is no way it’s going in there, not even in HTML code.

However, if you are trying to get someone hooked on the Hollows and are having a hard time describing it, (I know I do) my publisher and I have put together a video synopsis of Rachel’s past couple of years.  I’ve got it at the front page of the website. www.kimharrison.net Enjoy!

(I’m still not giving up, so I might get the video here eventually.)

I’ve got a picture of spring for you instead.  The first is the crocus that coming up under the heated pan of my bird bath.  The second is what it’s supposed to look like this time of year without the aid of artificially warm dirt.  If you look at the first photo, you can see just to the left of the flower that someone has shreaded the hat I knitted for my gargoyle (decorated for Christmas) and used it as insulation.  I wondered where it had gotten to.  How cool is that?


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26 responses to “Hollows Cliff Notes

  1. Theresa

    I’m sick at home and bored so I shall comment again! You should get someone to turn the hollows into a…MOVIE! It shall have a movie for each book and it will be called The Hollows The 13 Part Series!!! It will be AWESOME and all your fans will get together and see it!!!!!!!

  2. Niko

    Yay spring! I’ve certainly missed it.

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hmmm 🙂 =D 🙂
    Love the video …. but I think I’m fresh out of people to get hooked on your books …lol
    Maybe I can convert some non-readers …lol

    Enjoying all the comments here from you folks … squirrels and all …lol
    Have a great weekend ALL … ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

  4. natasha starbuck-smith

    Dear Miss Kim, it’s been a while since I last wrote but you are never far from my thoughts! I finished “Pale Demon” last week and I have to tell you before I started reading I was a little worried. The last book was SO GOOD!!!!!!! “Pale Demon” is amazing, as you continue to add layers to Rachels story it just gets better and better;(you get better and better!) the complexitys you are adding to the characters now are just brilliant! I’m loving the way you have taken Al from a sinister bully to a truly compelling multi-layred…..demon. I love every interaction between him and Rachel. Trent too, takes an interesting turn in this book. The road trip idea is so clever, gets us out of our comfort zone and lets face it, everyone loves a road trip! Congrats Miss Kim, you are my favorite author for a reason!!!!
    I’m going to go start working on Halloween costumes now in the hopes of winning an ARC so I don’t have to wait till next year for the next installment! By the way, Salem (cute little punk from your first contest) just turned 5! Yikes, time flys, huh? Look forward to seeing you at Comic-con !! We’re down in SD now, big navy town!!!

    • OMGosh, she’s five already? That is amazing! I hadn’t realized it had been that long.

      I’m os glad you liked the read. Thanks! I’m going to have a hard time topping it, but I’m game. 😉

  5. jkh

    I just love that soundtrack! Who–what–where?? Sitting here I was chair-dancing to it.

  6. Theresa

    OMGosh that reminds me of the time when I was in elementary school and it was during summer break I had left my barbie out side and when I went to go get it I saw a squirrel holding it in it’s mouth by the hair and running across the yard to the tree. I think it was going to use the hair for it’s nest but it was so darn funny, I didn’t really mind because I had a lot more barbies back in the house. Don’t you just love it when nature finds new ways to use your stuff for their own unique purposes. =)

    • That is too funny, Theresa! I’ve never had this much trouble with squirrels before. My gargoyles are all nude again. (laugh) I guess I’ll have to find some other way to dress them for the holidays.

  7. Vampyre

    We know You Tube works here. What if you uploaded it there and then tried to embed it?

    If it works, well discuss my reward later. 🙂


  8. Steve

    Awesome, love the video. I am always recruiting more readers, this will definately help as I step up my recruitment efforts. I am down to my last 47 pages of Pale Demon and looking forward to your graphic novel in July. I tried to get a badge for Comi-Con but it appears they are all sold out, bummer and it was only a 5 hour drive from my house.

    • Yep, those Comic-Con badges go very fast. I think they started selling out six hours after they went up on sale. Maybe the next time I get out there.

      I hope you liked PALE DEMON. The last 47 pages are telling.

  9. I love the synopsis! It’s like reading Rachel’s diary. If you have squirels around you they probably “feathered” their nest with your hat. Hey, maybe the forg gathered some of it up and nested down under the birdbath during the snow.

    • That’s exactly what I was going for, Marsha. It wasn’t until I dropped into Rachel’s voice that I was able to write it, but it turned out pretty good!

  10. Maryellen

    Love the video! 🙂

    And I’m insanely happy that you’re not currently working on the last Hollows book! Thank you for setting me straight. Yes, I realize it won’t last forever, but at least a few novels more.

    Congrats on the crocus! no doubt that “someone” who shredded your hat helped insulate the seedling- pretty cool. I once watched a squirrel make off with my little flag I’d set out for the 4th of July- didn’t know they were that patriotic 😉

    Have a lovely day, Miss Kim!

  11. mudepoz

    I loved the video synopsis! Is there a way to slow it down? I always thought I read fast. Apparently not:)

    Be careful working with wet soil. It’s turn to concrete if you dig too much in it. Wait for friable. I know you know but people are such impatient things.

    • Ah, I don’t think there’s a way to slow it down, but you can pause it. That’s what I did.

      You’re right. The ground is too wet to play in, but I did do an emergency planting of tulips I forgot in my basement. (sigh)

  12. Judi in NJ

    I loved the video! It’s a very cool look into the series and sums things up quite nicely!

    That shredded hat is RIDICULOUSLY cool!! Some little creature was warm and cozy and protected thanks to you. Just picturing something snagging it off the gargoyle & running away with it is too precious for words! Love it! Are you going to create another one of your nest-builder “kits” for the birdies this year? 😀 Hey if this “writing thing” doesn’t pan out, you could always go into business for yourself selling your kits! Hahahahahah! I kid.

  13. http://bcove.me/w8qzwvvh
    And why I couldn’t embed this in the regular text is beyond me. Enjoy! There’s a button to make it fill the screen so you can actually read it. 😉