Tucson Festival of Books

I’m in Tucson for a few days, and soaking in the heat.  (Ahhhh, I love the dry, hot desert, though it just about wipes Guy out when it gets cooking.)  It’s Tucson’s festival of the book, and it’s my last stop on the way home.  Today, I have a panel at 1:00 on World Building at the Intergrated Learning Center right down in the University.  I also have a booth signing from 3:00 to 3:30 at booth 249-251.  (Hosted by Mysterious Galaxy!  Yay!)  I’m not sure where the booths are, but if you look for the people in yellow shirts, they can tell you.

Looking for more information on how to get here and what to do? Here’s their website.

There’s tons to do down here, and I plan to spend a wonderful day taking in the sights.  Tomorrow I have a panel on Modern Hero/ines in SF and fantasy, and then another on SciFi/fantasy/horror.


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10 responses to “Tucson Festival of Books

  1. Kegan

    Hi Kim,
    I was wondering if/when you will have a book signing Sunday (March 13) at the Book Festival? I wasn’t able to go today, but I’m going to be there tomorrow, but I’m nervous you won’t be doing any signings….?
    I love your books, I’ve already read Pale Demon and can’t wait for the next one!! 🙂


    • I’ve got two today, Kegan. The first at 11:30, which is a panel in room 140 in the Integrated Learning Center, and the second at 4:00 in the same place, which I will be running like a regular event, with a reading and Q&A. There will be signings after each event. I’m so glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks!

  2. AKR (Trinidad)

    Wow … I listened to the radio interview …
    (the Pale Demon bit starts at 24+ mins)

    It’s great to put a voice to the persona and a joy to hear you talk about your work … that I adore …

    Thank you for sharing all of this with us your eager fans ….
    Glad to hear the tour was a success …
    I can’t wait to see the next Hollows installment … =)

    AKR (Trinidad)

  3. Theresa

    OMGosh my dad used to live in Tucson!! He told me about that place once, it sounded really cool. Make sure to post some pictures please!! =]

  4. Marsha

    That is one big, hairy, ugly spider!!! Nightmares for me tonight. Hope you have a great time in Tuscon.

  5. JanisHarrison

    I’m utterly astounded that nobody else has commented yet. Wait a minute, you’re in my time zone, I think, for once. And Daylight Savings Time starts at 2:00 am Sunday, so remember to reset your chronometers after you leave Arizona. I had one quick stop in Tuscon and yes, that museum is fantastic–do try to catch some of it. I agree, there’s some ancient energy there, too. And strong sunshine! Do have fun at the Festival of Books, there’s nothing I’d enjoy more. I know your fans who will be able to be there will love to see you.

    • That’s right, Janis. It’s daylight saving, but since AZ doesn’t do daylight saving, I won’t have to reset my clock until I get home Monday, which I would do anyway. . . 😉