Sacramento was fab!

I had a great day in Sacramento yesterday, with an interview on NPR’s Insight with Jeff.  I’ve got the link here.  Capital Public Radio I think I’m in about 30 minutes.  It was a great interview, and I hope I can go back again someday.

I was also out at Borders for a fabulous signing.  We had a lot of great questions and it was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces that I’d missed last year.  Here I am with my roadies!  Thanks, guys!  It was a wonderful event!  More pictures.

Today is a travel day, and then the book festival at Tucson!



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24 responses to “Sacramento was fab!

  1. Amber

    Yikes!!! So I am all but going crazy that I didn’t get to the St.Louis signing and seeing all the fun makes me kinda sad but… I haven’t been on the drama box in a looong time but I used to be Amber in SC and then Amber in GA, now I have moved to MO. The last signing I was able to get to was in Rock Hill for the decompression party and I had it all planned out to get to the St.L signing but alas it was not meant to be 😦 I had a little one get sick and just couldn’t make the 3 hour drive from Kansas City. I just finished Pale Demon last night and WOO HOO!!! This was my favorite book since Kist died… I always love the Hollows but the road trip was awesome! Again I will be waiting and filling time for another year before the next novel. Oh but it was a great day for the release, it was my sons birthday and I got a BIG suprise when he decided to start reading the series. So at 14 my son is reading Dead Witch Walking and loving it…for me it’s the best since he doesn’t like reading anything and now we have a book to talk about. THANK YOU!!! Amber in MO

    • Well . . . maybe next year, Amber. Those little ones come first. 😉 I’m so glad you got your copy and enjoyed it. Thank you! And too cool on getting your son reading! That is the best news ever!

  2. Theresa

    All the pictures are making me jealous that you didn’t pick Washington, =[ but I’m glad your having fun!!=] Oh and I was thinking you guys should invite Thing Two to come along next time he might like it. =]

    • Theresa

      GASP!!! my frowny face was cut in half!!!!

    • Hi Theresa. My publisher picks the venues where I sign, and they have their method to their madness. I’d love to have Thing Two come with us, but three weeks is a long time to be out of school.

      I’m so glad to hear you like the pictures, though. They take a bit of effort to get up on the website.

  3. Marsha

    Say hi to our Kylie for us tomorrow in Tuscon, Kim. I hope she gets a chance to say hello and snap a picture. I hope you get back home to Thing 2 and his “sisters” soon.

  4. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! Just checked the NY Times listing for week 2 of Pale Demon — #9!!!!! USA Today has it at #39! Congrats!!!!!

  5. Sharon AuBuchon

    It looks sooo fun. We miss you here in Charlotte! Have a safe trip.

  6. Linda (germany)

    Hey Kim.
    I haven’t read the book yet, ’cause I want to buy it in May when I’m in New York. Is there a chance I get a signed book? I know you wont be in New York when I am there, but there is still hope.
    And I know already why you have told me that I’m going to love Pale Demon. I know, no spoilers here but I thank you. Really. I can live with this. 🙂

    Best love

    • Hi Linda. Give me a week or so after I get home, and I’ll open up a page with information on how to send me a book to sign. I took it down when we moved, but now we have time again. Watch out for spoilers!

  7. Liz

    Yesterday I was bummin’ big time because I didn’t get to go to the book signing. I was soooooooo excited when I found out months ago that you were going to come to Sacramento, I decided I was going to go no matter what! Then, my professor informed the class that Thurs. was a mandatory class and we all have to do our presentations… anyone who doesn’t show up fails the class because the presentation is worth 1/2 the grade for the entire class! I was so sad! I told myself it was okay, there would be other oportunities in the future and that it wasn’t that big a deal (even though it totally was) so I could take the sting out of not being able to go. I got home from school at 8 P.M. my hubby had told me that he had to work late last night and he wouldn’t be home until 9:30/10:00. I got our son fed, bathed, and ready for bed by the time my husband arrived home. He came walking in the house holding my copy of Pale Demon, I was so confused… until he handed me my book and opened it up to the inside cover where my favorite author in the whole world had signed my book!!!!!! He left work early, drove 2 1/2 hrs. to Sacramento, stood in line for an hour and a half, got my book signed (and a video of you saying Hi to me), and then drove home 2 1/2 hours. It is the coolest thing ever! He is a completely awesome husband… it made my year! Thank you Kim for letting him take the video of you, I love how connected you are to all of your fans… it makes us feel like you really care!

  8. JanisHarrison

    Forgot to post that my turn at Pale Demon just came up and I brought home a copy from the library yesterday afternoon. I really haven’t gotten into it yet (massive exertion of will-power) because I had a few chores and things to do, and I know once I get into it I’ll be useless for a couple of days. But I’m as excited about this as anything else that’s happened in many weeks!

  9. JanisHarrison

    OK, dumb bunny here: How do I get to listen to the Cap. Pub. Rad. interview? When I click on the highlighted words I go to the station site (which is wonderful), but I can’t figure out where to go within it. Help?…

    • Hi Janis. Right under the picture of Pale Demon, there’s a “listen now” button. Try clicking that. You’ll have to suffer through about 30 minutes of stuff that isn’t me to get to my segment. I’m trying to download the MP3 so I can cut and past, but they don’t have it up yet. (sigh)

  10. juliette

    Tucson is one of my favorite places in the world. I lived there for 5 years, and miss it every day. Enjoy Tucson and say hi to it for me! If you have some time, the Sonoran Desert Museum is a beautiful place to visit, and Taco Bron (6910 Tanque Verde rd) is my favorite Mexican restaurant….oh and get a coffee at Coffee eXChange, they are all over the place in Tucson and if you have a sweet tooth they have drink mocha extreme that was my favorite!! Have a blast!

  11. Hey Kim-

    I love the “kiss-kiss” picture. 🙂 For years I have routinely accompanied a goodbye with the traditional “peace” symbol. After reading your stories I have to consciously think about what I’m doing or I end up doing the “kiss-kiss” as well. Not that I mind, but it often generates odd questions that my less open-minded colleagues don’t understand.

    Sounds like you’re enjoying the travel, but are glad to have it winding down. I hope you continue to enjoy things, and have a warm welcome when you return home. 🙂