The home stretch . . .

The tour is winding down, but I’m in Sacramento today, signing at Borders Books & Music on
2339 Fair Oaks Boulevard at 6:00 pm tonight. It’s my only California stop this year, and I really enjoyed the day off yesterday shopping down by the river, getting out and recharging my batteries with wind, sun, and water.  I also have a radio spot this morning at ten, Pacific time, which should be fun, on KXJZ radio, 90.9 FM. I have a link that I think will let you listen to it. KXJZ radio I imagine they will archive it, upon which I’ll make it available to you guys. Tomorrow I may be late in posting as I’ll be traveling to Tucson for the book festival.


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  1. Yikes! Keep your head down, Greg. I hope you come through it okay.

    I’ve got a link to the archive for you today. 😉

  2. Jer

    Science Fiction Book Club has a ‘Top 100 Bestsellers’ list,
    #1 Pale Demon
    #76 Black Magic Sanction
    #71 Pale Demon & The Crippled God (book combo special)

    Rhapsody Book Club has Pale Demon at #46, the club is more romance targeted, but you made the list.

  3. Fair Oaks Boulevard. Wow does that bring back some memories. I graduated from Sac State in 19*cough*

  4. Marcie

    Wow the tour is almost over? Seems like it just started, but I’m sure you are ready for a break from all the hectic travel.

    BTW, I read Pale Demon and I loved it! I can now see why you have it as your number 1. Between the antics you still took me from crying to lauhging! Can’t wait till next year…… it february yet? Okay I’ll wait some more. Spring’s coming so I’ll have things to keep me occupied.

    • Yup! It’s almost over, and I’m happily exhausted. I’m so glad you liked the read! Thanks! I’m glad I’ve got a couple of releases for you between now and the next in Feb.

  5. Jessica

    Loved the interview! Learned some new things, and excited about some things as well! 🙂

  6. Pack your sunscreen, Kim. It’s gonna be clear skies and warm in Tucson.

  7. michael

    Incase you don’t yahoo. One of their headlines was about tinkerbell being slutty (my words). First thing I thought of was how Jinks was right all along. Lol

  8. Darn, I’m at work and going to miss your interview. I hope you are able to get a copy of it as I would love to hear it. 🙂

    Unfortunately I can’t post much right now as work is going through a shake up. They just let one of our contractors go and are talking to the rest of the employees. *keeps fingers crossed*