My day off . . .

I wasn’t going to post today because it’s a rest day, but I had to share!  (And maybe you’ll wish I hadn’t when I’m done.)

I have been out for a while now, and I miss my dogs terriably, especially since Alex who was doing badly the first week out.  My mother is keeping a tight watch on her and is taking her to the vet to knock what appears to be allergies back down.  But I miss her and Xander, and Guy got me a puppy to tide me over.

She’s cute and all, but I still want my dogs, and I know the first thing I’m going to do when I get home is lay on the floor with them for a good ten minutes.


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  1. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    The surrogate puppy is nice but no replacement for the real ones. Still it was very good of ‘Guy’ to try. I have a recent animal story to share but it’s too long for here. If you follow the link to Showgirl’s forum and scroll down you’ll see it. It’s actually 2 stories, one about my dogs, the other about cats.

    The best thing about traveling is getting home.


  2. Stephenie

    That is adorable… The puppy we’re fostering wanted to attack it through the computer screen. 😀

    I got my applications turned in and now I just have some midterms left to do. Blegh. I might see if my cousin will take me to Wisconsin this weekend. My dad is getting back from a really bad business trip and my parents want the weekend to themselves. I guess to play board games and bake cookies; which is what I’ve always assumed they do while I’m gone. 😀

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Well Carnival is over, and things are slowly returning to normal …..
    Work, work, work … as we say here in Trinidad “Fete done, back to work”

    Hope you had a great day off, and gosh! I hope your doggies don’t go too crazy when they see you. I think one of mine (an older dog) worked himself up into some sort of fit yesterday when I returned home :-/

    WOw … #2 NYT bestsellers list?!!!
    Congratulations Miss Harrison .. =)

  4. I don’t know if it has already been mentioned but “The Hollows Insider” is available for pre-order on Amazon.

    The release is still far off, but do you know when the cover will be available?

    I was also curious about who did the illustrations, if any, for the Insider.

    • OOoooh! I didn’t know that was up already! Yes, we should have a cover soon. I’ve seen a prelim, and it’s going to be fabulous. Some of the illustrations are mine, some are Mark Rude’s, and some will be coming from you guys. 😉 Keep checking back. I’ll have more info when I get home.

  5. NickinColoma

    I hope your tour is going well. I have been laid up with a cyst removal with left 10 stiches in my back. Laid up till Monday. Have fun

  6. Judi in NJ


  7. Amanda In Tampa

    LOL! I played the video and my cat went crazy!!!!

  8. Val-OH

    Hah! I’m glad I checked in! My daughter Sissy got one of those for her birthday last year. She loves it. The little red bandanna is adorkable.

    Had to let you know too, I had this crazy dream last night of Rachel and Trent standing on opposite ends of this immaculate white staircase and they’re laughing and yelling to each other stuff that made no sense while pushing this chandelier at each other that looked like it was made from hundreds of these huge pearls that glowed from the inside out… I don’t know if the chandelier was made on a glider or something but they just kept shoving it back and forth laughing and yelling… It was really weird.

    I woke up and moved Pale Demon from my night stand to the bookshelf. Time to take a break. For a bit. Today I LOVE TRENT!!!♥

  9. Diuna

    I had the dog Casper, which was very healthy a whole life. Only once he twisted his leg during a “struggle” with a cat ;). I feed him only on a meat in the form of the cheap sausages, headcheeses, black pudding, sometimes the chops or eggs. I gave him NO the carbohydrates like the potatoes, pastas, cereals.

    The dogs are the scavengers, not omnivorous like humans ,so they can catch a lot of diseases from a messed up diet. They need quiet a lot of proteins, some fat and almost a zero of carbohydrates.

    My friends have the dogs with allergies, cancers, diabetes, etc. but they feed them on industrial dogfeed from cans, bags etc. or in better case, on the cereals with vegetables and bits of meat.

    I’m not a zealot so I didn’t feed my dog on a raw meat with the exception of a raw liver for which Casper whined ;). Besides his food was concentrated, so he didn’t need a lot of this.
    The expenses on the vets were almost none.

    • Thanks, Diuna. I’ve got my dogs on a diet specially designed for them. I think the issues are stemming from stress, though they are being well taken care of.

  10. JanisHarrison

    I would love to see what Aleix and Xander think of that new puppy! Your Guy is one in a million, incidentally, and I wish there were a few more like him…

  11. Jessica

    Omigsh too cute! I soo need one! 🙂 Love it!

  12. Marsha

    That really was very sweet. I have no doubt the ladies miss you too.

  13. Are you going to introduce your roadie pup to Xander and Alex when you return home? Soon, Kim, soon the tour will be but a memory.

    I wore my Pale Demon tour shirt to our PWP (Professional Writers of Prescott) board meeting yesterday to show it off. They thought it was the niftiest idea going. Imagine, a writer promoting via tour shirts. BTW, it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend in Tucson. Pack you suntan lotion.

    • Hi Jeannie. We sure are. Aleix loves her “dolls.” Ooooh, very cool on wearing your shirt! Thank you! I love hearing about getting the word out about the Hollows.

  14. MichelleG

    It’s really cute. It’s hard to be away from your animals. My cousin left for Afghanistan a month ago and his puppy his still searching the house for him. He feels horrible about it.

  15. Angela L

    Aww Sweet! Hope you have a relaxing day off 🙂

  16. Mom

    You’d better remember to give your Mom and Dad a hug before the ten minutes on the floor with ‘our’ pups (grin)!

  17. Antonio

    I bet you’ll be glad to get back to a regular writing schedule. Those burning bunnies have a short attention span…’idle hands’ and whatnot…

  18. So very cute. Enjoy your day off, and look forward to hearing more from you when you have more time. 🙂

  19. Jenn

    Aw, very cute! I’m sure you will have a very clean face from all the kisses you’ll get once you’re home!

  20. Chelikins

    That is to cute! Yes… the babies need love when you get home! Then the Thing.. hehehe

  21. Awww how cute! When I get home from work, being gone only 11 hours my cat’s on the floor rolling over my feet for a good 10 minutes.

  22. Mendi in STL

    Heyde hey!

    Awww, just gotta love that Guy. Have a great day off!