San Antonio tonight!

The interviews I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks are trickling in, and I’ve got a few for you this morning.

I talked to Steve out at the San Antonio Express.  Hollows Author Has Fun
I talked to John  at the Miami Herald Review Rachel and Pals Set Out on A Road Trip

And I talked to Allen out at the Sacramento Bee.  Author Kim Harrison Creates
Popular Urban Fantasies

Yesterday at Book People was great!  I’ve got pictures and You/Tubes up at the website!

Guy and I had a relaxing afternoon in the sun afterward.  It was the first I’d had a chance to be in for a long time, and it felt great!  It’s spring down here, with the redbuds blooming, which makes me hope that the snow is gone by the time I get back home to Michigan.  (I can dream, can’t I? -grin-)

Tonight I’ll be in San Antonio, at Barnes & Noble at 15900 La Cantera Pkwy.  Hope to see some of you there!


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19 responses to “San Antonio tonight!

  1. Judi in NJ

    The baby with the “Tink’s Panties” tee on” My favorite pic so far!!! Toooo cute! Book People looks like a really pretty, cozy bookstore. Large, but with beautiful lighting & mirrored shelves. Nice! Have fun!!

  2. Stephenie

    Good luck dreaming Kim. It’s snowing out here in Iowa City… or sleeting… which I guess is better. I guess. I hope you guys are still having a good time on the tour! I hope you come back out next year… maybe it will be warmer and we’ll have a freak early spring…

    Or I’m crazy. 😀

    Spring break is next week though and I need it! My application to the Creative Writing Track at UofI is due tomorrow at noon and I’m working on my cover letter. It’s supposed to be one page detailing the relationship between my interest in literature and my interest in creative writing. It’s really hard to articulate my thoughts without sounding like a five year old or a goober…

    Any suggestions? 😀

  3. DeAndrea

    Pale Demon was fantastic!! I’ve been waiting for the Rachel/Trent moment since the Fountain Square incident. Are you working on number 10 and when do you think it will release?

    • Thanks, DeAndrea. I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve written book 11 at rough draft, actually, but I’m already seeing things I’ll be changing in 10 now. It will come out about this time next year. I do have the graphic novel and world book this year, though, so it won’t be such a dry spell.

  4. Unfortunately the adorable baby who was wearing a khaki onesie that had “Tink’s Panties” printed on it was out of the building during picture time!

  5. Mel Rogoff

    Don’t forget to sample the BBQ Kim and *yup here it comes* and show us the new boots! ^^

  6. Jenny

    I tried to make Pale Demon last longer, but I didn’t make it . What a ride!
    A Fistfull of Charms was my favorite before, but now it’s a tough choice between the two.Great book 🙂
    It’s always interesting to read your interviews and see what other writers say about the series. I thought I read somewhere though that ODW was the original ending, although one of these interviews say it was Pale Demon.Which one is correct and when did you know that wasn’t the end of the series?

    • Hi Jenny. A FEW DEMONS MORE was the original ending, I’m not sure where the PD reference came from. I’ve been working on them as an open-ended series since FDM.

      I’m so glad you liked Pale Demon. Thanks!

  7. Marsha

    You hit the South at just the right time. The Redbuds, Bradford Pears Tulip trees are in bloom and the bulbs are up, but the dreaded pine pollen hasn’t started yet. Please pray it isn’t as bad as last year!

  8. Sitting at my desk and looking out the window in downtown Detroit, I would say enjoy Texas! Still patches of white outside here. 😦