Joint signing with Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs

I will be signing with Patricia Briggs tonight, out at Murder by the Book in Houston, and I can’t wait!

Last night was Barnes and Noble in Tulsa, and we were standing on the tables!  Okay, I was the only one who was standing on the table, but it was a great event, and my voice held out all the way to the end.  (Which I was really worried about.)  Pictures and question/YouTubes are up at the website. Tulsa Barnes and Noble


And I have to thank the ladies in Lawton who gave me the mustache band-aid.  It came in very handy on my pinky toe, rubbed by my new boots.  -laugh-



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12 responses to “Joint signing with Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs

  1. Small world that you and Ms. Briggs are sharing sign dates. I’ve read Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series on my Kindle. Tell her they’re very very good. I hope your new boots are breaking in. See you in Tucson this next weekend.

  2. Donna Bailey

    That is TOTALLY awesome that you’re doing a signing with Patricia Briggs… I love her books too… *sigh* why are so few of the nifty events anywhere near me? Last year I’d hoped to get to an event she was at in MA but my car chose that day to start leaking fluids BADLY and had to be repaired..

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy Ma’am,

    After you, Showgirl(Vicki), and Snowgirl(Jeaniene), P. Briggs is next on my list of authors I’d like to meet. I’ve read all of her Mercy books and the Dragon Bones/Blood series.

    Good luck with the new boots. I’d have you tell Patricia hi for me but she doesn’t know me. I’ve never posted in any of her forums.


  4. juliette

    I hate the breaking in process of new shoes! Hope all your toes are un blistered! Good luck! I haven’t read Patricia Briggs, but I have her book on my iPod, so it’s only a matter of time! Have fun and happy touring!

  5. JanisHarrison

    I’m almost glad you didn’t come to Seattle this trip. Almost. My dad’s health has been so changeable lately I might not have been able to get away without disrupting other people’s schedules to be with him. I’m glad your tour has been overall pretty good, despite the rubbed toe–I know all too well how that is.

  6. Cool to know! Will you and Ms. Briggs be doing the same at Comic Con? I plan to read the Mercy Thompson series before going myself. I can’t resist a story with a character that has my same last name, haha.