Tonight, I’m in Tulsa!

Last night’s event at Hastings in Lawton OK went fabulously!  The store wasn’t set up for Q&A, so we got right to the signing, and people asked me questions at the signing table.  Several of the YouTubes have questions, too, so if you’re curious, go check out the updated picture page.  Hastings, Lawton OK

Also, I’ve got a radio interview I did with Mark when I was in Cincinnati.  Want a listen?  Here’s the link!  Fly Pod


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20 responses to “Tonight, I’m in Tulsa!

  1. Antonio

    I like the interview you did on FlyPod. You’ve done interviews with him before I know. You are in a very good mood this tour!(laugh). I wish a long-time fan would interview you though. I should interview you! (grin) I don’t know ‘how’ or ‘where.’ (scratches head)

    Be good, have fun. Is this the longest promotion tour you’ve done? 😎

    • Hi Antonio. Yes, I think this is the longest I’ve been out. It is certainly the most PR rich tour I’ve been on, and it feels good to feel relaxed in front of a camera. I do have an interview coming out of Cincy with a long-time fan. I just don’t have the link yet to the archived show. Soon, I hope?

  2. Jenny

    It was so nice to meet you tonight Kim, I had a great time.Thanks for your books, I really enjoy them,and I admire how you show your appreciation of your fans.Thanks to Guy also for making the waiting so enjoyable.I hope you enjoy your bookmark :)Safe travels as you move on to Texas and back home.

  3. My daughter and I came to Lawton from Oklahoma City last night for your book signing. I just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time!!! The Hollows series is one of my absolute favorites and I recommend it to everyone. This was the first book signing we have ever been to and it was awesome!!!!

    Thank you so much for signing my book, and also thanks to your wonderful husband for keeping us entertained while we were waiting in line.

    • It was so wonderful to meet you and your daughter, Suzanne! I’m so glad that your first author signing was good. I know some of you drove a long way.

  4. Hope

    The Washington Post did an interesting travel piece about Austin in January that mentions Book People and Waterloo Records I live about two hours from Austin, three hours from Houston, ditto San Antonio. Apologies if I don’t actually show up… somewhere… after posting so many times :s

  5. Wendy Mauldin

    Oh my gosh! My first book signing and it is one of your books! My b-day was yesterday and my friend and husband are driving me up to Tulsa (hour and half away) for this event. Woo-Hoo! Yeah, I’m a nerd, but that’s the life. So excited to meet you! Your books are amazing, the best combination of fantasy and might-could-possibly happen in real life stories. Absolutely my favorite! Besides Evanovich. 😉 j/k, it’s a tie.

    • It was great to see you, Wendy! I hope you could hear the Q&A. It was a little unusual to not have chairs. I’m so glad you are enjoying the books. Thanks!

  6. 2 more days and you’re here in Austin! I’m so excited to finally be buying and getting to read Pale Demon, it’s been killing me to wait these last few days. Almost couldn’t find my Burning Bunny pin but I finally did yesterday.

  7. Sara

    Ugh…I didn’t manage my time very well and couldn’t make the hour and a half drive to get there in time. I’m hoping to suck up the 2 hour drive to Tulsa today. Hoping. Fingers crossed I’ll see you tonight! If you’re in or around Tulsa now I think they have an aquarium? Or it’s in Jenks or something…I’m a little hazy with Tulsa, having never been there. :p

    • Cheryl frost

      It’s in jenks just south of Tulsa.

      Thank you Kim for coming to Po-dunk Lawton. We really enjoyed it!! We don’t get many opportunities like this so thank you

    • Sara

      Thanks, I couldn’t remember if it was in Tulsa proper.

      And rats to my not making it tonight either. I hate missing an opportunity to support you on your tour down in these southy parts. Hope you had fun!!

    • Maybe next time, Sara. 😉

      And it was my pleasure, Cheryl! You guys were great!

  8. Angela L

    It was wonderful meeting you last night. I agree with Jessica, I love enterting the world of the Hollows. Thanks for such a great series!

  9. Jessica

    Thanks again for signing the rest of my collection. 🙂 I forgot to tell you what I love most about your series. I love that your series takes me to a “place” so when I start reading its truly like getting away. So thank you for my vacations from my reality into the Hollows.