Are we having fun yet?

It’s a good thing I didn’t go home for my day off, because right now, I’d be sorely tempted to simply not go back out.  Between a week of criminally cheap toilet paper and housekeeping banging on my door in the early AM hours trying to get a jump on their work day, I now remember why I’m always so reluctant to leave my warm office chair.  It’s sucky out here.

And now that my pity party is over, I have a few tasty tidbits for you guys.

A short interview from my old hometown in Charlotte, South Carolina.

The last of the four guest blogs over at LitFestMagazine.  I’m not sure if the new posting is up yet.  My room is deep inside the hotel with a spectacular view of someone else’s room, and I’m not getting a good enough signal to load the page.  LitFestMagazine.

A link to HarperCanada’s March Madness event.  They do this every year, and the one time I promoted it, you guys pushed me all the way to the last event where we were beat out in the last hour.  Seriously, it was the last hour.  But here’s the link if you are so inclined to take part again.  The book that is in contention is DEAD WITCH WALKING, and it’s in the James Rollins category.  (You have to scroll down the clipboard to find it.)  One lucky Canadian voter will get a copy of all 64 books in the contest.  (Anyone can vote, but only a Canadian person can win the books.)  March Madness




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49 responses to “Are we having fun yet?

  1. Chastity

    That should read: We can’t change everyone’s mind…sorry!

  2. Chastity

    Sorry to hear about your travel toubles, but we certainly do appreciate the fact that you tough it out for us. As for the article, I can totally understand. I myself am a ‘free thinker’ and I live in NC. The one thing people never seem to realize that we are each individuals and we all are entitled to be the people we want to be…that fact escapes most and that’s sad. But alas, we can change everyone’s mind. So we shrug and get on with our lives.

    I love The Hollows series and I loved ‘Pale Demon’!!! So keep ’em coming! You’re a brilliant writer with a gift of imagination and I (and several others) am extremely appreciative of that fact!

  3. Diuna

    Wow, some people are thinking that urban fantasy is non-fiction literature and are so deadly serious about witchcraft.
    Sure, in temperate climate people are more cool ;).

  4. Mel from OR

    Hi Kim,
    The article in Rock Hill cracked me up. The South is an interesting place. Lovely people, but sometimes they can be set in their ways. Good for you for thinking outside the box and continuing with your writing, because the world is definitely blessed by your wonderful imagination and talent.
    Happy and Safe Travels.

  5. P4p3rDr4g0n

    The Pale Demon will be translated into Hungarian? So far only found everywhere in this book.

  6. juliette

    You are so funny! I loved you article on Litfest. I think you are an amazing writer, and I am forever telling every other book junkie I meet to Read your books. I think the books get better and better, and when I am dealing with too much reality, I listen to the books and get lost in them. It always makes everything better! Thank you for letting us into your imagination, and letting us be Rachel for a little while!

  7. Lisa

    I think its so cool your a Carolina girl!!! I’m a Mountain Carolina Girl myself, and although the article said you had received some negative feedback in this neck of the woods, I totally love your work and you are one of my alltime favorite authors!

    PS I can’t wait until my Tee gets here!!!

  8. Shanda

    I’m not that far along but there’s a PARTICULAR part in Pale Demon where a comedic statement was made. It really…..ACTUALLY had me Laughing Out Loud. Hilarious how it happened. Not even halfway through the book and it has me all smiles. Keep it coming Mrs Harrison! :):)

  9. Marisa

    The hotel room is usually the worst part about traveling unless you spend an arm and a leg but I hope the other parts of the tour are as fun for you as they are for us. I truly thank you for your writing and dedication to your fans.

    • I generally get really nice rooms, Marisa. As long as they are quiet and smell good, I’m okay, but the really nice ones make you feel special. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  10. NiNi

    Why is it that housekeeping is always dying to get in your room, but when you do leave early, they either haven’t been there yet or they are still working on it when you return? I know it’s a thankless job, but their schedules never seem to coincide with mine.

    Hang in there! I hope you get a chance to relax either during the tour or when it ends.

    • I hear you, NiNi. I worked at a hotel for about four years while in college, so I know the best and worst of people.
      I will rest when I get home. Looking forward to it already. 😉

  11. Hello Mrs. Harrison, 🙂

    I had a trip like that last week. I had to stay over for work and ended up in this really small B&B in this VERY small town. By the end of the night, I had a rogue turkey, three dogs and a very big spider in my room. I didn’t want to call the owners because it had taken me an hour to get rid of them in the first place (fresh face, fresh conversation). So, I just went with it. That night, there was a thunderstorm and everytime the lightening struck the cows (which roamed the yard freely after dark) would start Mooing (do cows bray? No – probably not). It was… An interesting experience. 😛
    I’m feeling for you.

    Come back to us safely! I hope your Bettas are being well taken care of!
    Good luck ma’am,


  12. David Blood

    From the article and the comments on that article, I can see why you left South Carolina. 🙂

    • What the article left out was that Rock Hill doubled in size while we were there, and it totally lost it’s small town feel, which I apparently really enjoy. 😉

  13. JanisHarrison

    Sounds like today is the tough day of the trip. I hope all the rest of the tour goes better. I have really sensitive skin, and hotels seem not to rinse the detergent out of their linens. I used to carry a pair of Queen size sheets and a pillow case with me and put them on my bed. Couldn’t manage towels so when I first got to the room I’d plunge a washcloth into a basin of water, and if it foamed up I’d know I was in for a rash. I’ve gone so far as air-drying myself with the hair dryer…

    • Hi Janis. Tomorrow is going to be the worst, with a three am wake up to make two flights to St. Louis, going from the plane to the TV station. They snuck it in at last minute under my radar. Not really happy about that. Aren’t sensitivities a bear? Guy has food sensitivities, and he’s no fun when he eats the wrong thing.

  14. Robin

    I have to say I feel much better after reading everyone elses TP advice/concerns. I thought I was the only one who was bothered by that when I travel. I like the travel packs of wet wipes. They are great multitaskers. Thank you so much for enduring the road for your grateful fans. I’m in Utah so I’m nowhere near any stops but maybe next year. Hoping to start my second slower read through this weekend. 🙂

  15. gsryley

    Hi Kim, So sorry to hear that your travel accommodations are a little shall we say rough…he he. Housekeeping should not be pounding on your door! Hang the Do Not Disturb sign, and if for some reason they don’t have one, make sure to tell the FD clerk to put a note on your room so they leave you alone. Most hotel/motel chains can accommodate all but the most bizarre request, and then even those can be handled 😉 My complaint when I traveled was more about the cleanliness of the room and the lumpiness of the bed. I’m hyper critical as I worked for a high end hotel chain for 28 years.

    I finished Pale Demon last night and I must say I was wowed! The road trip was eye-opening on so many levels. I can’t wait to see where you take us next. Thank you for writing this outstanding series!

    Good luck with your remaining travels. I guess you’ll have to bring your own TP;-( Ihope they start treating you better.

    • Hi Gsryley. I thought the sign was up. Clearly it was not. They are being much more careful today, and we are, too.
      I worked at a hotel for four summers, and I might be a bit too critical, as well. My own TP? I have considered it, but it takes up a lot of room and I’m trying to travel light.

  16. Jenny

    Because I used to be in management in that business I would suggest putting your DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door to deter housekeepers. Have you tried that?They are supposed to honor it, but I guess there are no guarantees.Also, you could request the front desk to inform that department to clean your room after a certain time.Best option is to try both. The TP situation can’t be helped unless you do like the others suggested and bring your own.Thanks for braving the public life to meet with us! 🙂

  17. Antonio

    😆 I used to have a job that required a lot of travel. When you’re young, it’s pretty cool–free cable TV, food charged to an expense account. After a few years…not so much fun. One particular outing in central Ohio, I remember arriving at my hotel late one night only to be told that the whole place was overrun with a Lady Bug outbreak! I am not kidding! LADY BUGS were everywhere! It was too late to get another room at another hotel(It was a very small town). The front staff helpfully gave me a vaccum cleaner to suck up all the bug carcasses(shudder).

    😳 Man! There were alot of people at the DAYTON signing! I wasn’t able to get into the book-signing line, so i didn’t get a chance to say hi this year, which was a bummer, but it still was a very fun event to attend.

    😎 I LOVED reading PALE DEMON, by the way. Getting stuck in a long-distance roadtrip with Trent Kalamack wouldn’t normally be my idea of a good time. The man is way too cavalier with the lives of others for my taste. But, the trip is about more than just one character. It’s about love, trust, friendship, loyalty, it’s about loving something so much you’ll tear down anything in your path to secure it, it’s about regret, it’s about living with guilt and painful memories, it’s about tough choices, acceptance, new directions…like any good roadtrip, there’s always something new around the next bend, new vistas, new sunrises…Thanks for the ride, it’s always nice to have a driver that knows where she’s going. 😉

    • Hi Antonio. I saw you in the green coat! I was waiting for you to come through the line, but I totally understand.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. It’s my favorite for a lot of what you mentioned.

  18. mudepoz

    I feel your pain. Since I only travel with dogs, I’m relegated to the first floor, worst room, decorated in the 1970’s, threadbare, room. They used to only allow pets in smoker’s rooms, but with the loss of those, at least the room smells fresh. Think how good it will feel to be home. (PS, bring your OWN TP. Seriously. In your carry-on, next to your underwear.

  19. Traci

    Thanks for the opportunity to vote for you, and I also added to my TBR list with some I didn’t know much about. I usually bring my own TP when I travel too. 🙂 Thanks for soldiering on so we can give you our love and appreciation for your marvelous books!

  20. A room with no view? I think we’ve stayed in the same hotel. What is it with traveling and remembering the crappy places. I had a West Virginia hotel clerk turn off the office lights and lock the door right in front of me (this was in the early 1970s when hubby and I were traveling by motorcycles across country). People are so funny but they do provide wonderful fodder for characters and settings.

    • Ahhh. Somedays you get a nice room, somedays you don’t. As long as it’s quiet and doesn’t smell funny, I’m good. When my folk had a hotel, we found that the bikers generally left the rooms in better condition than the people driving beemers.

  21. trisha

    I know how u feel but I am so excited you will be near me in 2 days

  22. Marjorie

    I just voted as of now you have 153 votes – get voting people – oh and Kim definitely have someone go the the store for you and get some decent TP that is 1 place one should never scimp. LOL

  23. Kelly

    Sorry your travels stress you! I agree with Maryellen you can take your own things to make you more comfortable, I even take my own towels ….. Just want to say thank you so much for your writings I truly love Rachael , Ivy and Jenks especially thank you for getting me to enjoy reading again. Love you and your family Keep up the good work …..

  24. Marsha

    The story about your old home makes me so sad beacuse it’s true. I live in the middle of the Bible belt and I often wonder why if I can live and let live, they can’t. Sad fact and one of the reasons I will probably look for a new location when I retire.

  25. Maryellen

    I hate traveling too, Miss Kim. Hang in there (and just between us gals, it’s okay to bring your own TP from home).

    Hope you get some sleep. :/

    • -grin- Thanks, Maryellen. If I had the extra space, it would be a no-brainer, but when you’re out for three weeks, TB is hard to find space for. I think I need to reorganize my suitcase.