Joseph Beth in Lexington pictures are up!

I’ve got a travel day today as I move to Des Moines, but I’ve got the pictures up of yesterday’s signing.  They had me on a stage, with a fountain between us, and it made me feel like a rock star.  -laugh-  Trust me, I was much happier to get off that stage and down to the signing table.  The JoBeth store in Lexington is amazing.  A total shopping experience that made me feel like I was out on the coast in the middle of KY.  And the readers were fabulous, as usual!

Pictures of the event


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20 responses to “Joseph Beth in Lexington pictures are up!

  1. NiNi

    Just wanted to thank you again for coming to Cincy. You & Guy are so accommodating to your readers. My niece & I had a great time. I’m trying to wait until my vacation next week to start ‘Pale Demon’. We’ll see! Enjoy the rest of your tour!

    P.S. Keep us posted on the status of touring the tunnels. My niece & I will definitely be there.

  2. Amy

    I finished listening to Pale Demon, for the second time 🙂 All I can say is, I’ve always liked Trent (weakness for Elves) and I like him even more now. Al, well he terrified me in the first book and I grew to like him over the last eight which is something for me to like a demon. I must say that I have mixed feelings as to the ending and without giving anything away, I really feel sorry for Al and am a bit worried over his fate.
    The only bad thing about finishing a Rachel Morgan book is having to wait another year for the next one! Can’t wait until you get to Sacramento! Cheers!

  3. Dawn

    Hi Kim,
    Just started Pale Demon and am just beginning Chapter 11. I would like to say that this may be my favorite of the series so far. Great story! Very nice job. I’m applauding! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  4. Nancy H

    Yeah, Des Moines tomorrow! I am so excited to meet you. I hope I don’t embarrass myself! Haven’t read the book yet, still trying to finish the others before I start it. It will be so great to meet you. Safe travels!

  5. AKR (Trinidad)

    Oh I forgot to mention that I thought the design for the Pale Demon tees were genius 🙂 … it made so much sense after reading the book …lol

    Have a great week
    I know I will it’s Carnival week in Trinidad …. lots of parties, lots of good fun to be had .. 🙂

    (I don’t think of wikipedia as a reliable source of info but this seems accurate enough)

    AKR (Trinidad)

  6. Liz

    Another amazing book! I just finished Pale Demon (I read it all weekend instead of doing school work like I should of… totally worth getting a little behind). I always finish the book so quickly and then I feel all bouncy because I have to wait another year before my next fix 😦 but I can’t help it… once you pick up the book it’s impossible to put it down. It’s probably boardering on crazy or obsessed (no joke… didn’t go to bed until 7 am on Sunday after staying up all night Sat reading Pale Demon). Thanks for another awesome book Kim, I love all of your books but you’re right… this one is a favorite!

  7. MichelleG

    Just finished Pale Demon and I must say one of your best. It was fantastic. I loved Trent before, but I must say I am totally IN Love with his character now. Great Job. Also, you said you could e-mail me the high resolution picture from Lansing. Could you, please?

  8. Stephenie

    Yeah Des Moines!!! I think I had a small snafoo with my car pool plan. It turns out that I can not drive an SUV on the interstate… so I don’t think I’ll be carpooling. I still have a ride and I’ll be meeting my friend and his mom there though! We’re excited about the bunny cam, and I’m trying to get everything I need together.

    I hope everyone else is having fun on the tour, I know I’m excited and I hope your experience in Iowa is good Kim! Eastern Iowa is really beautiful, but since it’s winter, and Des Moines I don’t know how exciting the landscape will be.

  9. I’m trying to figure out your color palette by your photos, Kim. Looks like lots of black, accented with neutrals, yes? Sometimes, travel wear isn’t our favorite color combination, more like what will go with the most outfits.

    Or do you have a favorite color scheme when you’re not traveling?

    And “Pale Demon?” I am trying not to devour the book in one sitting. Such good plot and character. I’m up to Chapter 12.

    • Hi Jeannie. I wear a lot of solid colors, no patterns. Blacks, dark greens, dark purples, and grays, in just about that order. 😉 When I’m on tour, I add gold.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  10. I just finished Pale Demon last night at 4:30 am. My husband ask me if I ever went to sleep last night, it seemed like the light was on all night? Now what am I going to do? When is the next book? Selfish me, I know. This was a great story. I enjoyed the road trip, especialy since I have made that cross country trip twice myself. Sad that Trent lost two of his fingers, He was always so perfect n my mind. Loved Rachel as a Demonness. She kicked butt. As always good to the last word. You go girl. Brenda Kahn