Pale Demon Release Day

FINALLY!!  Pale Demon is out today!  And I’m singing it from the rooftops!  I’ll be fighting the 6-10 inches of snow to get to Lansing tonight, but hopefully the road crews have gotten most of it off the road and I’ll see you at Schuler Books and Music tonight.

I’m going to be busy this morning printing out the world book for my editor, doing my hair, and starting to make piles to pack, but I have a couple of guest blogs for you to pursue.  The first is from Border’s Babble Blog.  I’ve long said Pale Demon is my favorite.  Here’s why!  Pale Demon.  It’s my favorite!

I also have a second post with Borders, Six Questions for Kim Harrison.  Ever wonder at the Clint Eastwood titles?  It’s in there.

The Lansing paper did a piece on me.  I’m still trying to find it online.

And I have a guest post at Bookpage where I touch on the Kim/Dawn author incognito aspect.  The Double Life of Kim Harrison. Check back!


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94 responses to “Pale Demon Release Day

  1. Mom

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to Lansing last night, but your pictures are the next best thing. Your #1 fan, MOM

  2. Judi in NJ

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!! Pale Demon is a beautiful piece of art, as usual! I am savouring its beauty. It’s a thrill that never gets old. Walking into the bookstore and spotting it in its own display….that intake of breath….that walk over to the display…and finally….finally picking it up! Wonderful! Enjoy the ride, Kim!! Have a great tour!!

  3. Hi Kim/Dawn. I might be late to the game, but I picked up your book The Decoy Princess at a flea market a week ago and just read it and I have to say I loved it. I’ll be picking up Princess At Sea and the Truth series soon. Just curious, though, do you think you’ll return to writing more traditional fantasy?

    • Hi Didzioba. Wow, thank you! I don’t hear much from the Dawn readers, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I may return to more traditional fantasy in a few years. It all depends upon what the story I want to tell is best suited for.

  4. Gerry Sheldon

    Aaargh! What is it with your sasserfrassing publishers? Not only do they charge through the nose for ebooks, but over here in the UK they refuse to acknowledge the existence of a hardback!

    The British Government doesn’t help matters either – books are taxed at 0%, whereas ebooks are taxed at 20% now, ludicrous or what?!! Everyone knows ebooks should cost less than ones for which you’ve had to chop down, macerate and otherwise process trees before intricately impressing them with ink and glueing them together, but oh no – they have to cost nearly 50% more than the most expensive paper equivalent!

    Rant over, I love your books! You and Lois McMasters Bujold are my most re- read authors by far, and I read quite a lot. I have read the first five chapters of Pale Demon as they were released as tasters and I so want to read the book in its entirety, but I find myself torn between my lust for the rest of your book and my skinflint nature! Do I wait for to get permission to drop their Kindle price, or do I give in to my more and more overwhelming desire?

    I’ve gotta read it, gimme, gimme, gimme…

    • Actually, Gerry, a great deal of the cost of a book is incurred before it actually becomes a book, be it paper or electrons. The tremendous number of people involved in producing a piece of work is more than me and my editor, and everyone needs to be paid.

      But I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! I’m sure the price will fall when the mass market comes out.

  5. SeattleRobin

    I’m a bit over halfway through Pale Demon. I looked up the Margaritaville website earlier to see if they had a pic. Just wanted to see what was burned down. 🙂 (Not spoiling since you already mentioned that in your guest blog thing!) According to their website Feb 22 (AKA Pale Demon Day) is National Margarita Day. I thought that was nifty timing.

  6. Melissa R

    Took the day off work for the release. Loved it, my favorite book by far. Corn shucker, huh? Been reading some naughty Catullus?

  7. andrew

    HEy kim cant wait to get my copy of the book. my bookstore is closing so they never got the book so i had to but it online i hope UPS doesnt screw up my order again. 🙂 cant wait to read

  8. Raybear

    Hey Kim,
    Just wanted to say, I finished reading Pale Demon not an hour ago! It took me all day! My teachers couldn’t do a thing with me (grin)
    I loved it. LOVED IT. Every bit. The more I read, the better it got! I’m so proud of Rachel’s development! And Trent! And the ending? You made my every happy dream for this book series come true. You have no idea. I’d almost given up on that particular relationship development, and, bang! You did NOT leave me hanging XD I hope it grows more!
    I love your writing, thank you thank you for this book. Now I’ll go crazy waiting for the next one (sigh…)

  9. Neil

    Kim, Congrats on another release, I just picked up the audibook from Audible.

    In recent years I made the switch from reading physical books to listening to audiobooks due to my work.

    And, although I noticed this addressed in the FAQ, I just wanted to echo it.

    Pleeeaaaaase, I’m on my hands and knees! Do what you can to nudge the fates in the right direction to have book 6 narrated by Marguerite Gavin. It’s so jarring to switch narrators in the middle of the series that it really ruins the listen through for me.

  10. MichelleG

    Had a great time at the book signing, Kim. Thanks for coming to Lansing.

  11. Gwen

    I just finished Pale Demon and WOW! I actually took the day off work so I could gorge myself on this book.Kim you are amazing hands down. I love this series so much I reread it every year. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift. Now I’ll be daydreaming for the next year about what might happen, you always keep me guessing.

  12. Elaine

    I am so excited! I have the book preordered and I’m just waiting for it to be delivered to me. I wish I could make it to one of your tour dates, but they are all too far away for me to be able to go. 😦

  13. Marsha

    I loved the double life article. It was nice of you to share another part of your life with us. Hope you have a good time “getting your Kim on”. Be careful out there and have some fun while your at it.

  14. Rebecca

    Please please please drive VERY carefully! I’ve been seeing nothing but complaints about the horrible roads STILL today. Have a WONDERFUL signing tonight!

  15. mudepoz

    Happy Release Day! Happy “Rebirth” day Rachel and company!!!

  16. Scott

    hey kim. Tomorrrow at noon I will be sitting on the beach (sandles, shorts, and flip flops ) reading the first several chapters of “Pale Demon”. Naples/Marco Island are still waiting for a book signing. It’s supposed to be 81 and guess what, no SNOW. Lol. Maybe next year….

  17. Jeremy

    I got mine on audible this morning really enjoying it.

  18. Cathy

    Hey Kim!!! Got my book at midnight and was able to read a few chapters before I went to sleep. I’m counting the hours to go home and read some more. 🙂 Don’t you love Tuesdays????!!!!!!

  19. Sabrina

    Got my copy today, yay!! I was lucky that I was already home when Mr. Postman rang the doorbell. I nearly did the happy dance in front of him. Can’t wait to start reading. Never took a glimpse at the chapters online so I have everything in front of me. Sooo excited!


  20. jamie from Nashville

    HEY – greetings from Sweden!!! So excited to get back home to pick up my copy of Pale Demon…hate that I won’t get to celebrate with you, but I’m with you in spirit (jet lagged spirit, but spirit, no less… :-)! Best of luck and much love!

  21. Michelle

    Just placed my order for Pale Demon! SO EXCITED!! Hope “opening day” of the release goes well. I’m sure it will!

  22. Donna

    Happy Happy day.. for an altogether different reason for me… I got the signed Truth novels today… (doing a mental happy dance in my head here) and they are just in time for my birthday tomorrow.. Last year you had a book available ON my birthday… and this year the day before… lol… it really is wonderful.

  23. Steve P

    Snoopy Dances! Thank goodness Audible didn’t drop the ball like they did for BMS. I had to buy it twice first from iTunes and lost it when the drive crashed then later from Audible. Never going to get books from ITunes again as it’s only good for a single download. 😦 Now the question is whether to finish BMS or jump to Pale Demon. :3

  24. Lesley

    Not only did my copy NOT arrive today, but my daughter’s school is closed so I can’t camp out at B&N either. *headdesk* So frustrating….but at least Audible has it, so I snapped it up. It’ll force me to savor it more if I have to listen. 😉


  25. That post at Borders is the most cruel piece of spoiler you’ve given Kim. Even though my copy was sent three days ago, i’ll get it later than anyone. That’s just cruel.

    Well, on the bright side, i’ll finish FoC by then. 🙂

  26. Vampyre

    Hey Rockstar, 🙂

    Here’s the Paper link

    You said, “I hope you like the rest of…”. Of course I will. I have not ever not liked anything about the Hollows. Unlike some authors that often falter as they go along, your work just keeps getting better. I try to make it last but it’s very hard to read it slowly.


  27. Dominique

    Congratulations on the release. I have actually scheduled a roadtrip to Iowa. My friends are having a field day with that one. (who plans a road trip to Iowa j/k). Thank you for all of your hard work! DLZ from Minnesota. PS, sorry about the snow, but we took a good 15 inches of it yesterday.

  28. Staci

    What addy do I send my copy to for you to sign it?

    • We’re not quite set up for signing and returning books, Staci. Can you give me a chance to get back from tour? We recently moved, and not everything is set up yet.

  29. Sara

    Woohoo! I ordered mine from amazon at the beginning of the month so it will be here today! The question is, will I begin reading it today, or torturously force myself to wait until tomorrow when it’s going to be gorgeous outside? There is *nothing* (that we can discuss in public, anyway 😉 ) better than a new Hollows book + hammock + sunshine. That’s what I did last year and damnit, I’m doing it again this year!

    Good luck fighting off the snow! And good luck packing! I fly 1-3 times a year and *still* can’t get the hang of packing promptly and efficiently. No matter how hard I try or early I start, there it is at midnight and I still have loads of things to jam in the suitcase. :p

    • Sara

      As it turns out, UPS decided this one for me. It didn’t arrive here until pretty late (4-ish) and that was the end of my “free-time” today. Tomorrow in the sun it is! it’s going to be delightful. I can’t wait. 😀

      Thanks for being awesome! I don’t get excited for new books anymore, outside of yours (shame too since I used to read 1-4 a week as a youngster through the teenager years, and even kept up to a few a month in my early twenties), and it’s such a special treat to be able to block off a whole day to read.

    • Thank you, Sara. I really appreciate what you are saying. I used to read a lot in the sun, in a hammock. I kind of miss it. sigh

  30. Amy

    Audible took forever to post it, and I noticed it was 2 credits so I’m hoping it is a long book but then I noticed that all your books are on sale there too once Pale Demon was released. I just managed to download the book before I had to rush off to work. Lilly is going to make me take her to B&N at lunch so we will be grabbing the hardcopy there.

    Ahhh the Hollows addiction! Congrats on publishing day, I can hardly wait to start listening!

  31. Tee

    So excited for you but mostly for us!!! LOL I’m sneaking out a bit early for lunch today so I can grab my copy. I so wish our local bookstores would do midnight releases. I really miss those.

    Drive safe and have a blast on your tour.
    Be blessed!

  32. Barb Riley

    Congrats on your release!

    I picked up the hardback today on the way to work, pouting the entire time that the audio wasn’t showing on Audible, yet. Then I get to work, and there it is, in all its beauty. Sigh. Now I have to wait 8 hours to download and get it in my ears!!! I can’t wait to dig in! 🙂 See you in Dayton!

  33. Val-OH

    Rachel- “Don’t look down, don’t look down.”
    Me- “Please look down, please look down. For the love of all us GIRLS! Pleeease just FRIGGIN look down!!!”

  34. Dot


    I just received my copies of the Truth Books 🙂 Thank you very much. They will be a birthday present for my daughter (on Feb. 28th) She is the one that got me started on your books. Have a safe trip, because there are very few great writer like you out there. Friends

  35. Stephenie

    I am SO excited! I’m going to Barnes and Nobles between classes today to pick up my copy! I haven’t reserved it or preordered it. I find that I miss finding the book in the bookstore the day of its release, and carrying it to the counter. So I’m taking my risks!

    I just read all three blogs, whew! I’m amazed I got done before class. I can’t wait to see how Pale Demon turns out and where the series will be going.

  36. Happy release day, Kim. ~hugs~

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  37. Caitlin

    Question: I plan to be at Joseph-Beth in Cincy on Friday but I want to go buy the book NOW. Do I have to buy a copy @ JB in order for you to sign it? I’ve never been to an event like this before (I don’t get out much he he)

    • Val-OH

      Hey, Caitlin! Here’s their phone number 513-396-8960. You can call and ask them to make sure what’s up. I think a lot of the stores have different rules and junk. I already paid for mine over the phone and they said that it just gives me a spot in group A to get my book signed.

    • Hi Caitlin. You might want to call the store like Val suggested. They are all different, and what I hear might not be what actually happens.

  38. AKR

    Wow streaming …. very cool …
    (*bows Thanks God for technology*) …

    Count me in … with Pale Demon in hand, on my sis’ Kindle …
    I hope it’s there …. I haven’t checked it yet … :-/

    WOW more insight about you and your wickedly devious mind …. -grin-

    Have a great tour …
    AKR (Trinidad)

  39. Wilda

    Happy release day! I’ve already purchased the nookbook and am getting ready to read it. Can’t wait!!! Have a fun and safe tour. Wish I lived closer so I could meet you though.

  40. Adriana LD

    Good for you! I have to wait a couple of weeks for my copy :(.
    Honestly I would make a deal with Big Al right NOW for a copy!!!

  41. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Happy Release Day! I’ve got it sitting right here on my lap but I have to wait to savor it for once. And it’s right here!! AHHH.