Can’t make an event? We are streaming live!

The Joseph Beth Cincy store has a unique chance for those of you who can’t make it to a signing to get a little closer.  We will be streaming live the Q&A portion, and I believe there will be a button for you to order a book that I can personalize right then and there for you.  Here is the link to the site if you want to check it out ahead of time.  Book mark it!  I’ll see you there on the 25th! The event starts at 7:00 pm, EST.  If you need to know what time it will be for you, here’s a website that will figure it out for you.  😉 (You can use Ohio Columbus for the first location if you’re not familiar with US cities)

I also have a new guest post over at LitFestMagazine.  Ever wonder what I do to survive living like a rock star for two weeks??  Here’s your chance to find out.  😉  What Time Zone Am I In?


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46 responses to “Can’t make an event? We are streaming live!

  1. Yeah, I got my e-copy of Pale Deamon right after I put on the Coffee this AM and my Granddaughter’s copy is on the way from Amazon in the mail. I’m so excited even if I have read all the spoilers. Just had to come online and say, thank you for the new book. My nose will be buried in my Kobo fo the rest of the day. I’m alredy dreading coming to the end and having to leave your world. Love your books. Could you write faster? There’s always money in my hands for you. Have fun being the super star. You are one. Brenda Kahn

  2. Lesley

    We had 8 inches of snow dumped on us today and I’m terrified that the mail won’t arrive on time today…even stayed up until midnight just in case had their act together and had it for download as an audio book (no such luck, dangit!). Wow, I haven’t been this excited about a book since HP7! Have a great tour and I’m really bummed that I won’t be able to meet you. Hopefully next year!

  3. Mirja

    Uh-oh… The time converter told me that your live signing will be at 2 A.M. but I’ll do my best to stay awake for it! 🙂 On a sad and happy note: I just ordered Pale Demon, but it will take about three weeks to arrive here. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! Times like this I wish I would live in the States…

    • OMGosh, Mirja! Go to bed! -grin- They will archive it and you can watch it at your leisure. I’ll try to keep the spoilers out of the Q&A. Hope you get your copy soon!

  4. SeattleRobin

    Happy Pale Demon Day!

    I timed my re-read of books 7 and 8 perfectly. Finished Black Magic Sanction earlier and now Pale Demon is downloaded onto my Kindle from my pre-order and I’m off to sink my teeth into it!

  5. Brittany

    Omg I’m so upset I pre ordered my pale demon book a month ago on nook its now almost 2 am est. And it still won’t let me download it 😦 this is killing me!!

  6. Stephenie

    I have impeccable timing. I finished Alpha by Rachel Vincent tonight, so I can go buy Pale Demon in the morning between classes. I was wondering if the Kim in the acknowledgments is you? I had been wondering before I saw that because Vincent started using ‘opine.’

    I can’t believe that the Des Moines signing is only a week away! I hope you’re all safe and sound as you start your tour. I hope everyone is fabulous and awesome. Hopefully I will soon be able to have a picture of me and Kim as my facebook profile, to compete with all of my friends and their pics of themselves with Flavor Flav. (I will feel much more accomplished :D)

  7. Barnes and Noble is on high priority for tomorrow’s errand run for “Pale Demon”. Then over to the Cafe for a latte and a good read. Have a safe trip and may the weather gods be favorable to you and Guy.

  8. Mercedes

    So i think thats really cool about the being able to sign it through the web or whatever I would love to have that someday. but my real question is .. well Those songs Takata wrote.. you used to have them up on your site but now i cant find them..Is there anyway you could get those to me sometime? Only if its not a hassle tho..Thanks 🙂

  9. Judi in NJ


  10. Hi Kim! I so wish I lived in the States, but perhaps will stream. Anywho, I hope it will go well and in the mean time, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed “Pale Demon” and that Al is my favourite character of the series!


  11. Cathy

    Just wanted to wish you a safe and successful trip. Will stay up until past midnight to make sure i receive my book on time (Kindle 🙂 )
    Can’t wait…feel like i have butterflies in my stomach!!!!! Feels like Christmas.

  12. Maycie

    Hi! I will be first in line at our local B&N to pick up my copy of Pale Demon. I just wish you would include Indianapolis to your tour in the future. (Or maybe now if it’s not too late…?) You are going to OH and KY.. then jumped to MI! We’re here in the middle of those states!!! (waving hands up in the air) LOL!

  13. Diuna

    What a wonderful job: giving so much joy for people 😉

  14. Chelikins

    I can’t wait to see you in Cinciny. My friend who got me hooked on the books cannot make it. Is it ok if I buy her book while I am there and have you sign it for her?


  15. Brian & Joan

    My wife and I are going to be streaming it from here in NM. We are huge fans of the series. We have been on pins and needles for this book like everyone else.

    When my wife was in labor in Dec with our daughter, she was listening to Dead Witch Walking on tape to help her focus! Already our little daughter is being initiated to the Hollows!

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  17. Val-OH

    Oh, BABY!! I paid for my books and tickets over the phone this morning! Kelcie and me will be in group A!! I told Kelcie she’s gonna have to hold me back so I don’t try to sit in your lap and give you bunny ears for a picture. She says she’ll keep me grounded, it’s all gooood. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get my T-Shirt, but I’ll just be thrilled to get a pic with you and have my book signed!! And the Q&A! ~GASP~

    I’m going to write my questions down so I don’t get all nervous and have a brain fart and then be kicking myself later.

    Are there any questions that are off limits? I don’t want all my questions to be off limits, because I totally love spoilers!! Especially when it comes to Rachel love life and my Teddy Bear, Al. ~flutters eyelashes!

  18. Marsha

    I will be heading to our local B & N tomorrow to pick up my copy of Pale Demon. I hope you and Guy have some fun on the new book tour. It must be exhausting, but hopefully fun as well to meet some of your avid fans. Hopefully I can catch some of the video stream.

  19. Stacy W.

    Would love to attend, alas, have to work…at least i work at a retailer, hopefully we will have the book on the shelves at midnight and i can get it on break

  20. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am(Rock star)

    That link for the event may be used by me. Got to have a full collection. Will the badge swag come with the book too? That would be an extra cool thing if it does.

    I have to work tonight.. The upside is Amazon usually sends out new Kindle books out at midnight PST. At 3AM, I’ll be reading PALE(pail :)) DEMON! That’s very exciting.

    Have a safe tour, eat right and get plenty of rest. All those people coming to see you, love your work and they love you too. I wish I was there.


  21. I will be streaming it, glass of red wine in hand! Can’t wait!!!