Got a little distracted . . .

I’m late in posting this morning because I got a little distracted.  I wanted to showcase the Event’s page at the website with the updated stores and time, but when I went to update it, I got lost in the rapture of Dreamweaver and ended up prepping the first few pages for the upcoming tour.  I now have half the pages ready to drop in all the pictures and YouTubes that you can take during the event.  (rolls eyes)  I completely forgot I hadn’t done my morning work yet.

So here it is, the updated tour schedule.  It’s a big one this year, and I’m really looking forward to getting out and seeing some of you again.  😉  Please check back at the website the day of the event to make sure there haven’t been any changes.  Event’s Page

Feb 22nd Lansing MI
Schuler Books & Music 2820 Towne Center Blvd
7:00 pm

Feb 23rd Ann Arbor, MI
Borders 3140 Lohr Rd
7:00 pm

Feb 24th Dayton, OH
Books and Co.
The Greene Shopping Center 4453 Walnut St
7:00 pm

Feb 25th Cincinnati, OH
Joseph Beth 2692 Madison Rd.
7:00 pm

Feb 26th Lexington, KY
Joseph Beth 161 Lexington Green Circle
2:00 pm (time changed)

March 1st Des Moines
Des Moines Public Library (hosted by Beaverdale Books) East Side Library 2559 Hubbell Ave 6:30 pm

March 2nd St. Louis
St. Louis Public Library (hosted by Left Bank Books) 225 N. Euclid Ave
7:00 pm

March 3rd Lawton, OK
Hastings Books & Music 616 W Sheridan
6:30 pm

March 4th Tulsa, OK
Barnes & Noble Woodland Plaza 8620 E. 71st St
7:00 pm

March 5th Houston, TX
Murder By The Book (With Patricia Briggs!) 2342 Bissonnet St
6:00 pm

March 6th Austin, TX
Book People 512-472-4288603 N Lamar
3:00 pm
The store has instigated a must-purchase-Pale-Demon-at-Book-People policy to get into signing line. 512-472-4288 I am fairly sure this means that people who buy their book there get first crack at the signing table.  I can’t imagine that they won’t let you bring books in at all.

March 7th San Antonio, TX
Barnes & Noble 15900 La Cantera Pkwy
7:00 pm

March 10th Sacramento Bee Book Club hosting Borders Books &
Music 2339 Fair Oaks Boulevard
6:00 pm (Time changed)

March 12th to 13th Tuscon, AZ
Tuscon Festival of Books

Saturday: 1:00-2:30 World Building Panel and book signing Intergrated Learning Center, Room 141

Booth signing hosted by Mysterious Galaxy: 3:00pm

Sunday: 11:30 to 1:00 Modern Hero/ens in modern fantasy and book signing Intergrated Learning Center, Room 140 David Weber, Janni Lee Simner, Terry Moore, Kim Harrison

Sunday: 4:00 to 5:30 SF vs Fantasy vs Horror and book signing Intergrated Learning Center, Room 140

And as always, if you can’t make it to a signing, you can always get a freebie by sending me a SASE.  Info is here at the website. Please be sure to stamp your SASE.  We’ve gotten a few that we can’t send back because he or she forgot.


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28 responses to “Got a little distracted . . .

  1. SeattleRobin

    I sure hope you get to take a week off after that tour. It looks like an exhausting schedule! I’ll miss seeing you in Seattle this time, but I’m happy for people in places you haven’t been to before. You’re all in for a good time!

  2. Crystal R.

    Never thought you would be coming to oklahoma. I only live an hour from Tulsa…yea!

  3. Stephenie

    I’m so excited! I know I have at least one friend for the tour, and possibly two! If my friend Mark (who got me into the series) can’t come, I’m going to stand in line twice so I can have his things signed for him. It only seems right since he bought me Dead Witch Walking for my graduation. 🙂

    I also got my t-shirt and freebie today! It was a much needed pick me up as we discovered standing water in the back yard up to the door to the house. D: I was even more pleasantly surprised when I saw that Iowa was abbreviated correctly on the shirt! I know in the mock-up it was wrong, and I was all set to proudly wear my Des Moines, IO shirt to the signing and out and about! So all day I’ve been wearing freebie and reveling in shirt ownerdom.

    • -grin- That is fun, Stephenie! (The shirt, not the standing water) We have just about lost our snow here, and it feels like spring. I know it’s not done yet, but it feels good.

  4. Carol Trues

    Would u consider coming to Eugene, Oregon? I’d love to show u the beauty of the Northwest.

  5. Kittyscat

    See you in the Queen City! Can’t wait. Had to rearrange my work schedule but you are always worth it.

  6. Connie

    AHHH! I’ve never been to a signing before because they were always too far or my mom wouldn’t take me but you’re coming to Tucson! I’ve just recently moved here.

  7. Marsha

    Perhaps I can see you again on your Madison tour. Unless you will be doing a tour for the graphic novel? That would be great for us, but probably exhausting for you. You probably wouldn’t like Atlanta in July, trust me.

    • Hi Marsha. I declined the chance to go out on a Madison tour this year, and the only place I’m going for the GN is San Diego. I’ve been in Atlanta in July. I’m sorry but it’s awful! (grin)

  8. Looks like a great tour. I have two questions: Is there a Mysterious Galaxy in Tucson, AZ? The only one I’ve ever heard of is in San Diego and that is the only one I can find online so I’m totally confused. Also…I have noticed a trend with many of the writers that I read and that is they do not come to Los Angeles on tour…this seems odd to me. Now I know that book tours are generally about the book stores that are willing to host a signing, does that mean that not ONE bookstore in L.A. is willing to host a signing for you? Because I also find that odd and if that is the case then maybe it’s time we L.A. fans started making some noise. Anyway…good luck with the tour and I’m excited for the new book to come out.

    • Miss Bliss, you are right. I went back and looked at my info. Mysterious Galaxy is hosting a booth signing at the conference. I must have seen MG and just assumed I was in San Diego for the split second it took for me to put it on my event’s page. (shakes head)

      I’ve found out over the years that there are relationships built up between book seller and publisher, and the two work together to get authors into the store, so if there is no relationship, it’s harder to get me there. Some stores are not set up for signings, either in size or the people working there knowing how to run one. Sometimes there is microphones and hundreds of chairs, so it takes a bit of doing,

  9. You’re not coming near me on your tour. I’ll just have to be content with reading your books. Just pre-ordered PALE DEMON.

  10. Lexxa Mooncat

    Wish you were coming back to Atlanta, Georgia this year. I really enjoyed seeing you last June! The chapters you have posted for Pale Demon are so great! I cant wait for the book release next week!

  11. Niko

    Woohoo! See you in Dayton!

  12. Sondra

    Seeing you in Ann Arbor! My daughters birthday gift to me! So excited.

  13. Mags

    Maybe your next book tour you could include Canada – most of us up here know how to read haha

    • OMGosh, Mags. (grin) I was in Toronto and the area last spring. I had a fabulous time. It’s harder to get us on an international tour, but maybe again sometime.

  14. Nancy H

    I am so looking forward to seeing you in Des Moines!