Guest post at i09

Okay, I’ve tried all morning to get this to work on FB, but it doesn’t, so if you’ve ever wondered where I get my inspiration, io9 has a great guest post on where some of the thoughts and ideas that I put into Pale Demon came from.

Guest post at i09


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  1. Marsha

    That was a great article. The beautiful photos reminded me of the time my parents took my brother and I down Route 66 to see a prt of our country we were not familiar with. The great wide open spaces is one thing I miss very much, that and the amazing night sky. Did you and guy get a chance to see the night sky in the desert? It goes on forever and is so filled with stars it is literally awe inspiring.

  2. SeattleRobin

    I haven’t read the article in the link yet but I wanted to comment from yesterday. Aleix posing with the winners never ceases to crack me up! Wonderful for the deer hound to take the prize, they’re such neat dogs but not very common.

    Even though I’m a total ebook convert I agree there’s nothing quite like a really good independent bookstore. I went to an author appearance at Third Place Books earlier this week (did my part by buying an atlas). I still love how my paper books look on my shelves. They bring back such wonderful memories (many of them are copies I bought when I was a teenager) and will never part with them. I just don’t have room for any more!

    I’ve started my final week countdown to Pale Demon by doing a reread of books 7 and 8 so that my memory is refreshed and I’m up to speed again. I’m about 30% through 7. Can hardly wait for the 22nd! ROAD TRIP!

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Dear Ms Harrison,
    Once again thank you for sharing with us the insight and a “behind the scenes” of your work that we all love so much. It is an extremely fascinating concept to me, being from a little drop in the ocean of an island.
    My few “road trips” amount to a Toronto-Montreal run in Canada; and a Portland, Oregon – Vancouver, Canada trip ….(which was amazing)

    Just a quick question, (as my friend in the UK frantically texted me last night to ask … lol) … would The Pale Demon be released in the UK Kindle edition on February 22 also?
    I apologise if you answered this question before.

    Have a great day … and the countdown continues πŸ™‚
    AKR (Trinidad)

  4. Tiffany

    I really love the way you’ve described the places you visited. The trapped freedom in the arch, the forgotten power in the open spaces of the desert, Vegas as the knot at the end of the rope, and the flexible strength in San Francisco. All of them such thought provoking and sensory images, filled with a kind of internal tension or polarity existing within the whole. Very nice post!

    Also, one of the things I’m really loving about Pale Demon is getting a closer glimpse of what Elven magic is like! Amazingly awesome and creative! Just had to tell ya. πŸ˜‰

  5. cc in ca

    All in the name of research…sheesh πŸ˜‰ When I was little we’d take a similar trip to visit my grandpa in Ohio (Cincinnati area), so I know just what you’re talking about. I recently took a road trip up to San Francisco from LA. It’s really amazing how much between the two places is wide open and breathtaking (if you take the long way). How different people’s whole attitude is even 100 miles away is pretty amazing too.

    But no wonder you set the destination as San Francisco that city is almost unreal. I was also impressed that Alcatraz had gardens…who knew? Pixies could even live there, weather willing. Also there’s blue butterflies on Twin Peaks in SF did you know?

  6. Lisa

    Ever think about visiting salem mass and boston:) the locals of salem are supeer friendly but Boston, well, let’s just say it’s the type A personality capital of the east coast.

  7. af

    I am so hoping there will a trip to the Bahamas for the group.

  8. Gail S

    Awesome interview Kim!
    I can’t wait to see how your road trip translates to Rachel’s.
    The countdown continues till Tuesday:-)

  9. Dune

    I love histories of road. Whole my childhood I dreamed about wandering, trips through lands. When I was a student I tried tour as much of Europe as possible.
    I can hardly wait to preordered PD. For now the cover is the best in series and different from dark girls on so many covers. I feel that content will be great too.

  10. Marcie

    Oooh love those photos. Is the top one the grand canyon? I’ve never been there or anywhere further west than Chicago. It was neat to read how you got your ideas and that of course you had to demolish this or that, perfect. Bahamas now there’s a research trip (can you pack me in your bag? πŸ™‚ oh wait Jenks is probably there already) That would be interesting to see how lee lines work there since it is surround by water. How did they get there? and will her earth magic work? Or maybe she’s tapped into elf magic by then.

  11. MichelleG

    Loved the article. I drove from Michigan to California, when I was in college and couldn’t believe that all these great vistas and the constantly changing landscape. Seeing it in photos is one thing, but the experience of it is a whole other. I just love the photos, they are beautiful.

  12. Candace

    I really loved reading about your roadtrip! Sounds like fun, especially the petrified forest. I also loved your description about Vegas; “frantic passion” is a very good description that wraps it all up into one.

  13. I hear you about the expansive Arizona sky. It took me a couple of months for my New Jersey eyes to adjust to a new perspective when I moved here in 1999.

    I can hardly wait for “Pale Demon” to hit the shelves next week.

  14. mudepoz

    Awesome shots. Seems like the perfect trip, one with a purpose but elastic enough to let you get out and enjoy. A lot like some of my plant research in the bush. Before GPS. πŸ™‚

  15. Donna

    the Bahamas? Thought she had a hard time doing magic so surrounded by water?

  16. Donna

    Ok… thanks…