Dog Show/Valentine’s Day

The Westminster Dog Show was a success!  This is the 25th year of Guy and I watching it, our tradition starting on our very first date on Valentines Day.  Two evenings of nachos, the couch, and relaxation all combined one very large dog winning the coveted bowl and ribbon.  This year, it was Hickory, the Scottish deer hound.  I am so pleased!  I see these dogs every year in the 4th of July parade, and they look marvelously big and “doggie” with an outstanding dignity and elegance, and seeing their breed become recognized is great!

Here is a shot of Aleix with her.  I don’t know how the dog gets there, but she does it every year.  I think she has a transporter hidden in her basket under her toys.

I also wanted to let my Aussie readers know that voting has opened in the Australian Romance Readers Association for its members, and I am delighted to say that BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is up against some very hard-hitters in the Favorite Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, or Futuristic Fantasy category.  If you are a member, you can vote here. If you’re not, you can at least look at the wonderful choices they have, knowing all of them are a good bet for a good read.

I also stumbled upon an article at the Washington Post which pretty much sums up why I personally like bookstores, too.  It makes for thoughtful reading.  (Please don’t send me nasty-grams about how you love your e-book.  I think they are a fabulous way to feed the habit, but for me, who lives to people-watch, I will always love my bookstore.)


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24 responses to “Dog Show/Valentine’s Day

  1. Jill Jones

    There is truly nothing more sacred in this electronic age than the feel of binding and crisp paper while one is reading. E-books take that away from us old fashioned book lovers. 🙂

  2. JanisHarrison

    I saved Chapter 5 until today (Wed) to read after my hand surgery today, sort of give myself a little a little treat. The first couple of days after a tendon release are uncomfortable (I’ve had 8 previously) but this one was a double dose, addressing a finger AND an ulnar tendon. Chapter 5 is a treat! Wowee, this is going to be great!

  3. Erin

    I love to walk around the bookstore and see how many people have fallen asleep with their books!

  4. Linda, Ireland

    Border’s is gone?! No way!
    Electronic versions are good for when you can’t get a book in your country, but I always buy them when they come out in the bookshop. I love bookshops. They’re my church.

    I don’t think I’ve posted here in a very long time, but I’m still reading your posts and books and I am so excited about Pale Demon! Yay!!!!!!!

    I just thought I should share the excitement 🙂

  5. Marsha

    I did not get to see the show this year, but I usually enjoy it very much. You need to start charging them for Aleix’s services each year!

  6. I love book stores and my nook color encourages me to visit B&N. Finding books by browsing the shelves is still my favorite method of searching for new authors. Existing authors are all on pre-purchase most times but I read too much to just confine myself to the 6 or 7 authors I pre-purchase from.

    I love that I can browse a book while at a B&N and my nook allows me to browse the book on it instead of picking up the one on the shelf. There is a lot of benefit in the ebook for me, saving a lot of space and always having a book or two to read next. But I still love book stores and want my storefront to stay.

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    As you know, I’m a big fan of Kindles but They will never replace my love for books in print. Nothing smells as good as a brand new book.

    I spent my V-Day with my sister and brother. He’s moved back here for a job that puts him on 3rd shift. We play cards until he can’t stay awake. We’re trying to get him used to his new schedule. We play Shang-hai.


  8. michael

    OMG when I got to the end of the chapter I shouted a four letter word and nearly threw my blackberry. :o) gonna love this book

  9. mudepoz

    It is evident to me that Aleix has been hired to help handle the dogs for photo ops. Squeakies can only go so far:) A friend of mine took BOB with her dog, and ‘made the cut’ for BIS. A very good thing:) Considering it costs hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars to campaign a dog to that level (ever notice how many people co-own dogs. Some have never even met the dog:) Sponsors. A wonderful thing.

    Books. There have been audio versions of books along with pulp for years. I hope that we’ll just have one more addition to our libraries. I’m finding it lovely to have books on my Kindle and books on my shelves. Honestly, though, the Kindle is being used for my magazines. Front and Finish, a dog trainers mag, is totally published on the web. It is nice to just download onto my Kindle. I should have gotten a different type, though. I can’t see color.

    Pale Demon…count down.

    • mudepoz

      I once thought of Trent with this sort of dog. Still do:) Another friend who breeds Deerhounds mentioned that before the Victorian era they came in a lot of colors. Fashion being what it was, they lost the dominant colors. Now they come in two colors. Gray. And Grey:)

    • Robin

      Oh, totally a Trent dog!! I’ve always thought they look like dignified older men that are at home out in the countryside.

    • I’m starting to recognize some of the dogs and judges now. It’s kind of cool.

  10. Marcie

    I’m a day late again, but I loved the new chapter. Oh I can’t wait till Tuesday and my copy. I’m so excited to see what Rachel ends up doing to Trent, either smacking him a good one or giving him a kiss. She is so on that line. I loved how she turned that elf magic back on the “Legolos” so very cool!

    THose doggies are so prettty and I’ve watched a few shows, but didn’t get to see this one. The kids really don’t enjoy them and I’d prefer to pull out a good book for them. Gotta teach them early on the love of books.

  11. Donna

    Now thats a nice valentines tradition.. combining a holiday that celibrates love with a show that commemorates a creature prone to unconditional love..