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Today is the second of my guest postings over at, where I talk about why I’ve been making freebies to celebrate the release of the books since Dead Witch Walking.  So if you’re curious where those bus tokens, mourning armbands, warmth amulets, and poker chips come from, here’s your chance to find out. (the new post isn’t up at the time I posted this morning, so check back later in the PM)

If you haven’t been following the patten, tomorrow is the last chapter released for PALE DEMON before it goes on sale next Tuesday.

Today is also another Manic Monday!  Guy took a look up in his cupboard and found that we have twenty complete sets of the Truth series that we would like to give away for shipping and handling.  The story of Alissa is not Rachel in a pre-industrial setting, so please don’t expect such.  Because it’s traditional fantasy, the feel and the pace is very different, (hence the different author name) but the character development is about what you  would expect from me.   Here, more than anywhere else,  you can see me falling in love not only with the characters, but the writing process, everything awkward and enthusiastic.  I was at a gas station yesterday, staring out over a sleeping cornfield thinking about the books, and I swear, I fell in love all over again with the beauty of the mirth trees and the man who only wanted to tend them.  sigh . . .

BOOKS ARE GONE.  Winners are: MichelleN, GailSJ, MariaH, ClaudiaG, DotL, MariaS, KatrinaJ, JohnH, LisaMC, CathrineS, DeeDeeZ, RoseP, StephenieO, NatalieS, DawnV, AnalissaA, DonnaB, MelissaMC, CherylP, RodgerS  (spellings might be off, sorry)  Guy will be sending you an invoice today or tomorrow.

If you would like one of the twenty sets, please email Guy at for a S&H paypal invoice with TRUTH BOOKS in the subject line. If you don’t put TRUTH BOOKS in the subject line, you will not get the books. I will edit the post here when they are gone.  In the interests of time, we can only accept payment through paypal.

They will come priority express.

And happy Valentines day!  I’m watching the dog show and eating nachos!  (two-day event!)


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  1. mae ainselve

    English is NOT my first language. Sorry, it’s Irish whisky or Claude Shannon’s noise. No, it’s whisky. Sorry.

  2. mae ainselve

    I’m watching my cat ( he wiil get a special present on Holloween, big hand-made, knitted tomato, sort of F.T. from Killer Tomatoes series – and Holloween is that special day, when I’ll get my “Pale Demon”, preordered since December, through my local Polish bookstore, more important day than Xmas, because Your books are special, Rachel is a real, breathing person, thank You for her) and drinking Irish whisky (alcoholismus anyone, or just European decadency? maybe because I’m a J. Joyce fanatic? You & Joyce have something in common – You are one of that immortal, important writers. Without You life on this planet would not be the same, thank You again). Sorry for my English, it’s my first language and I’m better at reading. Reading Your books. I just can’t wait for “Pale Demon” (crew on my bookstore must hate me – all this phones:”when I get my “Pale Demon”, I want it now, do you have priority mail, any cost…” ) Happy Holloween, everyone!

  3. Geert

    You can read the first six and part of the seventh chapter of pale demon at browse inside


  4. Marsha

    Well crap. I realized yesterday that 25 years of working for the Government can make you immune to following directions (it’s a talent really). But I did not follow directions and missed out. Perhaps next time. I love the dog shows! Much better than most shows that are on TV right now in my opinion.

    • I’m so sorry, Marsha! I’m really awful at following directions, too, and I’ve never worked for the government. 😉 I’ll be having lots more manic mondays, so maybe next time.

  5. Donna

    Whoa wait DonnaB? is that DonnaB that got a book the same as me I wonder? I do hope so… (ok.. TRYING not to get over excited since i havent gotten an invoice as of yet, admittedly not being very successful but still trying), I’ve read two of the Truth books already so far, both through the local library, and i really liked them so far. I especially like the twists towards the end of the second.

    • Donna

      Ok, i just re-read this and i think i just realized for the first time just how much excitement fries brain cells even for people like me who normaly dont make idiots of themselves.. lol…

    • Donna

      (i realized i rhymed in the first one a bit inadvertantly.. lol)

    • Hi Donna. I think you got a set, yes. Guy got swamped with getting out T-shirts, (which are all out as of this morning) and he will be sending the invoices later today. I’m planning on signing them this afternoon.

  6. JanisHarrison

    I too was wondering whether you and Guy would be watching the dog show and eating…nachos? Not chocolate? I could make room for both, myself. At any rate, hooray for a long, strong, still romantic relationship. Looking forward to the next chapter of PD.

    • Nachos, Janis. It was what we had/did on our first date, which happened to be on Valentines day. (Neither of us realized it at the time. I’ve always been clueless . . . )

  7. 🙂 Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    I wondered whether you’ll repeat the valentine’s day ritual. For my other half and I, we’ve decided to post pone it till saturday. OH’s busy tonight and I’m tired.
    My Betta by the way is still doing well. I went mosquito larve hunting and discovered a wonderful stash just outside my window in an over turned flower pot (so that’s why they’ve been biting me). I sterilized them as best I could and take GREAT pleasure in watching my Betta hunt them down. OH doesn’t like it but the poor thing has got Food Chain Issues. lol.

    So, Happy Valentine’s day to you and Guy. 🙂 Enjoy the dog show.


  8. Donna

    Hmmmm Well I tried to message guy as soon as I saw this message pop up and i’ve been waiting anxiously to see if i made the cut off this time… Hmmm… Well, Kim, Happy Valentines day and know that I love reading your books still either way.

  9. AKR

    Has anyone else had trouble accessing the guest post on the site?
    I seem to be having trouble, I’m being redirected to an unusual page.
    Ah well … maybe I’ll just try again later

    AKR (Trinidad)

  10. suzannelazear

    happy eating of chocolate day.

    mmmm, nachos

    My wee foodie insisted on making chocolate dipped strawberries for her class party, but she did most of the work (and they are beautiful).

    have a great day.

    ~Suzi and the tot, too

  11. Yeah, that’s what I’ve thought. God, I love her.
    Now, that I’m at the drama school, maybe I’m ready when your books becoming a movie or serie. To act one of Ivy’s ex. ^^

    No I’m just kidding. But I really adore her strength. Even if it’s braking her.
    Poeple to manage that must have the hardest time in life.

  12. Marcie

    I agree with Amy too bac I missed out on the earlier freebies. Those Warmth Amulets sound so cool!

    Enjoy the dog show and Happy Valentine’s day.

  13. TiffinMn

    Go Team ARGUS! Westminster is on today and my pick is for a liver dalmation GCH) Paisley Nspird By Broadway. He is a local boy from St Paul Mn. Breeder/owner handled and most importantly a treasured companion. Argus is also the father to a number of fine dalmations both liver and black.

  14. Jer

    Happy Valentine’s Day Kim,
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your books!
    I think I won a set….:)..(fingers crossed)

  15. I sent my email too! I would love to get them.

  16. Jacque

    I love all of your books that i have read. Just emailed Guy and i hope i am one of the twenty 🙂

  17. Analissa

    Sent an email to Guy! Hope I get a set. Can’t wait to start reading these. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Analissa

  18. Stephenie

    Agreed… I wish I could get my hands on some of those freebies. I just emailed Guy because I can afford 6 dollars for 4 books. I hope I did the email right and didn’t give him too much of a headache.

    I was just looking at the art for Pale Demon and whoever worked on it was really fantastic. I think that cover says everything I love about urban fantasy vs. high fantasy (which I also love). I see that cocked hip on Rachel and uneven stance and I’m like “That’s so urban fantasy” In High fantasy it would all be symmetrical, like a perfect x… I just love it.

    • Stephenie

      Oh cool! I think one of those is me… 😀 We’re waiting on Valentine’s Day, but we did get a beta fish over the weekend that we picked out together and named him Valentine…

    • I think you got a set, Stephenie. Guy will be sending out the invoices today. He got bogged down in shipping shirts yesterday, but they are all out now, and he can breathe.

      A fish named Valentine. That’s nice!

  19. Dawn Vanniman

    Fantastic! I hope to get in on these, just sent my email!

    I envy Rachael her warmth amulets…

  20. warmth amulets? dang, and again I regret that I’ve discovered you only after the fourth Hollows book… 😥
    Love everything you do for us!