Wazzz up!!

I made it to Thursday.  It’s Thursday, right?  Work on the world book slid to a slow crawl as I took the morning off for some PR prep and then decided to add some content now rather than after my first, quick brush through.  And of course, I underestimated how long it was going to take to whip up a new few spells.  (And me playing with my art program.  Dude, it’s the eye of Mount Doom!  laugh)  The obvious ones are there already, like sleepy time charms, but now is your chance if you’ve been dying to know what goes into one of the spells I never detailed out.  Tell me what you’d like to see, and maybe I can come up with something!

Just as a reminder, earth charms use plants and heat.
Ley  line is ceremony, words, and symbolism.
Demon is a combination of the two.

I’ve got lots of demon curses detailed out.  It’s the earth and ley line that I’m skimpy on.

Pink chair update:  I oiled it last night, and it looks beautiful.  It’s got a lot of damage, though, and I don’t know how sturdy it’s going to be when I’m done.  I also tacked two new straps on the back supports and recovered the arm supports.  I’m sort of stuck now until I can get to the store, but I might take the seat apart if I get desperate.



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92 responses to “Wazzz up!!

  1. Jenn

    Wow! Detailing spells huh? That will be a big, but fun challenge.
    How about some personal ones? Like make up charms, cleanliness charms (for those times when you need to go out right after work).
    I think a fertility charm or curse would be interesting.
    Or Rachel’s one that she used to call her dad with the notation in the margine for what she did “wrong” & ended up getting Pierce instead.
    And maybe a warning on the “wild magic” & why witches don’t use it & what they use instead?
    I hope you have fun with this! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Tiffany

    Detailing out spells – how fun! One of my faovrite things Rachel does is use her second sight. Is it ley line magic? That would be cool to read a lesson page of hers from learning it from way back, stained with a soda can ring or something funny. It would be fun to get a glimpse of how Jenks manages to change Rachel’s ring tones. Magic? Or a picture of him jumping on the buttons. 😀 Other stuff . . . I’m thinking people in the everafter probably would need a spell to track time and direction, if they wanted to track it, since it must be hard to tell from there.

  3. Shamika

    I’d love to see some Elven spells. Like how Trent sets a circle or how he made the memory spell with the hair knots. I’m very excited to see how the world book will turn out!!!

  4. justin long

    ok its way off topic but I play D&D, I know I know dork, but I have been wanting to turn your books into a campaign for my game for a long time, I just need a floor plan of the church if thats possible? and I still need a recipe for those brimstone cookies!!!

  5. Angela L

    The world book sounds like its going to be amazing. I’m counting down the days till Pale Demon! I’ve got my tour t-shirt and Rachel gear all packed and ready to go…have to do a bit of travel to see you 😉

    Hope the rest of the chair project goes well!

  6. kristy

    If the inclusion is more like binding, I would go for burning or cooking together combinations of birch, cypress, hyssop, comfry, vervain, cloves, dragon wort or blood root. if the earth magic is to be ingested use pomegranate juice.

  7. JanisHarrison

    How about a calming/soothing potion, applied like skin lotion, to help with stress/tension and pain (in conjunction with a pain amulet). It would have a base of aloe of course and would include lavender, maybe sweetgrass? A quiet invocation and instruction to apply with a gentle hum…Stroked across the brow or up the nape of the neck, to help the sufferer let go of the vicious cycle of stress and pointless worrying. This is a potion, not a charm, so doesn’t need blood…

  8. Stephenie

    Omgosh! There are going to be spells in the world book?! Exciting! I really want to see a doppleganger charm in earth/ley/demon magic and Mrs. Morgan’s charm for straight hair! Because I will totally make that as a joke for my best friend.

    I was also wondering if we’re going to get to know more about demons and demon culture. Whether in the hollows, or in novellas like Ceri’s story, or in *fingers crossed* their own series. I totally had a dream about Algaliarept last night and I’m really interested to know more.

    Good luck on your chair, and I LOVE the art you did.

  9. Frederique

    I’m on my 3rd re-read and I just finished For A Few Demons More. I slowed near the end because I knew what was coming and I didn’t want it to happen. I understand why it had to happen, I really do. “However” I think you should have just made him real and sent him to me instead. I’m just saying 😛 I also realized that the reason I can’t find the perfect guy for me is cause you created him (Kisten) and I don’t think that’s very fair lol.

    As for the spells I would like to see the pain amulet, the anti itch spell, the inertia dampening spell, the warmth amulet, the hair taming spell, and the one on her ring for the freckles. As far as ley line spells I think maybe the one for making the familiar bond with an animal, and maybe setting a circle?

    I didn’t read chapter 12 cause I don’t want to read it out of order but I have read the first 4 chapters and I am really excited about Pale Demon. I think it may be one of your best yet.

  10. Lisa

    Kind of off the topic but not quite. So there is this dilemma about saving ivy’s soul so she doesn’t become a ded vamp. Well there can be some sort of tweek that can be done to the spell rachel usedd at the solstice celebration when she tried to contact her dad. It can be like a binding spell except you will be binding an individual’s soul to that individual. Wait, can rachel make ivy her own familiar and would that be kind of the same thing? Okay I will stop cuz I have a headache and I’m sure I’m cuasing you to have one;)

  11. Chris

    I would really love to know about the fundamental natures of the three or four brands of magic: witch, demon, and elf and/or Celtic. Two related questions are––

    First, in the first book, you mentioned Celtic magic, calling it more religious than scientific, and in the last book (to date), you talk about elf magic as religious. Are they the same? What is this religion? How does it work?

    Second, why is all demon magic fundamentally an extreme violation of nature’s laws, i.e., smut-giving? Is this inherent in demons’ magic, or is it a result of the path the demonic culture took 5000+ years ago?

  12. mudepoz

    How about an elf fertility charm? There must be some reason that Pixies adore elves. If elves are able to green up the things around them, that may be why. Perhaps it might explain a very erotic statue. LOL

  13. Chelikins

    How about a spell that makes people not pay attention to you? Makes them need to be somewhere else but not know why. for when you want to be alone 😉

    How about a spell that lets you freeze time.. say just for 10 secs. I am sure that would be demonic. But it gives the person enough time to get out of a sticky situation.

  14. Michelle D.

    Not that it requires much of a “recipe”, but including the “ball of light” Rachel first created with Ceri when she met Biz would be nice. I would be interested in how Al turns misty too! Other thoughts would be how to take over someone’s circle, heating water, “how to sanctify a church” (I know, not a spell, but still an interesting and useful bit of information), and I would be interested to hear how Ceri helped Keasley’s knee pain when she first met him. Just a few thoughts 🙂

  15. Fran

    How about the layline familiar spell? We know about the Demon’s way but how about the one that Rachael was supose to do to make Mr. Fish her familiar? 🙂

  16. Sina

    How about a spell to make the kitchen clean up itself? ‘Cause Rachel and Ivy are used to make a huge mess in the room. 😉

  17. Trystd

    I’d love to see the spells/charms listed in 2 demons for sister Rachel. (Hope I got that right – it’s the short story were Rachel first meets Pierce). Her dad seemed to have quite a few ley ones, and a rare earth variance is mentioned for at least the “Rombus” one. The one’s Pierce used would be nice to have as well.


  18. tealsies

    You could make a spell where the user is enchanted. Rachel would be wearing a glamor, that changed from person to person. It would change to whatever that person would find the most attractive/ interesting. Would be fun around Trent!

  19. Adrian

    How bout the spell Rache used to make Jenks grow

  20. Oh no. Expect a whole list of spells coming soon from me! 😀

  21. Jer

    How about the forget charm that Jenks nailed Rachel with after Kisten died?
    Or the charm to hide the love bites? The charms to locate dead bodies or banshees?

  22. Justin Dooley

    There are so many spells that could be used. How about a truth amulet so that she can make Trent where it whenever they meet. That way she knows if he’s telling the truth. Key ingredient could be Hollow Root (Moschatel) to represent seeing what’s happening on the inside.

    Since Rachel gets into more and more trouble as time goes on, she may need some more offensive Ley Line spells. Since she’s not the best at it (at least she still considers herself an earth witch) I would say maybe something like a trap. Draw a symbol on the floor (she will need more magnetic chalk) and say the magic words. The next person to break the circle gets paralyzed or knocked out. Like a Ley Line version of a sleepy time.

    Rachel also can spindle a lot of energy in her mind and use it in it’s raw form offensively if needed. What if she found a way to put that energy into items so the next witch to touch it is flooded with energy. Maybe the item simply explodes. This might give her a secret way of accessing Ley line energy stored in objects while cut off from the lines themselves.

    Stone skin potion that hardens the persons skin. Making them more resilient to blunt force attacks and possibly bullets (not bullet proof though) main ingredient being Parrotia leaves (a species of iron tree)

    Could have a twitch potion that increases the users reaction time. will help witches compete with vampires (and maybe make Ivy feel less special in the group because she does not have that physical advantage any more).

    Maybe Al teaches her some simple non demonic Ley line magic to move objects. Essentially telekinesis but with magic. Excuse would be it takes her too long to get the things from the top shelves without it. That way it’s more of an inconvenience for her not to know how to use it.

  23. In the world book, I would love to learn more about:

    1. Elf magic and how it works in conjunction with a religious system.
    2. The ley line ward/window at Trent’s home.
    3. A spell that requires fairy dust.
    4. The animal familiar spell in the back of Rachel’s text book “Noncontact Extensions Using Ley Lines.”
    5. A recipe from “Spell Weekly” with info such as prep-time and level of difficultly.

    Chapter 12 in PD was fantastic!

  24. Trina Taylor

    What about some type of GPS spell? Something to help you track a friend who might be going into trouble…say breaking into a building to retrieve some important something or other, or to track a bad guy to find out what he is up to. I guess it could be ley line so you could track a demon, or earth to track a friend. Maybe some type of mix or a way to make it both.

  25. Lisa

    Did anyone mention the warmth amulets that Marshall made? Or how about the smell amulets? Rachel’s mom seems to be a wizz at those…oh, and speaking of Rachel’s mom, how about the charms she came up with to help Rachel straighten her hair? Or the charm in the ring Rachel’s dad gave her (not that she needs it any more…). Oh, and the Pandora charm! You might have detailed some of these, but I don’t *think* so…

  26. Vonda M

    Do yoy think yyou will ever explore Ceri’s back story and her capture by Al and all that goes along with that? I think that would be another amazing tale to keep us wanting more 🙂

  27. Lisa

    Kim, a good source to get ideas from is from Mage: The Ascencion series. It’s a role playing game created by the people of Vampire the Masquerade. Also from my private library there is a book my hubby bought me. It’s calledThe Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients. It gives you all of these items you can mix and match to create your spells and each one provides a little background information. Hope this helps;)

  28. Amy

    Disguise amulets, considering that Trent used a bunch of them just for his halloween costume I think that would give you a lot of spells…or even just the ‘old lady’ charm that Rachel uses when she is trying to sneak past the bad guys 🙂

  29. Vonda M

    I can not wait til Feb. 22nd. I wish there were a spell to burn fat and make irritable teenagers more compliant! Oh well, maybe someday! 😉 you could include fairy wings in one. That would make Jenks very happy!

  30. Selena

    How about a spell to allow someone to see through the eyes of a familiar.

  31. Maryellen

    More Elven magic, please! I’m also interested to know just exactly what Ceri had to do during those thousand years with Al and what she had to do to get her aura so black (don’t know if that’s included in the world book or not, but…)

    Thanks Miss Kim! Have a nice day 🙂

  32. Sabrina

    An invisibility charm would be nice sometimes. I live in a small town where you know everyone…can’t go to Walmart without running into someone who wants to chat. Not to mention an invisibility charm could be used for sneaky stuff. I think what type of charm would depend on the intention it’s to be used.

    A luck charm would be nice.

    As stressed as Rach stays a relax charm would work wonders! That would be a good earth charm.

    Ivy has such a hard time opening up… She doesn’t like drinking potions so maybe Rach could offer to make a charm that would make it easier for Ivy to come out from behind that hard mask she wears all the time. I love it when we get to see the tender side of Ivy! It’s always so unexpected.

  33. damniela

    how about magnified hearing? (that would be earth spell right?) and maybe a doppleganger (that would definitely be demon right?)

  34. Kristina

    How about the charm to straighten hair that Rachel’s mom makes?

  35. Danny

    I would like to see the spell that Rachel uses to bind that scrub Nich as her familiar I know its technically Demon magic but I think the same as Rachel if dark magic must be used then let it be for a good purpose. kinda cuts down on the karmic backlash.

  36. karen

    I’d like the recipe for Rachel’s splat gun balls.
    I think they would be handy in traffic jams and for other annoying people who lack consideration for others!

  37. Linda Terborg

    I wish I had an Abs spell so I could quit doing these planks and sit-ups

  38. Niko

    Egads, Sauron! I thought we defeated you already! 😉

  39. Judi in NJ

    Yup. I’m with Marsha….the hair color spells. These grays are driving me crazy. Complexion charms…& the Halloween charms were awesome – but expensive, so if Rache’s mom would share her expertise with you…..

    • Lisa

      Eat foods with carotene in them such as carrots or sweet potatoes to give yourself a healthy glow. But don’t eat too much or you will look as orange as a pumpkin;) can’t help with the hair color though but lots of milk and water will make it super shiny.

    • Cover the gray? Never! I love my gray, but I know I’m in the minority. There is a story behind me liking gray. I’ll have to “drama box” it someday.

      I’ve got to talk to Rachel’s mom. She knows everything.

  40. Donna

    HMMM I’d say the Pain amulets are a deffinate one to do… maybe containing some willow part?

  41. Marsha

    You mean you are going to come up with “recipes” for spells? You must have a touch of masochist in your nature. 🙂 How about one of those spells to change your hair color? I could save a fortune on salon trips.

  42. Jessie

    If the chair won’t be sturdy enough for a human, then maybe your dogs? *grin* I am glad to hear you are enjoying your projects! They turn out fantastic looking by the way! I can’t wait till PALE DEMON comes out! I have it marked on my calendar along with the signing!! Hope all is well!