Guest Posting on i09!

One of the reasons that PALE DEMON is my favorite in the series to date is because it let me get out of Cincinnati and see how the Turn impacted the rest of the world.  Lets face it.  Cincy is rather straight-laced compared to a few other places across the US, and the vamps, witches, and Weres tend to try to blend in.  But Vegas . . .  Ah, Vegas.  Inderland’s playground.  –grin-  I really enjoyed my research.

There is an entire chapter posted over at i09 of the gang tooling into Vegas, hot, tired, irritable.  Not a lot of spoilers there, and if you can’t wait for Tuesday’s last chapter (five,) go look!  You know you want to!  (i09 is a very busy site, so you might have to scroll down to find it as the day goes on and they add new stories.)

And if you’re just now finding out about the sneak peeks, here are the first four chapters.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


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45 responses to “Guest Posting on i09!

  1. Stefanie

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Damn…why isn’t it the 22nd yet?!?!?!?! Jesus it can’t get here fast enough! Anything with Al in it is so much fun to read!

    Thinking I should have entered that contest for the ARC now…maybe I could have gotten lucky?

  2. Sarah

    Wow! What a cliff hanger. Al in trouble?? Can’t wait to get the book on Feb 22!!!!! I got hooked on the books last year when browsing through the library and happend to come across one of the books (Dead Witch Walking). Been hooked ever since. Thank you for taking up writing as a career.

  3. Fran

    BEST spoiler EVER!!!! I am all for Rachael and Al together and this spoiler just about killed me!!! I can’t wait!!! Next week I start to re-read the series again to keep the excitement down some lol. Can’t wait!!!
    Btw I didn’t know the Princess series was yours, I read them when they first came out. Imagine my surprise when I saw the new covers sitting next to Rachaels books! You had me laughing outloud in the book store with your awesome picture, you’re the best! 😀

  4. RebeccaC

    Bad news… I recently finished the ritual re-read-the-Hollows-series-in-anticipation-of-the-new-release and, well, I’m afraid I can’t wait any longer for PD. I must have it now, so, Ms. Harrison, do what you must, but I expect to find Pale Demon in my mailbox tomorrow! OK, kidding, but I can’t wait until the 22nd; it looks like you’ve done it again!

  5. Pip

    Mrs. Kim, there is soooooo much to say about ur books!!!! i love them!!! I’m also speaking for my mother, step-dad, and uncle. We love them!!! i keep telling my mom that we’re going to have to by 2 pale demons!!!
    thank u for writing the books, these books are my favorite!
    keep up the awesome, spectacular, amazing work!!!!

  6. JanisHarrison

    Oh. My. Gosh. I did mention that I won’t be able to get my hands on PD until sometime in March…I will be miserable until then (in a tiny part of me–the rest of my life rolls on)

  7. Marcie

    OMG. Chapter 12 talk about suspense. I need the 22nd to be here today! Oh so good. Trent calling demons??? I hope Rachel gives him a good smack for that. Al in trouble and I loved that he got a line from Trent through Rachel. And Trent’s shock. Oh come on the 22nd!

    BTW, I’ve been busy but congratulations on your accomplishments.

  8. AKR

    Good grief ..!!!
    The suspense is killing me … slowly …. lol
    is it Feb 22 yet ??!!!

    YIKES …. that’s Chap 12 😮 …
    Talk about “just a taste” ….. *groan* … just a little longer … 2 more weeks, … breathe … two more weeeeekkkksss …. lol

    Thanks for that, you know we love it …!!!
    AKR (Trinidad)

  9. Chelikins

    Two weeks and 2 days… sigh… HURRY!! lol! That was a great chapter 😉

  10. Amanda in Tampa

    OMG! I read it and I should’t have, it’s just too much! Geez, I have no self control. I can;t wait until the 22nd, I already pre-ordered. Yay.

    Do you know if Cincy is going to strem your signing yet?

  11. Dominique

    Oh yes…I absolutely agree with everyone’s sentiments above. This chapter was GOOD (yes, all caps). I can’t wait. See you in Des Moines!

  12. Hellokitty654

    gggrrrr need book now 🙂 thanks for the chapter can’t wait to see what happens. 😀 yay *does happy dance*

  13. There goes my will…

    Now that i know i can’t resist, what should i do when Pale Demon arrives? Drop GBU, or keep on re-reading? (Also any idea how to stop myself filling the blanks between chapter 4 and 12?)

    By the way Kim, i don’t know if you mentioned this earlier, but, have you ever had one of these road trips across US before? How much of this is personal experience, i wonder.

    • -grin- Keep reading GBU. You’re going to want the background.

      We took a trip for research, actually, so much of what Rachel is feeling in regards to the land, come right from me.

  14. Brandi

    I love it!!! The 22nd can’t come fast enough! From what I have read so far I have a feeling this is going to be favorite of the series. There seems to be a lot going on that’s peaking my interest, and the books not even out yet!!!! Great job Kim!!

  15. It’s getting harder and harder NOT to read these first chapters, Kim. So far, I’m able to hold out until release but, oooh – the temptation is worse than a double chocolate cupcake at 4 p.m.

  16. Dr.Levesque

    Hi there! I recently found your series and I am loving each book more and more, just waiting for pale demon and I have to ask… is there a lot more to come? I’m finding myself very fascinated with getting to know the main character’s!

  17. Donna

    Hi, I saw that on your reply to someones post from yesterday your library as a kid let you take six whole books home? lol.. Me by the time i was in 5th grade i was taking out usually about a dozen books at a time every two weeks.. I think i was the ONLY kid who actually went into the nonfiction sections of the library (which were in the library basement back then) for the books back then lol. I also read my way out of the childrens and young adults and the non fiction and INTO the adult fiction & sci-fi /fantasy section of the library before i was done with sixth grade.. lol.. I even perfected the art of pretending to be asleep when checked on so that i could stay up reading.

    • I worked at the middle school library, and I think I read just about all the fiction they had. It was MY library. 😉 And then I found the one at Arbor Land, and I was in heaven. I still remember finding Dragon Riders, what I was wearing, where I was standing. Wow, what a rush.

  18. Lesley

    Viv’s with them? (LOL at her line, “Even I don’t like you….and I like everyone!”) And WTF TRENT SUMMONING DEMONS?! TWICE? HUH? WHAT?! First black magic and now demon summoning? It’s like he’s decided that maybe if Ceri and Rachel are doing it, it’s not all that bad…and he proceeds to get it entirely wrong! LOL! Poor Jenks.
    AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! OMG horrible cliffhanger! But it’s kind of awesome that he could steal a line through Trent through Rachel. Trent must have wet himself when he felt that…

  19. Jenny

    Torture… just .. torture.. lol 😉

  20. Lisa

    Love it, love it, love it! I have to keep telling myself it’s only 2 more weeks. So excited!!!

  21. Yasmin

    Hi, Kim!
    Vivian?! And Al!!
    Reading this chapter was WAY more tormenting than the others. But you knew that, didn’t you?
    Enjoy your day!