Pink. It’s like red, but not quite.

Yep.  My next project is pink.  I spent the Superbowl in front of the TV tearing it apart until I got to the layer of ick that I wasn’t sure I could duplicate.  It has springs, which I think I can handle, but the ring of dense stuffing around the edge of the seat giving it support? I’ve never seen that before.  I have to take it apart carefully so I can put it back together again, and I wasn’t quite up to it late Sunday.   I don’t have the cord to sew it together, either.  Looks like it’s a trip into town for foam and cord this weekend.

Saturday, I made pillows for it, trying to  put stripping it off one more weekend, but I’m getting quite good at pillows, and I used up all my fabric a day early.  –laugh–  Some of the skills I’m using will help me in the quest for the pink chair.  This is going to be the most difficult project yet, but the fabric I want to put on it is beautiful.  I’m thinking I might get it done before tour?  There aren’t many weekends left, so it’s going to be iffy.  –laugh–


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  1. JanisHarrison

    It certainly is pink, isn’t it? Not my favorite shade, nor my favorite pattern, and I don’t think it fits your decor in that fabric. However, that chair has great bones! Love the curved arms and legs. I think the series of photos is a great idea. Reassembly is generally quite a challenge for me (not the most mechanically gifted, but I can follow a pattern or instruction chart.)

    Another note: Apparently Seattle Public Libraries ordered only 12 copies of PD, and I’m #13 on the reserve list, so it will be another month (probably) before I get my paws on it. (sigh) Oh well, the good thing about books is that they’re always fresh and new when one starts them, whether they’re off the presses last week or last century.

    • Pink in NOT my color. I’m putting a gold on it, with a faint stripe of red. It sounds awful when I say it like that, but it’s very understated, and it goes with the color of my rug. It’s supposed to be for my office, but it might end up in the living room. 😉

      I love libraries. I truly do. They let me take six entire books home when I was a kid, and trusted I’d bring them back. -laugh-

  2. Sara

    I love reading about your projects! They at once fill me with creativity and anger. :p Creativity because I’d like to be finding bits of awesome and sewing and creating; and anger because I’ve got no experience at anything like that and it’ll be a mess until I can get the hang of things. And maybe a dash of procrastination since I know there are a million other things to do around here before anything “fun” can be done. :p

    I’ve got my fingers crossed you’ll find time between now and the tour to work on it! Good luck!

    • JanisHarrison

      Sara darlin’: Check out your local community college in the Adult Education section of the catalog. You will find courses like beginning reupholstery, automobile maintenance, belly dancing, yoga…who knows? A class might cost a bit over $100 for something like upholstery but the expert advice and guidance are worth it.

    • Hi Sara. I’ve been at it a while in the creativity dept. Start with something small and build on it. Knit a scarf. Crochet a hot pad. Sand/paint a set of blocks. Sewing is a bit tougher to get started on because you need the machine. Mine is an old Singer that goes forward and back. That’s it. Got it from my grandpa, who fixed up four and gave them to “his girls” nearly twenty years ago. Every time I use it, I think of him.


    Kim, you are still running!
    I read your blog each day and I think to myself “How?” I wonder how you have the energy to live life at full speed. Some days I am tripping along in my own life wonder how I can live instead of exist. Your posts are filled with such joy for the life you have each day. I think that is why I read them. I do love the Hollows but I feel inspired by happiness you find in your life with Guy & you’re Things. Like I said awhile back you run in shorts Ms. Harrison!

    I have to tip my hat at that!

    Melissa G.

  4. I’ve never reupholstered a chair, Kim. They appear so daunting! Those in the “biz” charge big bucks for the work. Looks like it just takes time to break the old work down, then rebuild from the bones up. One of these days I’ll tackle my kitty shredded comfy chair.

    Good luck with your project.

    • Thank you, Jeannie. This will be my third chair, and the most complex. It’s also in the worst shape, and the first I’ve had to deal with springs. Slow and steady.

  5. Yasmin

    Oh, Kim!
    Why would you want to reupholster that BEAUTIFUL pink chair?

    • AKR

      I agree …. it actually looks finished to me… 😮
      Or am I just not discerning?
      Never really did have an eye for these things … lol
      Good luck with that project … it would be interesting to see the “finished product” 🙂

      AKR (Trinidad)

    • -grin- Pink is not my color.
      You can’t tell from the picture, but the fabric is worn through on the arms, and the edging ribbon is so thin it is fraying through. It has been in someone’s attic for at least 30 years.

  6. When my husband is taking apart something he needs to put back together he uses his digital camera and takes shots as he takes it apart and sometimes set up and makes a movie of the whole process so he doesn’ forget. Just a thought. Brenda Kahn

  7. Maryellen

    Good morning, Miss Kim! Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  8. Marsha

    I’m not much of a pink kind of girl, so I’m looking forward to seeing the chair in your new fabric. The bones are beautiful. Where do you guys find such pretty pieces? Wait, don’t tell Guy I called the chair “pretty”.

    • Hi Marsha. We’ve got about six or seven antique stores within a 40 min drive, and we go out about once a month or so. It’s slower now that it’s taking me longer to make them into something I want to sit on. -laugh-

      I’ve got a gold fabric I’m putting on it, with pillows that pick that up.

  9. blackbetty

    love that song! i’m sure your chair is going to turn out awesome.