Mr. Fish

As some of you know, Mr. Fish passed peacefully last week.  So of course, I had to go get a new one!  It took me a good fifteen minutes at the pet shop, (and two stores) It came down to fiery red and a pale pearl.  I picked the pale pearl because it was unique.  Guy thought I picked the wrong one, so he bought the red one for himself.  It’s in the kitchen, and the only thing it does is flair at itself.  All day!  Flair, flair, flair.

It turns out that my pearl beta was actually a depressed red and/or blue, because as soon as I got him home, he started gaining

color.  I’m not sure what he’s going to end up being, but he’s looking happier.  I’m hoping he makes a bubble nest soon. He’s blue in one light, red in another, and you can see vertical stripes running down his body.  He seems to like me, and I’m even going to try to grow some brine shrimp to give him something fun to eat.

It’s day four in my rewrite of the Hollows Insider, and it’s starting to make sense, though I’m not implementing all the changes I need to do yet.  This is just my first appraisal brush through, where I fix the typos and address the questions my editor has about logic issues and such.  I learned way back at my first manuscript edit to separate my “editorial edit” into two sections.  The first to fix the typos and tackle the questions that are associated with a page number. Once that is done, I can go through it a second time to address the more in-depth questions that might need changes peppered through the entire manuscript.  Trust me, you want to nail those question-associated issues first–before you change the page count.

So right now, I’m breezing through pretty fast, tweaking as I go, getting a feel for how I’m going to handle the larger, manuscript-wide issues.  I’ve got some ideas, but before I start working with them, I want to get to the end and see if there might be a less invasive way, or if the fun I’ll get out of making an entirely new layer might be worth it.  😉


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  1. AKR

    Good morning Ms Harrison …..
    Hmmmm nice … another pretty Mr. Fish …
    So I guess no new community fish tank ? lol
    Have a great week …

    AKR (Trinidad)

  2. Mel Westlund

    Hello! I’m sorry about Mr Fish :(. But contests on your new addition :). Love your books. Mel.

  3. Melissa Desjardin

    Hi kim, i am sad to hear you will stop the hollows series at 13. 15 would be better for me hehehe. My girls (2) each had a beta this summer. a blue one named angel and a red one named demon. They both passed on and m girls went to church and made the whole church pray for their safe passing. It was sad and funny at the same time. they were eatten by the cats after the tops were left off. Question, are you really vacationing in MI? Im like always stuck in Michigan

    • OMGosh! That is awful, Melissa! My cat drinks out of Mr. Fish’s bowl, but she never tried to eat him. Yikes!

      We have officially moved to Michigan, yes. It is snowing again, even as I write this!

  4. Bailey

    Just caught “Snow Day”. Does this mean you’ve left The Hill, SC? I’m sorry to hear it if so, but all the best shoveling out either way!

    Congrats on the new fish, and I’m looking forward to Palm Demon. Really enjoyed BMS on the iPod.

    • JanisHarrison

      Kim and family moved back to … um, Michigan? … this past summer. They bought an old house and spent a lot of time and $$ previous to the move, and even more work and $$ afterward, on restoration. Their younger son cast the deciding vote to remain over the winter because the schools are better there. Scan back over the past 9 months or so, to learn about some of their adventures.

    • Bailey

      Well, I figured as much. still calls the BooKnack “local” and they still had her listed under “Local Authors”, so I thought that maybe she was just taking an extended break. But yeah, every time I popped in, the news was from the frozen north, so I finally bit the bullet and asked. And who *winters* in MI? ;^)

      As a product of School District 3 (decades ago) with family still employed there, I’m sorry to hear their son wanted to leave. I’m also sad to hear Rock Hill lost its NYT Bestselling Author. Admittedly, I first picked up a Hollows book when I heard my old hometown was a successful author’s home. She gave Rock Hill a little more character, and I’m [selfishly, of course] sorry she’s left.

      Maybe Rachel can drop by sometime? Ebenezer Presbyterian’s cemetery always intrigued me with its stone walls right up next to the road to town and old (and captivating) grave markers, and there’s got to be a ley line running under Brattonsville, right?

      Welp, best to her on becoming reacquainted with the snow and settling back in up north. Was nice to have her in SC for a while.

    • Thanks, Bailey. I’ve not severed ties in SC, and try to get back there on a sort-of regular basis to visit with friends. It’s harder now that school is back in secession and my schedule is so intense, but I hope it’s going to open up again soon. In the time that I spent in RH, it nearly doubled in size, and lost a lot of charm.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I’ve sooo enjoyed the chapters thus far in addition to a complete reread.

    I came across the below clip of a fox and it brought to mind a werefox having a neener neener moment.

    A past poster commented on how you intertwined the use of sunlight with the latest chapter, and it reminded me of when Ivy spoke of her mother.

    “She lost something, Rachel. When you can’t walk under the sun, you lose something so nebulous, you can’t even say for sure what it is. But it’s gone. It’s as if she’s stuck following a pattern of behavior but can’t remember why.”

    It echoes Al’s behavior living without the sun and how Rachel is fighting to stay out of the Ever-after and keep that right.

  6. Clif Eldridge

    Thanks for your advice on the novel. My vamp loving daughter is my best critic at present. I’ve been afraid to share it with others to protect the story. Also I sympathize with your back problems, I myself have enough titanium in my spine to pick up Tokyo on a good clear day. Picked up black magic sanction today. Are you working on any other series for soon release?

    • Hi Clif. I know it’s hard to share, but if you can’t share it with a few, and suffer the slings and arrows of critique by those who want to help you make it stronger, it will be harder to share it with editors and agents. Be brave! 🙂

      I am always working on the next story, yes. Just finished the rough draft of book eleven. (whoo-hoo!) As far as what comes next? Not sure yet, but the ideas are flowing.

  7. Dani

    I have my own two bettas. the male is named Sam the Hit Fish and he is a deep blue/reddish purple color. He recently made a rather large bubble nest in the corner of his 10 gal tank. His female companion is Scarlet… she loves to tease him and make him chase her. He is unfortunately too old to breed and he is probably getting on in his age. He is over 2 years nearly 3 years old. But I love him. He is a fan tail betta.

    I hope your two Mr Fishes will enjoy yours and Guys company.


  8. Hey there Mrs. Harrison,

    I got myself a Pleco (algae eater) this week and, when I was at the pet shop, i saw a whole bunch of Beta’s all lined up in a corner in jars. Now, I can’t help but find myself wanting one as well (I blame you <_<). The only prospect stopping me at the moment is that I'll have to get him a tank as well because I can't put him with my gold fish.
    I'm struggling to get my Pleco to eat because my gold fish not only eat their food but his as well. (pretty soon, I'll answer the question: Does gold fish eat bark and survive…). It's fun though, and despite the fact that he's 'uglier' than the rest, i can't help but feel that he's smarter and… Nicer somehow.
    (rolls eyes at self) What can I say, my fish make me happy, lol. Cheap television… 😉

    Good luck with teh writing and enjoy your weekend!


    • Staci

      You can successfully put a beta into an established tank. I had a 10 gallon with several different varieties of fish, and the beta was put in last. He didn’t fight since he had no territory to defend.

    • I love Plecos and the way they stick to everything. They have quite the personality, too.

  9. JanisHarrison

    Welcome Mr Fish v.4?5? Welcome anyway. He’s a pretty one, and it’s bound to be fascinating to watch his color develop. I didn’t realize that betas (or bettas) had much personality–all I ever saw of them was in little globes in the pet store. Didn’t know they rearrange their furniture or make bubble nests (why, if they’re solitary males?). Looking forward to learning as you keep us informed. And happy Hollows World book, sounds like it’s a positive editing time.

  10. missy

    Mr Fish II is awesome !

  11. Stephenie

    I like that beta fish! It’s very unique looking. I’ve always thought about getting a beta fish, but I wanted to be able to get a peace lily to feed it. It sounds like you made the right decision too! Now your little beta is happy! This summer my goal is to work really hard on my manuscript. My writing classes have really improved my skills, but it also makes writing so much more intensive that I don’t know if I can start while I’m in school. I’m terrified of the first editorial rewrite I have to do… AAAAH! Hopefully I’ll have to do one though.

    • Nancy H


      Yesterday you said you needed someone to carpool with to Des Moines when Kim is there. I do too and live in Iowa City. Want to go together?

    • Stephenie

      My cousin is coming with me and we’re leaving in the early afternoon to go shopping at the mall in Des Moines before the signing. I don’t know if you were planning on leaving that early just let me know.

    • I’ve seen those plant/aquarium combos! Never knew if they actually worked . . .

      That’s great your writing has improved. See? If you work at it, it can’t help but get better!

  12. mudepoz This was toward the end of the encounter. The fish has been there for a couple of years, but for some reason, Cera discovered him only recently. Her first reaction was to bring her ears high. Then she went into a playbow and barked. How she thought she could entice such a little creature to play is beyond me. Then she just stared. Mesmerized.

    She likes little dogs, too.

    Was it this type of rewrite when Kisten was kaboshed? Or is this later in the process?

  13. Jennifer S.

    Dear Kim,

    Betta fish are wonderful, aren’t they? I had them as pets throughout college and in my first apartment. Each one had a unique personality and spent lots of time investigating the tank and moving rocks. Some made bubble nests and flaired a lot too.

    Now I have four pristella tetras (Blackjack, Flash, Juniper and Twitch) whose antics make me laugh and enjoy watching them. Their favorite activity right now is moving rocks (medium sized river pebbles – not gravel) bigger than they are.

    Pets are so much fun and make great roommates!


  14. Donna

    I have two cats.. Magda and Arawn… Arawn is all black of course, what other color would a cat named after the welsh celtic god of death be? Magda is a Beautiful dilute calico with tigerish patterning running through the orange areas and the grey areas… maybe you should try feeding your beta different foods… he may change color with different foods.. lol.. wouldnt that be nifty, like multiple fish in one. I know flamingos’ coloring is dependent on their food source.

  15. niko

    Such a pretty fish!

  16. Tina

    Dear Kim,
    I used to have two fish myself, back when I lived in Washington. A nun gave them to me. I named them Sydney and Finster–why, I have no idea, but the names gave me a giggle and they ‘took.’
    They were goldfish, and I took care to clean their tank every day…and they lived for a long while until I found them belly-up. Fish were the only pets I dared have at my DC apartment–though the management did allow me to keep the Maltese our family had, Cebe, with me while my sister Toni treated mom and dad to a trip to Asia.
    They were gone over a month: mom, dad and Toni went to Bali, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong King, and just inside Mainland China. They enjoyed the trip immensely.
    I took care of Cebe, walked him every chance my job allowed, and enjoyed his company a great deal. And I missed him after he went home with Dad, Toni, and mom…
    Ah, pets. They are family…and now, Toni and I have two cats!
    Hugs and love,