My back aches this morning despite my usual exercises.  I’d like to blame the weather, but I truly think it’s because I spent yesterday monkeying around with my art program on my computer.  I always hunch forward, willing the computer to do what I want it to.  And if I’m working with pictures, that means I’m running full bore on the world book.

If you’ve not heard me talking about the world book, this is what took all my attention this last summer where I’d usually whip up a novella for an anthology.  The good news is that it’s scheduled for this November, the bad news is that that means I’ve got to kick butt and get the rewrite done before I go on tour, ’cause there’s no way I can do anything when I’m jumping planes and cars.  (I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.)

The only way I can describe how I feel about writing this is to compare it to cooking.  You can be the best baker in the world, but if you have to make candy, the only thing in common is that you’re still in a kitchen.  So I’m still kind of figuring this out as I go.  If I get a chapter done ever couple of days . . .


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20 responses to “Onward

  1. Hey Mrs. Harrison,

    We’re rooting for you!
    You can do it, we have faith. 🙂

    Have a great day,


  2. Mike

    yea but did you also get your 20 pages? 🙂

  3. Clay

    Hi Kim

    Sorry to hear about the back, got the same problem myself. Just spent the last week in bed with mine. On the plus side I tried a writer I never read before, namely your good self. Just finished the latest book in the Hollows series and can’t wait for the next one :).
    Thanks for keeping me more then entertained and thanks for the fantastic books 🙂
    need to get some sleep now lol just couldn’t put any of the books down once i started them.

    • OMGosh, Clay. I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I’ve been on 20 minutes a day stretching and strengthening for nearly three months, and it’s great to be human again with no meds whatsoever.

      And I’m glad your’e enjoying the books! Thank you so much!

  4. Clif Eldridge

    Dear Kim.I read all your books I can in my spare time along with other authors. I have written all my life and at 46 am finally writting my first novel. Any advice.

    • Clif, that is fabulous. I didn’t start writing until I was nearly 30. My advice is to find a space of time, (the same time every day) that you can devote to your craft so as to train your creativity to “turn on” at will. It takes some time, but after a while, you will not sit in front of a blank screen and will just jump right in and start typing.
      Also, make the plunge to find a writer critique group of like-minded people to share your work with. I can not stress how important this is. They will keep you motivated. Face-to-face groups are better than online forums. Good luck!

  5. JanisHarrison

    Re back-aches: As (unfortunately) a veteran of chronic back trouble, I recommend a good walk every day, focusing on pulling your core muscles UP (more than just pulling your tummy in), a yoga session at least once a week (does so many good things gently–hey, the Guy should try that too), and a weekly massage. Easier said than done, I know.

    My word, getting 4 books out in 12 months is a gargantuan task, especially when those books are as carefully done and as long as your books. We love you as well as your work, dear lady. It would be OK to ease the pace a little. Everyone needs balance in her/his life, even if s/he gets paid for what s/he loves to do.

    • Hi Janis. Already there, and I totally agree. The walking is out right now, but I’m doing 20 minutes of stretches and core strengthening every single frigging day. And it’s showing. I’m even entertaining the idea of going back to some martial arts when my schedule shows down.

      No worries about balance. I am very careful.

  6. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry about your back hurting. That’s no fun at all. You know I’ll be first in line for the World book and anything else you have published no matter how many women and children I have to push out of the way. 😀

    ’11 is a very good year for your readers, with 4 books coming out. That has to be some kind of record or something.(Take the money and buy a hot tub for the back)


    • Oh, it was just a little ache, reminding me to sit up straighter. Trust me, when I’m really down, you guys never know. (grin)

      2011 is going to be a wholloping good year for the Hollows, yes. I think I need to get my nails done . . . 😉

  7. Donna

    World Book? Oooooooooooo!!!! I think the only other one of my top ten favorite authors that has a world book sorta think about one of her series out is Anne McCaffrey with the Dragon Riders of Pern books… * hint hint/wishful thinking* (does that mean maybe we readers are in for a comparable number of Hollows books? lol.. maybe You could do like her and introduce more series too but still be going to keep writing the BIG one? *wishing hard right now* )

    • Yes, a world book! I busted my butt last summer, and it’s falling in place very fast. I’ve got 12-13 Hollows books planned, and that is the end. I need new characters to torment.

  8. Maryellen

    Hang in there, Miss Kim. Try yoga.

    I hope you know, or at the least have an inkling, of how much your efforts are appreciated by those of us who drank the Hollows Kool-Aid (personally I enjoy a nip of vodka with mine) and look forward to everything you create.

    If the yoga doesn’t help- spa day! 🙂

  9. Stephenie

    I’m REALLY excited about the Hollows world book. I used to have this little Harry Potter tie in about all the mythical creatures and I loved to read through it. It adds a layer to the author’s universe that I love; and since you’ve already made the Hollows such a realistic place using Hemmingway’s “tip of the iceberg” technique, I’m excited to see what else there is!

    I need to order my tour tee, but I have to wait for some checks to clear first… and I need to see if I still have a friend for my sojourn into Des Moines…

  10. Marsha

    I’m having a difficult time imanging what the World Book will be like, since it sounds so different from a novel. I am looking forward to it though. Sounds like it might put actual images to some of the thing in the Hollows that I have only been able to imagine so far.