Snow Day!

Like much of the mid west and east, we are getting hammered with snow yesterday and today.  If you saw a woman out in boots and a robe shoveling snow off the lawn for her dogs this morning, that was me.  Seriously, it’s higher than their ears.  And trust me, they are getting really good at finding their spot in less than 30 seconds.  Whizz bang!  They want to go in.  (Ah, no pun intended.)

So far, I still have heat and electricity, but one of my relatives doesn’t, and I honestly think they are enjoying “roughing it” for a day.  If it goes on longer than that, we have options.  Being right in the city, I think we’ll be okay.  However, there is no school today, and one of the drawbacks to working from home is . . . no snow days for me.  (booo)  I’ll be working on the Hollows world book again today, and I’m starting to remember why I had such a blast with the rough draft.  Not to be a tease, but you’re going to love it.

Just a reminder that the cut off for ordering a limited edition tour T is coming up in a few days.  The last day to order by check is come and gone, but if you have paypal, you can still get your order in and make the last print run.  Final day is Feb 7th, noon.  How to order . Pale Demon freebies will be available up through the end of the tour.  Freebies.

Oh!  If you were one of the recipients of the S&H Princess books, you should have gotten your invoice by now.  Guy thanks you for your quick response, and to be honest, the faster we move them out, the sooner we can have another Manic Monday.  The snow has us at a standstill right now, but as soon as it lets up, they will be in the mail, headed for you.


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46 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Robin

    In Utah we’ve not had more snow but it’s been really cold (for us at least, it’s down to zero at night). I’ve got a standard poodle Persephone who normally loves being outside and has enjoyed the cooler weather up until lately. This cold she looks at me in the morning as if to say “are you sure there isn’t somewhere else to go?” and then it’s like she is trying to set a new peeing land speed record too.

  2. Niko

    Happy Imbolc! I’m pretty sure you said it at one point, but please refresh my memory- when is the world book slated for sale again, roughly? Enjoy your snow day and stay warm. 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Hi Kim, 🙂
    We didn’t get no snow here in VA, it was actually almost 70 today, went out in jeans, a tshirt n flip flops, lol. I can’t wait for Pale Demon to come out!!! I have every book you have out so far, and can’t wait for Blood Work to come out as well!. I used to come and comment on your drama box a lill over a yr ago, and your website has changed soo much, I love it. I’m hoping there will be many more after Pale Demon, I don’t think I can stand to see the Hollows series end!!. Anyways, OH, I was thinking you should come to Gloucester VA, for a book signing!!. You never come close enough for to be able to go to any of them. Twice Told Tales is a really good book store to come too!. Anyways, take care, and thank you for sure a wonderful and awesome book series!! ~Rachel

    • Nice to have you back, Rachel! I might get to Gloucester next year. My publisher makes all the Tour arrangements, and there are clear favorites that stand out.

  4. Jenna

    Aww, poor doggies. They must have been so cold. I love how you just shovel snow wearing your robe. ^_^

    I don’t doubt that I and everyone else will love it.

    I won’t be able to get a tour t-shirt, but I’ll hopefully be able to see you, because you’re coming to my city during the tour. So excited. 😀

  5. Theresa

    Awwwww… I wish I had snow=[

  6. Mel from OR

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! It’s year of the Rabbit, which in means more burning bunnies on the way.

  7. Melissa Desjardin

    Kim today would be the perfect day to curl up with your book, except for my kids not being in school. I love the Hollows series and will be sad when you end it. Your books make me want to be a writer, i am sighing up for writing classes. I love writing i just get stuck and then cant figure out how to fill in missing parts. You and your books inspire me so much. I just wish i could meet you. Stuck in Michigan

    • Hi Melissa. That is fantastic that you write. I wrote my first two manuscripts while running a family daycare. I used it as a way to escape at the end of the day.

      Isn’t the snow here amazing this year? It never goes away!

  8. JanisHarrison

    I Just read/saw a vid on about a pedal-powered snowplow a guy made from a defunct riding lawn mower, 2 manual snow shovels, and some bits & pieces. He (or a teenage guy) tooled up and down a large driveway cheerfully shoving snow, with no back strain, no noise and stink of gas engine, etc. Also saw several versions of bicycle snowplows…

  9. There was a blizzard yesterday, with hideous winds and the snow came down hard. It’s still snowing outside, not daring to take a step out the door.The roads are icy making it a hazard.Everything’s cancealed!WHOOHOO!Pale Demon 1,2,and 3 were good!Make sure you dont get stuck in the snow.Have a good day Kim!

  10. Marsha

    While I might have hated out miserably hot summer, I am so glad we didn’t get hammered a second time this year with ice and snow. Our weekend of bad weather in January closed things down for several days since we have no snow removal equipment this far south of the Mason/Dixon. Please take care when you take the puppies out and don’t slip. Oh, I find it hard to believe that pun was not intended…it was too perfect!

  11. No snow here but bitter cold temps and a wind chill to boot. We’ve got heat but people who live “down the hill” in Phoenix are not built for cold; some homes don’t even have built-in heating units.

    My kitties are curled up in front of our heaters and I’m weaving some dish towels. Keep warm, Kim.

  12. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    You guys are freezing over, we’re flooding away. Not as much as Australia thankfully, but the roads that I travel on in the rural areas have become death traps. I drive a tiny little opel (who has not yet been informed that it is not a 4×4…) and I’m not sure whether that’s helping me or hindering me. There’s NaSty Mud everywhere.
    The fish are still doing well – I’m going to bring the temperature down tomorrow. Comet Rachel’s tail’s started growing back. (yeahy!)

    Have a great day ma’am and don’t break anything in the snow.


    • Hi Alyssa. I talked to Guy, and he says that 24 hours at 85 degrees with the lights off will take care of it, but it sounds like you have gotten rid of it! Yay for Comet Rachel! 😉

  13. Elizabeth

    Hey Kim!

    I’m in oklahoma and this snow is horrible, college is cancelced for the day, so since I was snowed in and finally had time I read the chapters of Pale Demon, I can’t wait for the book! I can’t wait for your book tour either, the day you visit lawton is the same day as my birthday 🙂

  14. hellokitty654

    Hi kim,

    This is the second day for us being snowed in. 🙂 Yay for me and even though you don’t get any snow days think of it this way when ever it is still bad outside and everyone else has to go out in the snow and cold for work and school you have the option of not going outside at all. 🙂 Have a good day.

  15. Dawn

    Hi Kim! Just finished Chapter 1-4 of Pale Demon and I LOVE IT. I’m very excited for the release and can’t wait to read more.

    Stay safe in the snow!

  16. Maryellen

    We might be hitting 80 degrees in Orlando today. Are you SURE you don’t want to pressure your team into a Southern states book tour? 😉

    Have a nice day, Miss Kim- stay warm!

  17. mudepoz

    The snow isn’t as bad as the wind piling it into 5 foot drifts. The spaniels, who adore porpoising through it, refuse to go past the deck. They disappear. The cold will be coming in shortly. I think one of your friends cursed the Great Lake states when you moved up here. We haven’t had snow like this in years!

    If you are able to get out, you might want to consider the taller , the or peace lilies. Yeah, I know, you didn’t expect any comments on the greenery:) Nothing much to do until PD hits my mailbox. Maybe you could consider long sleeve tees next time:)

    • Hi Mud. I’ve been trying to find some Iron plants, which look like a cross between a peace lilly and the sansvieria, but again, I’m not buying anything until it warms up.

      Long sleeves. Yes, I’ve heard that before.

  18. AKR

    Hi Miss Harrison ….
    I’m actually in Toronto right now … and we had a fair amount of snow also … it was gorgeous …
    However, we certainly didn’t get as much snow as you …

    Lucky for me, I shall have no problems getting my flight back to Trinidad tonight … 🙂
    Oh and I’m happy to see that the Pale Demon freebie is still available, hopefully my sister and I would be lucky to get one…

    Have a productive “snow” day … ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

  19. NickinColoma

    By the way–I managed to grab a set of the books. Thanks to you and “Guy”–Nick

  20. NickinColoma

    Hey Kim–I don’t have to go out at all today but had to clear the drive way. SO glad I got a blower. Have a safe day— Nick

  21. Jenn

    Hi Kim!

    We were supposed to get a bunch of snow too, but we got less than a foot. Lots of wind though!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on the world book lol.

  22. Stephenie

    We are having a snow day here as well. My girlfriend can’t go in to work yet and my class was canceled (not the University of Iowa though, that’s going to keep on going even though we have snow deeper than our German Shepherd. It’s crazy!!

    I might still have to go to work though. My boss has only closed the swim school once in 30 years… because a tornado destroyed the building. So hopefully the roads will be clearer by 3.

    I read Chapter 4, and when that one thing happened I was like, OMG! O.O and then there was that other thing and I was all roflmfao! I actually forgot i was reading it on the computer and started looking for my book… 😦