Chapter Four of Pale Demon

Chapter Four of Pale Demon is available for your reading and spoiler-age pleasure at the website! Chapter five will be going up on the 15th of this month, and then you will just have to wait for the rest!   -smile-
If you’ve missed them:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

For those of you who have been watching my marathon of rough draft pages . . . I made it, both in page count and chapter, and book eleven is safe in the cabinet, perking at rough draft.  (Which is why chapter four went up late this morning.  I watched a quirky movie last night instead of prepping the pages for  you.  I think it was called A Life Less Ordinary.  Really enjoyed it.)

So . . . Now I’m on to THE HOLLOWS INSIDER, rewriting it to my editor’s suggestions and adding a few things I’ve thought of in the interim.

Yesterday I promised a picture of the chair I re upholstered, and here it is!  (click it for a bigger view) I’ve been working on this for about a month now, and I saw some vast improvements in me being able to get the final tacks looking nice.  I had some leftover fabric, so I redid a footstool to match, and then the scraps went into a pillow.  I’d never done a pillow before, so I bought one at clearance, tore it apart, and put it back together with my own cover and trim.  I’m not really happy with it, (I think a round pillow would look better on this chair to soften the rectangles) but for a first go, I’m content.

Next is a recliner.  I might try some edge work with this one . . .  Right now it’s pink.  I’m going with light green and white.


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  1. Donna

    Oh hey how much snow have you gotten? we got atleast 9 inches right where i am in NH yesterday. lol.. WOO HOO…. Its a blizzard.. lol… oh and they are predicting over 40 mph wind gusts..

  2. Vampyre

    Howdy Ma’am,

    I don’t know if that embedding worked. I hope it did. The movie looks like something I’d like and it has some of my favorite people in it.

    I’m a happy camper. I received my Fed Income taxes and used the money to pay my property taxes and buy a dishwasher. I really need one of those. If there is anything left after tat, I may get a vacuum cleaner too. My mind keeps screaming HDTV but no it’ time to take care of needs, not wants.

    The chair looks great. I hope you enjoy it for years and years.


  3. Oh, I really like that movie! Holly Hunter is awesome as a scrappy angel, and I like the love story. Hey, your chair looks fab! The fabrics look great with your rug, and I love the row of tacks around the edges. I hear ya on the round pillow, it would pick up the spirals on the arms. But I do like the diamond shape on it . . . both would look good, right?

    I love this chapter! 🙂 The way that they negotiate and evaluate trust combined with the way you use sunlight throughout the chapter is great – at first coldly through the glass or sparkling in Jenks’ dust, but finally with Ivy and Jenks blinking in the sunlight and Rachel looking to the sky itself as she sees the truth of what just happened and what is before her.

    And a few favorite lines:

    “a green dust sifted from him, sparkling in the sun before it hit the dash to make an evil puddle” (nice!)

    “You must think I filled a prescription for stupid pills.” (-lol-)

    “I pulled on the handle, but nothing happened. Damn it, the thing had child locks.” (I love how this bit of physical action conveys so much about Rachel and the moment!)

    “Cookie farts is right” (hehehe, that’s just funny 😀 )

    Okay, have a good one!

  4. Jade/Third Coast

    Hi Kim, I am loving all the chapters and can’t wait for Pale Demon.

    I have a Kindle now and have noticed there is a function called “View Popular Highlights”. These are sections that readers highlight and done by a large number of readers. Because these sections are highlighted by so many readers, Amazon has made them available to any Kindle owner who has downloaded that story. Sorry if I am explaining something you already know, you may have a Kindle.

    This may be a stupid question, but if you have, or if you had a Kindle (since I don’t know whether you have one or not), I was wondering if you would check out this feature as an feedback as to what your readers feel strongly about in your books. I realize you get plenty of feedback from readers anyway, but seeing the sections of the text that readers feel strongly about as they are reading by highlighting them would seem to tell an author what parts of their story are really resonating with their readers.

    • Hi Jade. I don’t have a devoted e-reader, no, and I don’t expect I’ll get one anytime soon simply because I stare at a screen all day, and it would feel like work. (Nothing against them, they just don’t fill a need for me.)

      That is very cool about the highlights. I didn’t know they compiled stuff like that.

  5. Jelle

    Ah, black wild magic. It was my prime suspect for being the magic used to create the ever after and the lines. Unpredictable and very powerful nicely explained that event. But the second chapter tells me it draws form the lines after all and therefore cannot explain line creation.

  6. Hello Mrs. Harrison, 🙂

    This looks much better! The cringe factor is gone. Now I actually want to sit in it. But yes, I do thin you’re right – a round pillow would be better.
    Silly question – How long should I keep my aquarium at 80F for the ich? My fish look better! (FINALLY!) thank you for the advice!!

  7. Jenna

    God, I’m so excited for Pale Demon it’s insane. I’ve forced myself not to read the three chapters you so awesomely put up, because then I’d literally go insane if I couldn’t finish the rest.

    I can’t believe you reupholstered that! It looks really cool. ^_^

  8. Amanda in Tampa

    Chapter 4 was awesome!!!! I can’t wait until the 22nd. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the Cincy signing due to some surgery I just had. Will You be signing books for JosephBeth stores to be mailed out like you did for BMS?

    • Hi Amanda. Yes. And in fact, there has been some movement to live stream the event and make it available online, so you might be able to “attend” after all! I’m still waiting for more details.

  9. Marsha

    I never doubted you would make your page count for a minute. The chair is really beautiful and the footstool looks like it was made to go there. Looks terrific.

  10. mudepoz

    It’s really gorgeous. It’s amazing that EL was the first of the factory made furniture. I guess I’ll have to sell my chair, it’s been a few since I was involved in antiquing:)

    It looks great set off by the carpet, but honestly, is that a SILK plant?

    • Hi Mud. Yes, that is a silk plant, stuck in a low-light spot. I can’t buy any new live plants until it gets warmer. (grin)

      Thanks for the link. I didn’t know a lot of that stuff, but no wonder I’m attracted to it now that I hear the reasoning behind it. Simplicity and clean lines.

  11. Judi in NJ


    OMGosh! That chair is stunning!!!! It’s SO beautiful! Your reupholstery has brought out the beautiful lines and details in a way I wouldn’t think possible – but there they are! Gorgeous! And the foot stool goes so well!! You never cease to amaze.

    AAaccck! I have to scratch my eyes out! I scrolled up & my eyes saw things in the above posts! Let me dig out my blinders for this last 3 WEEKS~!!! YAY!!!! It’s almost time!!!!!

    Ice storm here in Joisey. Snow I can deal with, but my Suburban coated in ice? Not so much. We’ve had so much snow that the town doesn’t know what to do with it & some towns are actually allowing snow to be dumped into rivers! I KNOW it can’t be much better by you! Snuggle down, hi to “Guy”, & have fun creating beautiful art – books, chairs, food – wow! p.s. Mr. Frog is gone, yeah?

  12. Gail S

    Thanks for Chapter Four:-D I’m planning a evening of watching the snow storm move through while cuddling up with some hot chocolate and chapter 4. I think you’re going to get hit with the same storm, so be sure to be safe, stay warm!
    Maybe I’ll shovel some and make a snow angel. LOL

  13. Donna

    Hey did anyone else notice that if you look at the outline of the plant it kinda looks like a dog or wolf’s head up top? Or am i just seeing things?

  14. Sara

    Thank you for putting these up! It’s as awesome as it is annoying (*not* being able to finish the story after a couple of teaser chapters?! damnit! :p) I’ve been devouring each chapter. I even preordered a copy of Pale Demon from amazon last week. The plan was to wait until your tour and purchase it from the bookstore I attended…but…that just wasn’t going to work out. 😉

    Love the chair! It’s so damn cool that you upholster your own chairs now. That fabric looks delightful and it fits well with what we can see of the room around it. The stool is like the frosting on top. 😀

    • Thanks, Sara. You can actually thank my publisher for allowing me to do so. I love it since I can start sharing over a month ahead. Big chunks!

      I’ve been enjoying the upholstery projects. It helps with my ache to get into the garden

  15. Heya Kim!

    Finally managed to catch Guy and he told me many interesting things, like new charms and a pencil? What’s that all about?
    20!!! 🙂


    • Hi Amy. Guy wanted to give me some extra thin pencils (called bridge pencils) and the only way he could get them was to order 1000, so he did. Now we have 1000 pencils that we occasionally give away. I’m glad you two finally got talking. He’s awfully busy, but he tries to keep up.

  16. Your chair turned out great. I think you are correct about the round pillow. It would echo the shape of the stool and pull the two together more but it looks great just like it is, You are inspiring me to give this a try even when I have three broyhers who do this for a living. Two work on furniture and one does cars. I have done seat bottoms for my dining room chairs and that was easy but never tried anythig more interesting. It good to see you have varied interest. How’s the frog doing? Brenda Kahn

    • I might take that pillow apart and make it round. . . It’s sort of bugging me now.

      I think the frog slipped out and found some dirt because I’ve not seen him in a long time. He’ll be back!

  17. Cathy

    ROAD TRIP!!!! How sweet it is!!!
    BTW…i got my freebie yesterday in the mail! love my pass…my husband asked me if I was a witch, I told him “How do you think I got you to marry me!!!!” heee heee (he didn’t think that was funny)

  18. Jer

    Great Chapter!….waiting for Feb. 15th now…
    Nice job on the chair, practice makes perfect:)
    Does this mean Rachel forgives Trent for killing her were-friend, Brett?

  19. JanisHarrison

    Haven’t given in yet to the urge to bolt to the website to reread Chapters 1 thru 3 and then plunge into Chapter 4, but I soon will…

    The chair looks magnificent, ditto the footstool. I do agree that the pillow, with the diamond-square applique, might look a little more fabulous in a round, but it’s lovely at any rate. Certainly nicer than I could do!

    (February 2, pant-pant-pant…wonder when Seattle’s library system will receive and have PD ready?…)

    • JanisHarrison

      Oh lordy! Jeeves, indeed. A lot like my sis and me on our road trip to Disneyland. I was ready to dump her beside the road in about 5 days…and I drive my dad’s Buick, which does not fit me very well. I can sympathize with Trent’s discomfort although his is more of a used-to-Beemers sort. Me, I usually drive hoopties…

    • -grin- I see you read them, Janis! I’m glad you liked it.

  20. AKR

    Chap 4 … YES ..!!! I love it …!!! I love it ..!!! 🙂
    Gosh, …. that was freakin’ GREAT …lol
    Definitely brought a smile to my face …. Can’t wait for the rest …!!

    Ms Harrison, I think I’m beginning to see how this book was/is your favourite …lol naughty naughty ….!!

    Cool chair .. I think I may agree with you re: the pillow .. round… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Can’t wait til Feb 15th now … 🙂
    Then the big day Feb 22nd …. ❤

  21. I know what my treat will be later on tonight after all the work is done, and the kids are in bed. Thanks for you and your publisher for being so thoughtful of your readers/fans.

  22. Jenny

    Congrats on reaching your goal! Don’t you love that feeling you get from knowing you have done so after pushing so hard to get it done…. I know I do. The chair and the footstool are beautiful.You did a very nice job.

    I am waiting until March to buy Pale Demon on your tour so hopefully they will ask you back again.It will be a difficult wait.I normally buy your books the day they come out 🙂

  23. Chelikins

    sigh…. thank you! it cheered up my HERE COMES THE ICE day!! 😉

  24. Antonija

    Arrggghh! The wait is killing me! I swore not to read chapter four but I failed. EPICLY.
    It’s like your starving and then suddenly someone conjures a yummy-looking turkey and tells you that it’s alll yours to devour.
    Who could possibly decline such a generous offer? Not little-o-me, anyway.

    Trent, you beast! Why do you have to be so fricking sexylicious?
    And cute at playing jackass?! I dunno why but I couldn’t help but smile when he said “Ceri does black magic. You like her.”
    It sounded more like “Why do you like Ceri but not me? Am I that unlikeable?” Awwww! Love, love, love it!

  25. kirsty

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT MORE MORE MORE i cant wait to get my hand on this book, i realy want it like right now,lol i sound like a child but its soooooooooooo goooooood, well done on the chair it looks fab

  26. Stephenie

    I’m ridiculously jealous of your chair. If I send you materials will you reupholster my leather recliner for me? jk lol. Kim Harrison: Author and Reupholster Extraordinaire.

    Yay, I can’t wait to read chapter four! I’m trying to bounce between books so I’m not in the middle of something when Pale Demon comes out.

    • Donna

      Hey *lol* if Kim is doing our furnature for us I have a red burgundt velvet-ish couch/chaise (its got a scolloped back and one end is sort of a scolloped lounger surface) I found it for $30 at the salvation army store.. though some of the upholstery is starting to come apart and show foam underneath at the seems and there is one tear on the end……..

    • Thank you, Stephenie. I’ve been slowly building up my skills/courage since early summer with smaller projects, and I’ve really been enjoying the crafty stuff.

  27. MichelleG

    It’s killing me I just can’t wait for this book to come out. The fact that Quen, Jenks and Ivy manipulated both Trent and Rachel is awesome. I’m so excited to see what happens next. Also, the chair looks fab.

  28. Roxie

    The 5th chapter is going up the 15th?! That’s my birthday! What a lovely, unintentional birthday gift. Thank you. XD
    And the chair looks amazing, by the way. ❤

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  30. Sandra

    Wow. That chair is beautiful. I love that semi baroque style heavy furniture. It’s so very Victorian.

    Trent and Rachel remind me of high schoolers-in a good way. I think that he’s such a smartass towards her because he hates that he likes her. Ya know? That was the rule when I was in school…pick on the girl/boy you like. lol.

    I LOVE the way that relationship is evolving. I can’t wait to see where it leads. You are such a good writer. I am on the edge of my seat!

  31. Maryellen

    Re: Chapter Four

    I love the manipulation from all parties! Trent reminds me of a guy I used to know (and didn’t like, but wow- was he hot!), so I’m picturing him in the driver’s seat of Rachel’s Mom’s car looking extremely put out. 😀 Love it, Miss Kim!

    Congrats on meeting your goal! And have a nice day. 🙂

  32. Amy

    Nothing like a good chapter first thing in the morning right before work to get me through the day! I can hardly wait until February 22, I will be downloading the book from audible (I have 2 credits saved) and buying the hardbound book so you can sign it when you come visit March 10th.

    I love Trent! I’m thinking Rachel wouldn’t mind a roll in the stable with the sexy elf either, well if she could trust him that is ha!

    • Robin

      Oh Amy I agree with you! I just finished my rereads in prep for Pale Demon and as I was reading Chapter 4 I kept thinking about when Rachel stormed Trent’s press conference and was naked when she was big again. I wonder how often Trent thinks about it? 😉

    • Amy

      I don’t know Robin, I think in the recent past Trent was too afraid of Rachel although he might be attracted to her and her ‘bad girl’ image. He sees her as a demon after all.

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m glad you liked it. See you on tour!

  33. Niko

    Congrats on finishing, and the chair is gorgeous!

  34. Shelene

    Capital job on the chair. You could pass it for professional. I’m anxiously awaiting for Feb. 22. I’ll be up all night once again reading the entire book. Can’t wait to see you in Houston again in March.

    • Ahhhh, not quite yet, Shelene. There are still some issues I need to get better at. If it holds together for longer than a year, then I’ll be happy. -laugh-
      I’m so glad you’re excited about the book. See you in Houston!

  35. Donna

    OH and from now on i’m going to be up early on mondays if i have to stay up all night to do it.. lol..

  36. Donna

    OH MY! that is PRETTY… (I think you should write that beautifully reupholstered chair into your next book. ) I’m NOT going to give into temptation to read those chapters right now… I’m in the middle of the audiobook for Every Which Way But Dead, (my cat and I are listening to it together, he likes some of the same tv shows as i do and apparently likes your books too.,and i may have already read the whole series that is out so far but its more fun to go from beginning to end. ) Also I was wondering what Myers-Briggs type was Kisten?

    • Thanks, Donna. It feels good to get that chair done. Kisten . . . Without doing a full test on him, I think he’d be an ESTJ. Extroverted, sensing, thinking Judger. Businessman with a sentimental streak.

  37. Lesley

    OMG this is the best chapter yet. Jeeves! Heee! And the Jenks/Ivy/Quen conspiracy! Love it!

    Gorgeous chair!

  38. lisa mulder

    Wow! Vast improvement with the chair. Good Job. I like the rectangle pillow. Since a blizzard is on it’s way (I live in Lansing), I wish I had Pale Demon now because I know I’ll be stuck inside tomorrow.

  39. Limz

    Yay,finally! That was the best out of all the four chapters I’ve read so far. I just love the way Trent and Rachel act around each other.And Ivy and Quen planning the whole thing was perfect, thanks Kim! 🙂

  40. bookluvr

    The woodwork is beautiful on this chair! You did a great job re upholstering it and that stool is a great addition!