Empty fish tank

It was a good long run, but Mr. Fish, who sat on my desk and kept me company, has finally gone to the big pond in the sky.  🙂  Unlike most fish that I’ve had, I watched him slowly falter over the span of a week, and it looked peaceful.  There was no ick involved, and the temp has been steady, so I think he was simply old.  Good by, Mr. Fish.  Long live the new Mr. Fish!  (Which I will get sometime this weekend along with a piece of foam to upholster my kneeling chair.  I’ve been sitting on a pillow this week, and the extra inch has really helped get my arms in line for extended typing and reduced my shoulder stress.)

If you are following my self-imposed marathon of 100 pages in five days, I am on day four, and feeling the mental strain, as expected.  That it’s Friday should help.  That I will take two days off before I finish will make Monday a snap.  Yesterday, I did 19 pages and ended at a natural chapter break.  I have two chapters to go, and if I get done today what I want, it will leave the comfy, cozy, coda for Monday.  Whoo-hoo!  This ms isn’t actually due until December of next year, but I want it done so I know how to edit the one I just turned in, and I’m already seeing changes.

Now I have an entire nine months to edit one ms, edit the world book, sign off on graphic novel pages, and put together an anthology for you–which will give me the chance to write some new short stories about characters that might turn into the next series.  Ahhhhhh, can you just feel the stress fall away?  🙂


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  1. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    I’m sorry to hear about Mr. Fish. I’ve had some problems with my own aquarium, of late and also lost my Black More (called Ritchie after Ritchie Blackmore – the man I consider to be the best guitarist in the world) this week. I still have 3 left, a fan tail and 2 Comets. I’ve had Ich and now it seems that I have fin rot (sigh) and it’s furstrating because I’ve never really had problems. My goldfish is 6 years old this year. 😀

    I did a personality test (two independent ones to verify that the one was accurate) based on the Myers/Briggs model (as suggested by you) and its fascinating. Quite suddenly, I make a little bit more sense to myself and I suddenly don’t feel too bad about a couple of things because it’s in my ‘personality’. I’m not using the stuff as an excuse naturally – but I don’t feel quite as disfunctional as I used to, lol. Thank you again for this tip – you’ve certainly opened up worlds not just in my writing but also in my own, personal growth (and that of my relationship I should add).

    Thank you. 🙂


    • Hi Alyssa. YES! Isn’t it great knowing why you do what you do? And then you can start to tweak it to be happier with yourself. (I have an issue that I’m working on myself, but I don’t feel stupid about it anymore.)
      Have you tried raising your temp in your tank to 80 for a week or so? Ick can’t survive that warm a temp.

  2. Jelle

    Do you mean nine months in the sense of… nine months? That sure calls for a different explanation of your recent dreams!

    • JanisHarrison

      I don’t think so Jelle. Those of us who had babies in our 20’s who are themselves now in their 20’s usually don’t want to start into the pregnancy/preschool/playdates/PTA/puberty cycle again. I think Ms Kim’s “babies” are all either creative properties or companion animals nowadays.

    • -grin- Tis womb is clowsed. No more babies for me, Jelle. I loved raising my family, and I love the stage we are at right now. I was just commenting that I have nine months before I have to write another Hollows book from the raw, and I’m looking forward to some rewrite and ss time.

  3. James Fox

    Hi Ms Kim- It’s Jim from Warren Ohio, formerly Jim from Youngstown,Ohio.I have not been online for the last year because I caught Pneumonia, and had a stroke and heart failure. I spent 2 weeks on total life support then two months in the hospital ( Yuck) then three months in a rehab nursing home(double Yuck) trying to learn how to make my left side work( triple yuck). So if the typing is lousey, you know why. The doc says it’s because I am 71 and have great grandchildren, the drain on your strengh is terrible. Hint to the wise, make your kids keep it zipped untill They are 70.
    Now to the good part.You cannot imagine my joy at finding out we get a grapic novel And another book in the series. I am dancing on my walker Woo-Hoo. Thank you so much, you have completed my cure.

    Jim from Warren

    • Jim! Wow, you have a story to tell. I’m glad you’re on the upside of all that. I’m really pleased about the graphic novel, too. There is a second one following it.

  4. Lesley

    I envy your discipline. Here I am trying to finish a lecture for class tomorrow and what am I doing instead….? It seems like I have to hide the modem if I ever want to get real work done.

    Aw, sorry about Mr. Fish. Let’s hope Al is still taking good care of his namesake! Which reminds me of my gratuitous fish story: We had a pufferfish who started wasting away, but my husband figured out that he needed his beak trimmed so he could eat again. He managed to perform emergency oral surgery on a wee fish, and Mr. Staypuft plumped up very nicely again.

  5. Niko

    So sorry about Mr. Fish!

    New series? Still in the Hollows, or something totally new?

  6. You sound very disciplined!

  7. Matthew

    This is my first time of posting, I’m very sad to hear Mr. Fish has passed but I’m sure when time is right you will find a new Mr. Fish. I was lucky to find your books a couple years ago. I just happened to be looking in my local tiny library and found a copy of The Good, The Bad, and the Undead. Since then I have been hooked to every thing you have wrote. Keep up the Amazing work hopefully one of these days I get to meet you. Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Matthew. Oh, I’ve got a new Mr. Fish already. -grin- I think he’s number 5 . . .

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thank you! It would be great to see you at a signing.

  8. Richelle

    Poor Mr. Fish.. I’ve had my beta fish, Gunther, for six months. Staying strong! 🙂

  9. Donna

    Oh and aren’t those kneeling chairs supposed to be good for your back? ( i actually rescued one in almost new condition recently from the curb by my apartment building (only a small coffee ,i think, stain on it) recently but i havent used it much yet since i have yet to get anything to be able to sit at..

    • Hi Donna. I’ve had a kneeling chair for years, (with a 2-year span I did without and learned my lesson.) I actually recovered mine with a paisley pattern this weekend, added some more foam to it. Nice . . . It takes about two weeks to strengthen your back and make it comfortable, but then your back is stronger, and that is the point.

  10. Donna

    Hmmm maybe you could get a Mrs. Fish to go with your new Mr. Fish? personally i like the looks of female betas too even though their fins are not long like the males..

  11. Theresa

    AWWWWW… poor Mr. Fish 😥 may he R.I.P. But awesome on the book accomplishments!!!!=D

  12. AKR

    Oh Dear … 😦
    So sorry to hear about Mr Fish … at least he didn’t meet his demise in the Ever After … 😮 or did he? 😮

    Unfortunately tropical fishes don’t usually survive for very long ….
    even here in the Tropics, when they are imported …. due to handling and storage conditions.

    Hmm new series huh ..?? Looking forward to it … 😉 🙂 🙂

    Run run run, and keep breathing … 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  13. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim, I’d also like to send my condolences for Mr. Fish. Do you still have Tomato, your other beta?

    I, also, have a question for you. I noticed that BMS has managed another week on the NYTimes list (week 4 – #20). How long did the hard cover originally stay on the list?

    • Hi Sue. Unfortunately Tomato did not survive the trip up north. He passed about a week after we got here.

      Yes! BMS hung on for four weeks! I went back and looked, and the hc debuted at 3, (with some major heavy hitters) and lingered on the top 16 for three weeks before dropping onto the extended list.

  14. sandra

    Sly Kim, really slick. Just fit that last bit in at the end….as if the mention of a new series won’t set all of your Harrisonites collective tongues a waggin’. I dig your style miss ma’am. =)

  15. JanisHarrison

    You are so fantastic, staying on that writing schedule. I know that at this stage of the book, your carefully plotted “outline” is more like the lines we color outside of (i.e., barely evident) but you are getting that wrap-up we all hope for. Congrats on your progress.

    I, too, am quite sure that Mr Fish will be memorialized somewhere soon. And I’ll bet you discover a replacement just when you need to.

    • JanisHarrison

      P.S.: What about your frog? Seen any evidence of it lately?

    • Thank you, Janis. Last week was a killer, but now I can be human again, and I’m looking forward to it. Haven’t seen the frog. Kind of glad, because it means he got out of the hot tub and into some dirt somewhere.

  16. Aw, RIP Mr. Fish~
    My college friends and I love betta fish! I have two named Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester! ❤

  17. Chelikins

    Wahoo… you are running at a good pace! You amaze me. I cannot wait to get an idea of what your new series will be about.

  18. NiNi

    So sorry to hear about your fish. Your schedule is stressing ME out! Even though I love the Hollows, I hope you occasionally get to take some real time off.

  19. Angela L

    So sorry about Mr. Fish. Hope you find a good new one while you’re at the store. I always had betas growing up. My favorite one lived to a ripe old age until one of my brothers friends thought it would be a good idea to take him out of his tank. Poor George died the next day. My college roomie and I had one named Master Beta… we thought we were funny 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

  20. Marsha

    I’m sorry you lost one of your office companions, at least you still have the puppies. I can only imagine what the extra work you are putting out is doing to their “mom time” Are they giving those pathetic me looks? Have a great weekend and rest well for the final push.

    • I would be devastated if anything happened to my dogs, but a fish is transitory, (and doesn’t sleep on my bed) -laugh- Xander, especially, sits behind me and paws at my foot for attention. sigh

  21. Maryellen

    R.I.P. Mr. Fish. 😦

  22. Val-OH

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. Fish I’m glad his passing was peaceful.
    It will be nice picking a new Betta. I lost my Betta recently and went to the pet store to get a new one, I always look for those ones that are like the color of a white pearl they didn’t have any as usual. But I found a beautiful royal blue one. So, have a good time picking out your fish.
    And heck yeah we’re doing pictures!! You’re probably gonna have to be like “Down Girls!” to Niko and me.. ~grin~

    • Hi Val. It was as peaceful as it could possible be. I did get a new one this weekend, sort of a pearly blue/red. Guy thought I should get the red one, and when I didn’t, he bought it for himself. All his does is stare at his reflection and flair. Mine actually swims around like a fish. 😉

  23. Stephenie

    Poor Mr. Fish… we’re looking at the possibility of needing to put down our German shepherd. She’s a sweet little girl, but she’s terrified of everyone but us and the doctor’s are beginning to think it may be neurological from her bad puppyhood before we got her. She’s getting worse instead of better… I just want to make the best decision for her…

    Now to get away from being Debbie Downer. That sounds like a ridiculously fun and exciting amount of work. With my writing classes I’ve really started to take to short stories and I enjoy anthologies a lot more now… so yay!!

    • Stephenie

      To update and be less depressing, we’re not putting her down. We’ve worked that out after my dad yelled some sense into me… I’m much happier with this decision, even if I’m the only one with a positive outlook in the house, I know things will work out for the better. They always do.

    • Oh, that’s too bad, Stephenie. I’m so glad that you are making the effort to rehabilitate her. That is a hard job, but rewarding.

  24. Yasmin

    Sorry about Mr. Fish 😦
    But the rest of your news is VERY good!
    Hope your day goes well!

  25. Jenn

    Good on you for keeping to your deadlines!
    Why do I have a feeling that Mr. Fish’s death is going to end up in a scene in the Hollows? 😉 I remember being told by a local store that beta fish are already a year old before they even reach the store.
    Have a fun weekend!

    • Hi Jenn. That doesn’t surprise me at all about the fish age.
      And yes, I’ve been planning something with Mr. Fish for a while, but it just hasn’t gotten in the books yet. 😉