It’s day three in my five-day marathon, and I’m starting to feel the fatigue of the pace, making me glad I’ll have the weekend to rest my little bunny brain.  It helps that I’m working on the conclusion and the pace is fast.  It also helps that Trent showed up in the 21 pages of not-so-bad text I hammered out  yesterday–his presence far stronger than I had intended.  (21 pages and I still had time to go out for waffles for dinner.  Yay!)  As usual, Trent got the better of Rachel with his cool, in-control mien, even when he wasn’t, but there was a major concession on his part which has her seeing him as less adversary and more arms-length team member.  And where in the heck did the gargoyles come from?  Glad they showed up, too.  I have a very cool image in mind that I wanted to share but had no idea how to do it.  They make it easy, and even better, logical.

Today I might be able to bring Al back in as I start the final wrap up, and I’ll have my two favorite men on the page at the same time.  I still don’t know what the final comfy cozy coda is going to be.  I usually have some idea at this point but all I’m seeing is a horse race and the people who are there.

Rachel, I think you managed to keep your ruby glass slippers out of the fire one more time.  Phew!


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  1. jelle

    The three golden ones (aura wise) together at the horse races? I sure hope Trent didn’t bring Tulpa, loosing his familiar in the final chapters wold leave him in an awful state indeed.

  2. AKR

    Congratulations once again Ms Harrison on your most recent happy moment …!!! You see more and more you’re being recognized for your work … that’s fantastic …

    AS for these little tid bits …. and hints …. OMG ….OMG …!!!
    Just keep them coming, they certainly add to the tease and allure of waiting for your books ….

    So right now I anxiously await the next sneak peak of Pale Demon … and of course its launch on Feb 22nd … 🙂

    Have a great and productive weekend ….
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Donna

      lol… Me I try to NOT remember that a new book is coming out usually that way its a surprise AND i dont go crazy waiting and anticipating the book.. (Hello, I’m Donna and i’m addicted to books and reading.) lol.. thinking about books by my favorite authors is for me like if you teased any addict with their addiction. I’ve been known to sometimes have 3 or 4 novels i’m reading all at once swapping back and fourth between them as i go. Hmmm maybe someone should start a Book-a-holics Anonymous group for people like me (and probably a few of you too…. lol)

    • Thank you, AKR. Sorry about the teasing . . . No I’m not. -grin-

  3. Hayley L.

    Gargoyles, Al and Trent, oh my! Sounds like pure genius yet again!!!! 🙂

  4. Richelle

    TEASE! 🙂 lol but I love the hints. Trent and Al together on the same page is poetry. Can’t wait to see you in Lexington, KY.

  5. Rebnkc

    Go Kim (and Rachel) GO! Maybe Rachel can click her ruby red slippers 3 times and visit me in Kansas! hee hee!
    Can’t wait for “Pale Demon” I love that it comes out in February so Rachel and Ivy can celebrate my birthday with me! YAY!

  6. Why aren’t you mention Ivy??? Oh jeez, it’s killing me to not know what’s going to happen to the love of my life -grin-

    I’m from the 26th of may to the 3th of april in New York. And I really hope i did the writing right, ’cause here in germany yor write it differently. 😀

    • Donna

      Well, Linda I understood what you were saying so really is good enough. Though normally we’d say it one of these ways..

      I’m going to be in New York from the 26th of May to the 3rd of April.

      or this way

      From the 26th of May to the 3rd of April I will be in New York.

      In either of the two ways “I’m going to be” and ” I will be” are interchangeable, you can also use “I’ll be”. I’m is short for I am and is present tense, I will or I’ll is only for representing future. When talking of doing things in the future I’m need to be modified by words following it. (Or at least thats what is taught in most english classes here in the USA) Also for numerical representations like 26th the letters following the number are generally the same as the last two letters if you wrote out the word. for example First is 1st, Second is 2nd, Third is 3rd, Fourth is 4th. You can also write dates with the number AFTER the name of the month too if you choose to however people often write it both ways. In all honesty though you wrote what you were wanting to say more clearly than many Americans who have even graduated from high school these days in the USA.

    • Hi Linda. I am planning on being in NY for the RWA conference, which runs from June 28th to the first of July, so I think you will have come and gone before I get there. 😦

  7. Candace

    Only two more days to go! YOU CAN DO IT!

    I love Trent and Rachel’s interactions so anytime he shows up is a good time 🙂

  8. Cathy

    Haven’t heard of David for awhile….

  9. Cathy

    Glad to hear that Trent & Big Al will continue to be in the series. Which means you haven’t killed them off! Love Al too but i root for Mr. Kalamack
    More Trent = Happy Happy Cathy

  10. JanisHarrison

    I am seriously in awe. I have NEVER produced 20 pages in one day. I think I did 8,000 words in a day once, and my wrists still ache from it.

    And more gargoyles?!! I like your take on them. (Beside the point: I had a clay kitty-gargoyle, about cat-size, but he got left outside in the winter weather and shattered. I cannot find another one online. I’m going to have to haunt the statuary shops around here, because I miss him.)

    • Hi Janis. I can do 20 pages from time to time, but this is the first time I have tried to do it for an entire week. It’s good to know I can if I have to, but I feel like I’m balanced precariously. One cold, one slip, one unexpected anything, and it will come crashing down. I’m basically stockpiling pages against an unexpected event that might, and probably will, happen in the next nine months.

      Sorry about your gargoyle. Mine are all plastic outside.

  11. Chelikins

    I love the Gargoyles!!! I assume Bis is leading them?? 😉

  12. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    🙂 Still around – though I’ve been out of town (driving MILES! If I add all of them up I could’ve been to one of our great beach fronts and back! I could’ve been sipping wine! (sob)). I read your week’s posts and the myers/briggs personality test jumped up as a wonderful help! I’ll be studying this for weeks I suspect as I’m struggling with some things in some of my own drabbles. When you first mentioned it though, I thought: Stephanie Meyers and Patricia Briggs?! When did they sit down together?!
    Can you tell I’ve never had psychology? Lol, in my profession I tend to blame DNA, not personalities… 😉

    Good luck with the writing and thank you for the advice. 😉


    • Hi Alyssa. Oh, do give the M/B tests a good look through. And take the test yourself. It will give you tons of insight into why you react to things the way you do, and better yet, show you your natural strengths.

  13. Marsha

    Trent and Al face to face should turn out to be very interesting, if you can keep them from killing each other. I’m thrilled about the gargoyles. Bis is such a nice little thing I can’t wait to see if his big brothers and sisters are a force to be feared.

  14. Not that Sue

    Gargoyles, Al, and Trent…sigh, my dreams come true.

    Only disappointment was the hint that there isn’t a romance between Trent and Rachel “As usual, Trent got the better of Rachel with his cool, in-control mien, even when he wasn’t, but there was a major concession on his part which has her seeing him as less adversary and more arms-length team member.” I know you’ve said she’s been taking a breather from men, but was hoping the car ride would lead to something in Pale Demon 🙂

    I’m drooling waiting for Pale Demon, I’ve just been so afraid there would be the SNAFU like last year on the electronic copy.

    Has there been any talk of the app like last year? I LOVED the functionality of it.

    • Hi Sue. Oh, see, I read that section of tease, and I see progress! -laugh-

      So far, it looks like the electronic copy will be released as scheduled. I’ve not heard about the app, but I think it will have voice as well. Just a guess.

  15. Stephenie

    I just read the post about the starred rating (I don’t know how I missed that!) and congrats Kim!! I think it is well deserved. You’re books are some of the best written in or out of the genre. I just finished rereading Black Magic Sanction and I’m still in complete awe of how you handle foreshadowing in your books. One of the things I love about your series is that everything is connected (even if you don’t think it is at first)

    There’s just a few days left of this month and your marathon, and only a few weeks left of winter; and things are starting to look up! I’m still not convinced that the sun actually exists still… I haven’t seen it since Christmas, so I won’t be surprised if when the clouds part I find out the governments just put up stadium lighting. 😀

    • Thank you, Stephenie! I am still excited about the PW review, too. I work hard on that foreshadowing, so thank you, again. I think I saw the sun yesterday. No sign of it today. It’s snowing!

  16. mudepoz

    Love gargoyles! Love Al! Love mixed metaphors! Go CinderwickedRachel!

  17. sandra

    mmmm. yummers. Trent. That is all for today.

  18. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Gargoyles, Trent and Al? OH MY!


  19. Sabrina

    It’s funny, I still remember you telling us about the road trip you were writing about in a post like this one. Back then I thought, Wow, this is going to be fun to read but nevermind, it’ll take two years to actually see it on a page. And now, only one month is left of those two years. Which is cool because I’m really looking forward to Pale Demon. On the other hand, it feels like time is passing by way too fast for my taste. Only such a few books left until I have to say good-bye to my favourite witch and vamp and I’m already feeling sad about it.

  20. Scott

    I’m very excited that things are snapping together at the end of your draft! Can’t wait to see what this one evolves into! Hope you’re staying warm up there, too! Best to you and yours, happy writing! [High-five!]

  21. Amy

    Anything and everything is better when you add elves to the plot!
    Trent and Al together is always fun! I find it funny that the two ‘bad guys’ from the first book aren’t the bad guys anymore.
    I had seriously a hard time with Al when Rachel got attacked in the first book but your demons aren’t at all like the angelic/demonic demons that one usually thinks of.
    Can hardly wait for the new book to come out, and can hardly wait for your visit to Sacramento. Thanks to Lilly, we have t-shirts in hand!

  22. Maryellen

    Ah, Miss Kim….you had me at “gargoyles” 😀

    Trent and Al on the same page. This is good, this is right. Yes. The world is a happy place again.

  23. Niko

    Yay, Trent!!! We all know that’s the magic word to get me to grin like an idiot and perk up my ears.

    Yay for Cinci, yay for seeing you, and yay for properly being able to be a fangirl with Val next month! Forget Christmas, this is better! 😉

    • Val-OH

      OOOH YEAH!!

    • Donna

      Me i grin like an idiot any time i get to see a new post or writings of any type by my favorite authors… and when they are replying to me I end up feeling like i’m gonna burst with excitement and grinning for the rest of the day. (Yes I’m a book addict and i am in awe of my favorite authors who have magical minds that create amazing worlds to delve into.)

    • OMGosh, Niko, it will be great seeing you and Val. We’re doing pictures, right?

  24. Donna

    OH and how is it that my top favorite author always turn out to be uber awesome when I find their online journals and postings like this? Oh and Trent and Al are awesome but I’m still mourning Kisten.

  25. Donna

    I’m SO looking forward to this book… And thank you for the happy early birthday wish… (I’m gonna be wishing for you to come do a signing here in NH someday… lol.. I’m in Nashua NH… )

  26. valerieohio

    I’m glad to hear you’re hammering it out and I am uber thrilled to hear Trent and Al being brought up! Especially Al he’s just my big misunderstood teddy weddy bear! ~eye roll~ I know he’s no saint but I still love it when he’s around, never a dull moment on a page when he’s there, in my opinion any how… I’m going to be in Cincinnati for the book signing. It’s going to be double the pleasure because I’ll get to meet you and a friend I’ve connected with through your forums, Niko. Can’t wait!