Guy says . . .

UPDATE 10:50 1/24/11 Books are gone!  Thank you, guys.  Guy will be contacting the first-comers before the end of the day to confirm, and we have a few in the que in case someone backs out.  Since this went so well, I will have to do this again!!

Are you taking German?  Know someone who is?  Or is German your first language and you’d like a couple of signed books?  Guy says, “I want more room.”  So I say, “Box ’em up!  You’ve been threatening to for almost two years.”

Which means, if you send me shipping and handling, I’ll send you the first four Hollows books translated into German.  I’ve signed them, put them in a box, and sealed them with tape, so all we need now is an address.  (grin)  If you are interested, please email Guy at to see if a box is still available.  (I will edit this post when they are gone.)  We have only a few sets of these, so please don’t pay pal the money until Guy confirms that you have one with your name on it.

They will come Priority Mail, and we are limiting this to paypal simply so we can hurry things along.  Though the shipping feels high for “free” books, you are getting Dead Witch Walking, The Good, The Bad, and The Undead, Every Which Way but Dead, and For A Few Demons More, and they are _huge_ compared to the US mass markets, the size of say a trade paperback.  Domestic shipping runs $17.78, Canada is $32.14, and International (including Germany) is $52.33.

I will be working like a mad dog this week.  I want the rough draft done by Groundhog day.


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  1. Janna

    I m so excited that i got an email today saying i was one of Harrison’s 11!!!! 🙂 Can’t wait for the books to be shipped! 🙂 Thank you so very much!!! 🙂 This really made my day! 🙂

  2. Oliver

    Hell NO!
    all gone?
    saw it to late :-/

  3. NiNi

    Are your books available in Spanish? I need to majorly improve my Spanish skills. What a fun way to learn & stay motivated. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Sue, Chicago

    I’ve got to say Congrats again, Kim. I saw that BMS made it to a third week on the NYT list. Still at #18 for week 3.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the new TV show that just started called Harry’s Law starring Kathy Bates. It’s set in Cincinnati! I hope that they do some outdoor shots and maybe we’ll be able to see some of the sights you’ve written about in the Hollow’s books!

    • -grin- Yep. I’m very proud and pleased about that, so thank you for bringing it up. Not bad for a book that’s been out for almost a year. (doing the happy dance!!)
      I’ve not heard of that! I’ll have to make an effort to watch for it. I’d be wiling to bet they put the fountain at Fountain Square into the credits.

  5. Mindy crider

    If u have odd one or a set no one claims email me hahahaha

  6. Gail S

    Hi Kim, Awesome! I emailed Guy. Maybe I’ll get lucky. I thought I’d surprise my dearest Daughter as she was a German major and collects and reads books in German. Thanks for the chance;-)
    Have a great week!

  7. Niko

    Awww, I missed this! Too bad- I grew up in Germany and would have loved them. Maybe next time.

    • I’ll be doing this again with the next four after tour, NIko. I think I’ll start a Manic Monday tradition of “free” books. I’ve got a lot to move out.

  8. Stephenie

    Boo! I didn’t get up early enough to see this! I love the German covers… oh well, I’m still poor so it’s probably better this way. 😀 I wish I could pound out some work. It seems like everytime I sit down to write, something disastrous happens. Blegh.

    In the Hollows invading my dreams news: I totally had a dream that my former social studies teacher and his son were Hollowsesque banshees and they needed my help. Something about my aura was special and I got poked in the gallbladder and then passed out. It was kind of awesome. 😀

    • Sorry you missed it, Stephenie! Maybe next time. I hear you on the distractions. I had five phone calls yesterday. That’s unreal!

      Like your dream. Very cool!

  9. Kurt Feltenberger

    I’d like to order a set!