Friday Wrap Up

It’s been a busy week, both on the book front and PR, but I got a lot done.  PALE DEMON is still a month away, but it is creeping up, and there are a few deadlines (due to shipping) that are fast approaching.  I wanted to take a day to recap, because there is nothing more miserable than getting to the wrong store or finding out the last day to order was “yesterday.”

First, the tour is pretty much set.  I have it up at the events page with stores and hours.  If you plan on coming, please check it.  We’ve already had one time change and a store policy you will want to be aware of if you are coming to the Austin event.

Pale Demon T- Shirts.  Guy took a look at his schedule and moved the last day to order T-shirts up by a week.  We’re still using our old printer, and he forgot to include shipping time from there to here, so if you have been holding off on ordering a tour T, the new cut off date is Feb 7.  This will be the last print run for these.  If we don’t have your order by then, there simply won’t be a shirt available.   He also says thank you for your patience for those who have ordered.  We don’t print until your order is placed, so the lag-time is frustrating.  Shirts are still going out, but if you think you should have yours by now, tell Guy the email associated with the paypal account you used, and he can give you some info.


Freebies are still available for the price of a SASE!  Guy stuffed envelopes for two hours last night processing what came in Tuesday, so you should start to see them in your mailbox!


Chapters one, two, and three are available for your reading pleasure at the website!  Next chapter will be available to read Groundhog day!

My publisher has made a high-res wallpaper for your personal use.  Enjoy!  It’s be-u-tiful.


And to round it out, something new!  I just became aware of a very cool site called Bookperk where  my publisher offers signed books, unique deals, and unusual offers for a limited time.  Richard Kadrey has his KILL THE DEAD up there right now, which I think is majorly cool.  I’ve always enjoyed his work.


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21 responses to “Friday Wrap Up

  1. lemonade

    I teach art and have your wallpaper on my laptop. My kids are fascinated. They want to know what the lightning is, what she is doing, who she is… lol. It’s pretty cute, they are trying to think up what is happening in the picture. Good marketing!! Thought you’d get a grin from knowing your cover is causing a kindergarten think session.

  2. Summer

    Off topic: Will there ever be a third book in the Princess series? I’ve read the first two so often they’re falling apart 😉

    • JanisHarrison

      Summer, go to the Home Page, and to the right you’ll see a list of categories including this, the Drama/Blog. You’ll find a list of “The Books” which includes all of Kim’s titles including the Dawn Cook series, in sequence.

    • Hi Summer. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked them. Unfortunately there will likely be no more Princess books. It does have a rather open end feel to it, doesn’t it? I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I think they have some of my best work in there. Have you found the Truth books? They are also under the Dawn Cook name and have a similar feel.

  3. Elaine

    T-shirt arrived – check. Background of cover on desktop – check. Excited to see you – heck yes! I cannot wait until March fifth, it’s also my birthday! woohoo!

  4. Angela L

    Ordered my shirt today right before I read your blog haha! Looking forward to seeing you on tour!

  5. Stef from Germany

    Well.. i’m still waiting for my Tour T’s i ordered in november. -_- I already sent a mail but got no response whatsoever.

  6. Can’t wait for the book release!!! Sending out my SASE today. Love that you do freebies with every book. I have my ALCATRAZ key on my keychain 😀

  7. Cathy

    Morning Kim! Just a quick silly question…How many freebies have you sent out? kind of makes you see how many people are reading your blog.
    have a great weekend


    • Hi Cathy. We’ve not sent out a huge amount yet, but we usually buy about 3000 to 5000 units, and they are usually gone but for the handful I retain in about a year. As for how many people read the blog? They tell you! I love going over the stats page.

  8. Dragongirl

    My pc is boasting the new background already. And since I have 2 monitors at work, it’s double the fun! ^.^

  9. I will get all the T shirt that I can, because I will not be able to see you on tour. Boo Ho 😦 But I am eagerly awaiting the publish date and I have converted one new friend to your wonderful series!! Good Luck on your Tour!


  10. Stephenie

    Oh no! I have to find some way to afford that t-shirt by Feb. 7th. Stupid chiropractor is sucking up all of my money. Boo… Oh well, I’ll figure out something, I always do; though I’m not loving the balance on my credit card. At least I have some help with gas to Des Moines though… with any luck it will be much warmer than todays below zero temps and I can drive my car. It has no heat, but is great on gas! 😀

    Have a great weekend everybody!