Working at Night?

Work is thick right now, and kind of slow, but I’m pushing through it.  I can tell I’m trying to work through some book issues in my sleep because I’ve been having weird dreams.  This morning was a weird one of me in the Himalayas, making a path through the snow so the kids could get to school.  My dad (who isn’t my dad in RL) and someone else I don’t recognize at all were leading the way.  We had a house up there, and growing in the snow beside it was a blue hydrangea.  In the snow.  Blue, not pink.  And it was flowering.  Oh, and there were two baby girls that I was trying to settle for sleep.  (grin)  Almost forgot that part.  Some of my stuff I’d thrown away a long time ago was up there.  Mmmmm.


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  1. Jelle

    Sounds to me your working toward a grand finale. It’s not clear yet how it will finish but you have some lead.
    Trying to settle two baby girls among stuff you remember from long ago sounds to me as mentally distancing from two characters to leave behind…
    You got an fresh idea about your writing after the current series didn’t you?

    • Hi Jelle. Oh, I’m always working to a grand finale. (laugh) I’m pretty sure I know where the happy baby girls are coming from, but the stuff from my past is telling.

  2. Tiffany

    Cool dream! I love the image of a blue hydrangea blooming in the snow.

    I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday, but I wanted to say how much I loved the whole airport scene! The way you’ve written these characters each behaving and interacting is so funny and rings so true to their individual characters that you make it seem effortless. And, as always, the scene reads with such a natural flow – humor, smart dialogue, mystery and tension. It’s great Kim!

  3. Marley

    Blue flowers and snow? I am reminded of cold blue fingers and blue butterflies. And, unfortunately, the Ice Queen. Now THAT was a fairy tale creepy enough to have been true.

  4. mudepoz

    I know what you are planting next spring:)
    Hmm. Baby girls and baby blue color. Have a relly that’s due?:)

    • -grin- I have two hydrangeas that have never bloomed, and I’m thinking that’s where that image came from. The happy baby girls? That’s a different story.

  5. Judi in NJ

    Been a little busy & just checked in here today & aaaaakkkkk! I almost read Tuesday Treats! -Scrubbing my eyeballs & hoping to purge the 1st sentence from my memory!!!- *closing eyes & plugging ears* Lalalalalalala…I can’t hear you…lalalalalalalala!

    There…a little better. Thankfully my memory has been a bit tricky as of late. I am not a preview type of girl. I like to buy my copy on release day and savor the delicious newness. I don’t read the sleaves. I think I told you this last year…I have kind of a “ceremony” that includes…drinking in the cover…….getting my tea…my chocolate..maybe ordering a little curry chicken…if I happen to not have finished re-reading the series by the time the new release is out, there is NO WAY I skip the rest & start the new one. It is like a treasure that I’ve been digging for for an entire year. Once found, I hold it & appreciate its beauty and worth. (and OK!! yes!!! I smell it too…ok?) There is nothing better than a new book in my, er, book. It’s my drug of choice and OH! I canNOT wait! It’s like Christmas in February. 😀

    • -grin- Sorry, Judi. You don’t even want that little bit of a teaser? I bet you figure movies out in the first five minutes.

      Your ceremony sounds blissful. Mmmmm, I might have to borrow it from you.

  6. JanisHarrison

    Hydrangeas bloom blue when the soil is acid. We have blue hydrangeas under the deodar (Asian cedar) tree in our yard…

    …”settling two little girls to sleep…” Hmmm. Wonder if that’s foretelling?

  7. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    🙂 My brother and I have a habit of dreaming even while we are awake. We would have a vivid dream and then wake up, only to find the dream continue in our room. Couple of months ago I went through what I labled as the ‘black butterfly’ months where I would dream about two black butterflies every evening. I would use them to tell myself that I need to wake up, lol. One of the reasons I loved Inception so much, lol.

    perhaps yours was a reflection from another life. 🙂 A parallel universe, showing you who you might’ve been, or who you had been perhaps? I dream of people sometimes and then I wake up with an unimaginable sense of loss because I would never see them again.

    Good luck with your writing ma’am. We’re rooting for you!


    • Tiffany

      Hey Alyss – have you seen the movie “Waking Life”? I think you might like it!

    • Hi Alyssa. Oh, I really enjoyed that movie. Mmmm.

      I picked the dream apart over the course of the day, and it was all just bland stuff, but I find it fascinating that sundry things can be pulled together by your subconscious to make a weird, but dream-logical whole.

      But then again, you might be right. 😉

  8. chelikins

    LOL! Speaking of weird dreams I dreamed that you came to me and gave me Pale Demon. Then Julie Garwood, another of my fav authors, came and I told her what you did.

    Now tell me that isn’t weird.. though kinda really cool! Two authors in one dream

  9. Niko

    Should we be looking for the Himalayas in a future book? 😀

  10. Candace

    Wow, what is it with people and weird dreams this week?! I had one myself the other night, but I can’t remember the details. Something about werewolves and a castle and Dumbledore.

    (P.S. I loved chapter 3! Can’t wait for the book!)

  11. Maryellen

    Pushing through the snow is you pushing through the work. Dreaming of a crying baby can signify your own neglected need to be nurtured. The color blue can sometimes represent feeling “blue” or a need to get away.

    I’m no expert, but maybe it’s time for a vacation, Miss Kim. Or at least a spa day! 🙂

    • Maryellen

      Spa Day….two little words….six little letters…that mean so very much.

    • I like your theory, Maryellen, especially since it ends with me taking a spa day, but here is how it broke down for me. Pushing through the snow to get the kids to school is me worrying about our snow covered sidewalks and me watching the neighborhood kids twice a day on them. The babies were very happy, actually, and went down giggling and burbling to themselves. The blue hydrangeas were my concern that a pair of plants a friend gave me a few years ago still haven’t bloomed, although they look wonderful compared to the spindly sticks they were when I got them. Blue. I’ve no idea why they were blue, except that I don’t like pink. At all.

      Vacation is badly needed, yes. A good day at work, and I mean a really good day at work, is almost as refreshing.

  12. Marsha

    Now that is a very strange and vivid dream. I’m particularly interested in what the two baby girls means. 🙂

  13. Yasmin

    Girl! What did you eat before you went to bed?!?!?!
    LOVE my new Pale Demon screen saver, BTW
    Wishing you a sucessful day!