Tuesday Treats!

Hollows International wasn’t a huge airport, but it was busy with early-morning flights, even at the ungodly hour of seven in the morning. It was way too early for me to be up, and I felt numb, the lukewarm cup of blah coffee almost slipping from my grip. Our flight was boarding in half an hour; we had lots of time. The air smelled like floor polish and plastic, and I sat in the fake leather chairs across from the check-in counter and people-watched as Ivy bought a ticket and checked our luggage. After the incident with Trent, she had gotten leave from her master vampire to come with Jenks and me.

Trent’s prediction that I wouldn’t be allowed on the plane had convinced me that the less I interacted with the gods and goddesses of air travel in their polyester blazers and winged lapel pins the better. So I sat waiting, our carry-ons strewn around me. Nervous, I pushed myself to the back of the chair and slouched. Jenks, though, wasn’t fooled by my show of nonchalance.

“Trent’s an ass, but he’s right. We’re not getting through security,” he predicted, making his wings hum for some extra heat.  [. . .]

Chapter Three of Pale Demon is now up at the website!
And if you missed it, Chapter One and Chapter Two

As a special treat, my publisher arranged for an official Pale Demon wallpaper that is free for your personal use.  I’ve got three sizes, but because they are so large, I have them at the website, not here.


(It feels like it’s getting close!)


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43 responses to “Tuesday Treats!

  1. Gail S

    Hi Kim, Thanks for the goodies today:-) what a nice surprise and treat for the week. LOVE the wallpaper-as always;-)

  2. Anyuita

    Eeeeee! Oh, so good! Thank you, thank you.

    As an aside, has Jenks ever been wrong? About anything? Ever?

  3. 🙂 Good morning Mrs. Harrison,

    Nice one! I can’t wait for the book. I liked Ivy in a business suit, lol. 😛 though when Jenks mentioned theme song I couldn’t help but hear ‘the wizard of Oz’s witch routine, lol. 🙂
    Can’t wait for more!


  4. Melissa Carmichael

    What a perfect ending to a great day! Just lovely:) Got to go. Getting comfy in my snuggie to reread chapter 3. My favorite line from chapter 3? “The woman needs her own theme music.”

  5. Karen

    Need more chapters….almost wish I hadn’t read it, anxious wait for more. Cheers.

  6. JuliaM

    I love this Book I finished it a few days go and omg you are the Best KIM!
    and Trent and rACHEL FANS you will totally fall in love this book i sure did!
    you sure didnt’ let us down! I can not wait to read the 10 th book !!!! i could not stop laughing..
    … you are by far the best writer ever kim!!

  7. Oh and yeah. 😀 Meeting you would be reeeealy cool. 😉

  8. Robin Elrod

    Great Chapter. Loved it. I loved that Trent was there waiting for her when she came out of the airport. Even better is how she ignored him when he cleared his throat. Bet that just irritated him, especially when she was all smiles for Quen and talking to him. He doesn’t like to be ignored I’m betting. Well I guess no one does. Cannot wait to see what he says to her and how the next chapter goes. Thanks again for posting these chapters up for us to read. When will the next chapter go up?

  9. I love Ivys theme song. 😀
    It fits perfectly.

  10. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    *licksfingers* Yummy indeed.

    “The woman needs her own theme music.” LOL!

  11. *checks the calendar* still weeks until i get my copy…

    Honestly Kim, Cake? And that song?! Up until now, it made me think of Scully. Now, it’s twice perfect!

  12. AKR

    What an excellent start …!!!
    I love it ….
    Eagerly waiting the rest ….. *sigh* ….
    You’re teaching me a lesson in patience Ms Harrison …. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I’m not sure if it’s better with the sneak previews or not … lol

    Thank you

    AKR (Trinidad)

  13. MichelleG

    Omg…I want more. Cannot wait to hear what Trent says to Rachel. Love the way this book is going!

  14. chelikins

    Awesome.. as always!! 😉

  15. Maryellen

    😀 “Any produce or high magic to proclaim?” she asked dully.

    They always ask me that too!!! Loved it- thank you so much! And thanks to your editor/publishing company or whomever authorizes the release of these first few chapters. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Kim!

    • Thank you, Maryellen. I’m os glad you liked it! Harper is rather progressive in a lot of things, and they are not afraid to try new ways to reach the people who would enjoy the story. I count myself lucky.

  16. Sharanda Payseur

    Thank goodness, just what I needed today. I dig your writing. Thanks for making me happy.

  17. NickinColoma

    Ms Kim— long time no talk. Been busy with and it snowed good today over here so I am in the house. Great posting the chapters, now I can’t wait for the book. See you in Lansing on the 22nd of Feb. I’ll be there with my “roadie” shirt on.—-NickinColoma

  18. Lesley

    Go Rachel! It’s kind of scary she’s learning so much more from Al than just magic. He’ll be so proud of his little cub. 😉 And it’s also nice to know there are still people who are pulling for her. I have high hopes that Vivian will also come around- Rachel will need an ally in the Coven if she’s going to be un-shunned. Though something tells me that the Coven won’t do it. And Rachel can’t go the EA forever or that’s kind of the end of the series, so….if she takes out the Coven, does that nullify the bet? Oooh, I love wild speculation! 🙂

    So….when’s the next chapter goin’ up? (Already jonesin’ for my next fix, see…)

  19. Stephenie

    Boo! I shouldn’t have checked your blog before class! The temptation to read the next chapter and risk tardiness is almost overwhelming, but I will not give in! I’ll have something to do for lunch now.

    I can’t wait for the tour! I’m making a whole day of going to Des Moines. It’s on my list of school breaks, so I can make it through this semester. 😀

  20. Deirdre Hammond

    I have to say, I really do love the stories and the characters are so very rich. I especially like Jenks with his “responsible” attitude. Do you have a drawing of Jenks that can be used as a tattoo? I was thinking it would be great to get a tattoo of him on my shoulder.