Freebie Friday

Every year, I try to have something to give to you, the reader, at signings and such as a thank you for coming out to see me, and because I know that not everyone can get to the few places

that I go, I like to make them available for a short time to everyone for the price of a SASE.  It’s a challenge to find something that is small enough to slip into a pocket, light enough to mail for the price of a stamp, and cheap enough to give away–and still actually relate to the book.  This year, Guy and I hit most of the criteria with a replica of Rachel’s conference bage for the witches annual West Coast meeting.  The cord makes it a bit bulky, so it will require two first-class stamps to get it back to you, but a standard business-size envelope will do.

If you purchase a Pale Demon Tour T shirt, you get one of these in the package, but to get one without all the fuss, send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) A standard business-size envelope will do, but please put TWO stamps on it. The cord makes it oversize on the width.

I can’t tell you how much fun Guy and I had creating these for you. These will also be available at signings until we run out.

Also, if you are thinking about getting a Tour-T, Guy is only having one more print run of them, and then they are GONE!


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40 responses to “Freebie Friday

  1. Niko

    Got mine, and love it!

  2. Angie E.

    Well Phooy..I was hoping to get to see ya when ya got to Kentucky..but I can’t get to the store to buy the book,and get back for the day you will be there *waa!* I am gonna send in a SASE..hopefully I’ll get that..your still the best Writer Ive read in a looong time!

  3. Julie

    I am about to order tour shirts for myself and my sister, and we are going to wear them to the Tuscon Festival of Books. One question though…I am flying to Phoenix from Omaha, Nebraska so that my sister and I can drive to Tuscon to see you, and we wanted to make sure we are actually going to be able to see you, so we were wondering if you have any idea of when you will be signing at the Festival? We don’t want to travel all the way there just to miss you!

    • Here is when I’ll be there, Julie.
      Saturday: 1:00-2:30 World Building Panel
      Intergrated Learning Center

      Sunday: 11:30 to 1:00 Modern Hero/ens in modern fantasy
      Intergrated Learning Center

      Sunday: 4:00 to 5:30 SF vs Fantasy vs Horror
      Intergrated Learning Center

  4. Elaine Harlan

    I sent my check out on the 20th of December :). It definitely should have made it to your P.O. Box by now… when is your next shipment out? I’m SO excited!

    • Hi Elaine. You should have it by now, but I’d give it another few days to see if it shows before contacting Guy at vampcharms at comporium dot net. I’m not sure if yours went out or not. Be sure to tell him the email address associated with your pay pal.

  5. Sue, Chicago

    A little off-topic, but I just took a peek and the next NY Times Best Sellers list and you’re still on it! Week 2 now at #18! Congrats!

  6. Mary

    That is awesome!!!! Thanks!! Wish you were coming to Irvine CA would be great to meet my favorite author. Congratulations on the book, can’t wait for it to download to my phone, I pre-ordered on kindle site. Have all your books on my phone so I can read them anytime, over and over. 🙂

  7. Dayton Denise

    I got mine with my Pale Demon t-shirt – will be wearing both at the Greene in Dayton!!

  8. becca

    hey there kim
    ive just placed my order for a tour tee!!cant wait.
    on surfing the internet for the best places to pre-order PALE DEMON,dam uk amazon sold out!,i went on over to usa amazon and can i say OMG!!!!!!!!! there is a thread page with a spoiler alert warning people who have read,having an ARC PALE DEMON and can i say i went all goose bumpy reading some of the snippets i can totally see why this is your fav book its my fav too so far what i get the gist of things,well done youve got me hooked and very intregued about a few things,iam so dying to say something about the spoilers but i dont wont to spoil it for others.
    any thoughts on possible uk tour yet in the near future?
    becca and co

  9. AKR

    YAYYY!! Freebie Friday … =D

    Thanks for the tip Re: international reply coupons ….
    I hope it get’s there on time …

    AKR (Trinidad)

  10. I would be happy to drive over to Chelsea to pick one up and save on the postage 😀

  11. I got mine on Wednesday, it is very neat.

  12. Maryellen

    I love these! I still use my Rachel Morgan toe tag as a bookmark.

    Have a lovely weekend, Miss Kim! 🙂

  13. Oliver

    Can we handle oversea shipping to germany as well?
    Thank you for sharing and all the magic!



  14. mario

    Sending. sending one soon, lol.

  15. Thanks Kim. Just mailed my SASE. Not going to be able to make it to your signing. Hopefully you’ll come east and I can try to make if you’re in Philadelphia. Good luck and have fun!

    Chris C.

  16. carla

    thanx kim. see you at the greene! preordered pale demon in print and on kindle so i can reaqd it before signing!

  17. mudepoz

    Question: Why is the con date in 2008?

    (BTW, for those that like to train a perfect front in dog competition, the badge makes a PERFECT focus point with a treat in it)

  18. Dragongirl

    Cool!! But er… what if we’re not in the US?

    • Good question. Instead of stamps, go to your post office, and purchase two International Reply Coupons, and stick those in with the self addressed envelope. It’s like a voucher that Guy can buy two US stamps with.

  19. Deirdre Hammond

    Thank you for sharing something that gives us a connection to the stories! I love this series and am really looking forward to the new book. I am sharing them with friends and they are enjoying them as well. Thank you so much for caring about your readers!

  20. Dani

    This is awesome that you are giving them away. I will definitely be sending in my own so I can get one of your give-aways. Thank you so much for everything you do to entertain us with wonderful stories. They are so good I just got my step mom hooked on them recently.