Drop back and punt

Work was slo-o-o-o-ow yesterday, and long.  One of my few “dead” days where I actually get nothing on paper even though stuff was accomplished.  (Didn’t I say I was brain-dead?)  So I’ll be at it late again tonight.  (whine, whine, whine.)  Got one logic issue worked out, which proposed another, but I think after a few hours of brainstorming this morning, I’ll have an idea of how I want to move forward and the confidence to do it.  It is, what it is.  My new motto.   -grin-  This isn’t uncommon in the last 100 pages of text, just aggravating.

But yesterday was a good day regardless because one of my writer friends from way back when I was just starting to write, called me with good news about where her book placed on the NYTimes list.  We were both on that list at the same time, for what I think was the very first time, and it felt really, really good, so a happy shout-out to Faith Hunter and her fabulously wonderful MERCY BLADE.  (Which I’m almost done with.  Weee!!!!)  Isn’t that a fab cover?  I hadn’t see it until today.


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  1. How cool! Congrats to you and Faith! I haven’t read her books yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things from my fellow NaStys, so I ordered the series, including the new one, remembering what you said about how important first week sales are. They’re next in my reading queue. :-). And yeah, awesome cover!

    A writing question for you: You’ve been talking about seeing all the way to the end of the series recently, and it got me wondering – you’ve said that you don’t plan out the relationships between your characters, but go with what develops as you write. Does laying the foundation for your lead up to the end of the series affect the way you’re needing to approach that aspect of your writing?

    • Hi Tiffany. Excellent! I hope you like Faith’s work.

      Ah, now that you mention it, no. I will not know how the emotional stuff falls into or out of place until I actually write not the rough draft, but the publisher edited version which is very close to what you see on the shelf. I’ve had major emotional shifts between rough draft and shelf before. It was there that I lost Kisten, (who survived to the end of the original version.)

  2. SeattleRobin

    I’m just getting caught up on the last few posts. Normally I don’t care for the covers from other countries nearly as much as the ones in the US, but I really like those covers from Norway!

  3. trish

    I have read her Rogue Mage series but never got around to this series,it’s on my ‘to get’ list. I’m broke at the moment (saving my pennies to buy Pale Demon),my local library doesn’t have it. They ordered it from the main city library a while ago, but now it is under water – it’s in Brisbane(Australia) where we have major flooding, as is most of the state. It can wait while we help clean up. We are ok, though.

  4. Sheyla

    I read her books and I really enjoy them. Great that you guys are friends!!

  5. Charlie

    Listening to the audiobook of Mercy Blade. I feel the reader is the perfect voice for the Jane Yellowrock series. Just as Marguerite Gavin is the perfect voice for Rachel & the Hollows. The Jane/Beast story rocks!!!

  6. So happy for for Faith and the Jane Yellowrock series. Here’s a question for you: When you are brainstorming what exactly are you doing? I tend to do better when I have people to bounce ideas off of…so partner writing or collaborative writing has worked well for me. But when I’m alone I struggle to allow myself to think out loud if you will…I also tend to need to pace a lot when I write…which is tough on that typing part of things.

    • Hi Miss Bliss.

      When Guy is around, I bounce stuff off of him, but I do pretty well on my own with about five sheets of paper and a pencil. I usually write down what my issue is at the top of the first, like “How do I get Trent and Rachel to travel west together.” and then I just start listing reasons, letting them be as silly as say, . . . they are part of a contest, to reasons as complex as someone’s trying to kill someone. Eventually something pops. The important part is to not be afraid to put something you know you would never do on the list.

  7. I read it the day it was released on my NookColor. I loved it as usual. I am making sure to write the publisher since Faith Hunter has yet to have the publisher request the next book in the series. I want more of Jane Yellorock.

  8. Gail S

    Hi Kim, I just finished Mercy Blade. Faith has once again written a stellar story. Some time ago you had mentioned Faith Hunter and her new book at the time was Bloodring (Rogue Mage series). I was hooked. When Faith came out with Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock) I again heeded your recommendation and was not disappointed. Mercy Blade has left me wanting more-right now! Thank goodness you and Faith don’t have the same release times. The agony of waiting would most likely make me crazier than I already am. LOL

  9. Sabrina

    Hi Kim!

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it during your hunt for undomestic covers. We already have a German cover for “Pale Demon”. It’s “Blutdämon” (Blood Demon). No release date yet.



  10. Marsha

    I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the Jane Yellowrock series, but I read the first one and really loved them. It is agreatseries and Faith deserves to be on the Times list.

  11. Judi in NJ

    Mercy Blade is on deck on my shelf! It’s calling to me, rushing me thru my current read! Yay Faith!!!

  12. Hello there Mrs. Harrison,

    As with most of the good things in life (like Johnny Depp and Brambly Apples) we don’t have that book series here in my little country. It’s on ‘The List’ of books that I’ll try to find online. For interest, I’m writing this post from a B&B in a very very desolate bit of our country, lol. I’m sleeping out for work. It’s a nice feeling, coming here even if I’m far from home, lol. 🙂

    Happy writing! If I could, I’d donate some words to you!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry, Alyssa. I bet it becomes available eventually, and as you say, there’s online. Sounds like you’re having fun at work. That’s great!

      ps words are flowing again. Found out what was wrong, and am fixing it.

  13. Robin

    I’m a becoming big fan of the it is what it is motto. I’m hoping that it will help me enjoy the now a little more. I’ve been accused of being a fan of the I’ll burn that bridge when I’m standing on it club. Probably why I identify with Rachel so much. Best laid plans, no good deed, etc. I hope to grow up to have my collective doo-doo together one day too! :))

  14. mudepoz

    Mercy Blade’s an AWESOME read. Very dark, nitty gritty, and one heck of a shower scene. Plus, the weirdest critter. Congrats to both you and Ms. Faith! (Er, read Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock stories in order) OOOooo, and she has shorts on her website. No, not clothes.

    Sorry, I had to squee about another fav author.

    What is the worst part of writing the ending of a book for you?

    • But… Where else will I get my shorts now Mud?! Why why why!

      LOL, I periodically squee about other fab authors here. 😛 Genius must be in the presence of other genius.

    • -grin- Is that where Faith keeps her shorts? And please, squee away!

      Worst part of writing the ending? The day of procrastination before I actually do it. Sometimes I can nip it down to an hour, but there is always a hesitation.

  15. Maryellen

    Say it with me, children, “Char-do-naaaaay.”

    Congrats to both you and Faith Hunter, Miss Kim! Great news!

  16. Looks like a good recommendation, I’ll have to check it out! I’ve actually been looking for another author to start reading. I have my favorites 😉 that I’ll wait for time and time again, but when there’s a wait for their next book *blink blink* I like to check out new ones. I just have trouble picking them because I always end up comparing them to those FAVE authors! 😀

    I was actually going to ask you today who YOU like to read, so hey, this worked out perfect! LOL!