I’ve had a few people ask about the next chapter release of Pale Demon, and it isn’t scheduled until the 18th.  I’ll have it up then.  I will also have the Pale Demon wallpaper that Harper has fine-tuned for you as well, so it will be a banger of a day!

I chunked through 19 pages yesterday and I’m brain-dead, so no long post today.  I might take the rest of the week off to plow through some PR prep work.  I had it down to a reasonable size, and then a few new, irresistable opportunities came up.  It looks like about three to four days worth of work all total, and I’d rather get it done now than later.  But then again . . . I’m in a really good part of rough draft and I want to know how it turns out . . .

Compromise.  I’ll do the dialog, then switch over to the one big chunk of PR I know how I want to handle.  Bang, my day is planned.  😉


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  1. Niko

    Glad to hear that it’s moving well for you!

  2. Stephenie

    Yay! Something to look forward! I twisted/strained my pelvis somehow so I’ve been bored and sore all week. I’ll finally have something to do! I think I’ve seen every wedding show on t.v. this week. O.O My brain might melt.

    I’ve been trying to plot out some of the things I want to write in the next semester and work on my novel, but I just have no ambition right now. I think it’s because school starts next Tuesday.

  3. Shawnda Brown

    I know this has nothing to do w/ today’s post & I apologize for that. But I just finished “For A Few Demons More”. I’m going today to get “The Outlaw Demon Wails”. But here is my thoughts on “FAFDM”: I am shocked, hurt, & a little confused. I cried for at least a half an hour after finishing it! Why? Why is what I want to know? It has to do w/ Kisten. I’m trying to not give anything away to people like me who just recently fell in LUST/LOVE w/ your writing & the Hollow series. By the way, can’t wait for the book tour coming to Lexington, Ky. I’m SOOOO excited! I could hardly believe it! I wouldn’t drove to Cinncinnati or even Dayton, OH. But I’m glad you’re coming here. I have so many question & a couple of books to catch up on before you arrive. You’re a great writer w/ a wonderful imagination. I LOVE Rachel, Ivy & Jenks! And I LOVE your work! It literally brightens my day. Thank you so much! And keep up the excellent work!

    • Shawnda Brown

      Hehehe! I meant I WOULD HAVE went to Cinncy or Dayton. Typing on an iPod touch is not all that great. Lol. Should’ve typed this on my laptop. Sorry. You get the point though . . . you’re GREAT!

    • Stephenie

      I think we all feel/felt the same pain.

    • Hi Shawnda. I was just reading a passage yesterday with Kisten, and yeah, I miss him awful. He was a really good guy. One of my goals is to find Rachel’s happy ending, but it’s not going very well. 😉

  4. Marsha

    In that case I’ll say have a great weekend now. I hope you accomplish all you want to, but don’t work too hard.

  5. yep. I remember Grace and I can’t wait to meet her one day. I know all about that darn “to be written” pile and not being able to write the story that aches to be written because there are other things you have to do first.

    I am very curious about the PR you do (and author PR in general). Perhaps in the future you might be willing to share some of your PR process with us?


    • hehehehe, forgot to add thanks and have a great day. 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne. My PR work is rather far ranging in scope right now. Making the freebies comes under it, the shirts, the bunch of blog entries that I’ve arranged through my publisher. A few online, email interviews, also through my publisher. I’ve got a bunch of content that I’m putting together for my publisher about the books. And then there will probably be a few things that pop up while on tour that I can’t prep for.

  6. Hello Mrs. Harrison,

    EEE GAD! You’ve used up all your words!!! No!!! What ever are we going to do?!
    Don’t have that many words myself today.


  7. Thomas McNeill

    oooops,,,,my Bad,,,,Its not Black Magic Sanction,,,,But White Witch,Black Curse that the dustcovers missing from,,,,,but everything else applys,,,LOL.

  8. Thomas McNeill

    Kim,as you may remember,,,I’m an avid reader of your books and have started collecting them in hardcover.Once I have all 8 including Pale Demon,I want to send them to you to be signed.I have all the 1st 7 except For a few demons more & The Outlaw Demon Wails,I’ve read them,I just don’t own them yet.My sister pre-ordered Pale Demon as a Christmas gift ( Yeah ,I know,,,,Wiccan& Christmas don’t mix )but the Hardcover copy of Black Magic Sanction is missing its dust cover,and I would hate to have to re-order it just for a dust cover,Is there any way I can get a replacement?Either thru you,or the publisher,if so,please let me know.Thanks,and once again,I LOVE your work,Keep it up.I promise,,,,,No spoilers from me this time,,,,,I wasn’t thinking last time.

    • Mmmmm, I have a few copies of the books, but if I give the dust jacket to you, someone else is going to go without. You might try the bookstore you got it from. Sometimes they send damaged books back, and they might give you the cover from one.

  9. chelikins

    Sounds like you are plugging along! Woot

  10. Nothing like a good plan to set the mood, Kim. Best of luck on your work this week.

    Hubby and I are still planning to attend the Tuscon Book Fair in March and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Also, can’t wait until the tour shirts are shipped. I bought one before the holidays and am patiently waiting for Guy and his house elves to ship.

    • Thanks, Jeannie. I think I need luck for the rest of the week.

      Oooooh, hope to see you in Tuscon! You should be getting your shirt soon. He shipped out a bunch Monday.