New digs/old places

Drop back a few days, and you will see a post on me rearranging my office to suit the new year and my sensibilities.  -laugh-  Jer wanted to see my new layout for my office, and since it’s Friday and I’m procrastinating like crazy, I decided to give it a shot.

Keeping in mind I am not a photographer, here’s a wider view, and then a closer shot of my desk.  It looks kind of clean right now, but trust me, thirty minutes after I post this, it will be messy with papers and the keyboard I have tucked away in the long drawer.  I know the shots are small, but if you click on them, they should enlarge.

A large part of the reason we decided to purchase this house was the original woodwork around the windows.  Some of it has been replaced, damaged from getting the layers of paint off it, and there was the four inch drop of the foundation that had to be rebuilt in two or three places.  They finally finished insulating the floor this week, and now it is toasty warm.  With this last shifting around, I think that my office area is about done.  In it, there is a mix of me, the original house lending its happy vibes for being loved again, and of course, the puppies.  I need another file cabinet is all.


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  1. JanisHarrison

    A note about the MM edition of BMS: I got my copy last week, a few days after release, and have been relishing the joys of re-reading it at a slower pace. I tend to “gulp” books, and when I’m one of many patiently waiting a turn at the library’s copies, I don’t hold onto them very long. Discovered that I’d forgotten or hadn’t absorbed about half the nuances, so I’m very glad I chose to collect the series for myself, to reread (more than once) at my leisure.

  2. Love your “office”, Kim. The desk, angled to face the windows, is inspiring. And, did I see a cat (or dog) bed along the wall? Cute.

    I’m in the middle of switching to wireless in order to move my writing space from the “ugly green rug studio” to my bedroom, a much more inviting and literary creative space. With luck (and help from the cable guy) I should be resettled by EOD Monday.

  3. Wow, that’s a pretty awesomesauce desk. And windows. Love the windows. The office in general is pretty sweet.

    I’d rearange my room, but not only does my room not have much room to work with, I’m too lazy. xD

  4. SeattleRobin

    What a beautiful office! The wood around the windows in that room is gorgeous. I just love older homes. Newer homes just don’t have the “soul” that older ones do. I think a lot of it due to the fact that in order to make them affordable they have to skimp on all the finishing touches that were common in bygone eras, along with using a lot of “fake” or composite materials now.

  5. AKR

    WOW!!! Gorgeous desk …. sweet …!!
    I’m sure it makes working an extra pleasure …. 😉

    I think a big part of being hooked on your books, is being able to interact with you directly through your website ….
    Yuh know, …. the thrill ..!!! You being a big NY bestselling author an all … lol 🙂

    Anyway … do have a great weekend …. =D

    AKR (Trinidad)

  6. Tina

    Dear Kim,
    I love the huge windows in your office. I’ll bet it brings in a lot of light. I’d love to have windows like that where I paint and do my artwork. It would help me a lot, especially for fine detail work.
    And you have books up the kazoo! Wow. I’d probably be spending a lot of time perusing your shelves…once a bookaholic, always a bookaholic–!
    I know you’ll find it a wonderful place to work in. You and Guy did a good job here!
    Peace, hugs and love in the New Year,

  7. Val-OH

    WOW! That wood work is BEAUTIFUL!! My mom would always get disgusted when anybody would paint over wood work. She’d say “We do NOT paint over wood! EVER!” “Okay mom sheesh..” I wouldn’t mind seeing a close up of your bookshelf you got there. Have a good one!!

  8. manekochan

    Hi, Kim.
    Do you find you have to switch between the two computers a lot or do you just use one or the other most of the time? Just curious. ^^
    Love the new office and that woodwork is beautiful. Don’t you just hate it when people paint over those old hardwood doorways? It’s so hard to get off, too…
    That hardwood is just beautiful. It’s about the same shade as some of the rooms in my house. We planned to stain ours but when we got done sanding them we really liked the color so we just kept it.
    Thanks for the quick peek!

    • Hi Manekochan. The laptop is my connection to everything on line, and the tower is the actual book work. It helps me from procrastinating. Sort of.

      I hear you on the painted woodwork. I can’t stand painted doors, personally. We are in the process of getting the doors upstairs stripped. They are ash, from the late 1800s, and worth saving with all the detail on them. The doors downstairs we replaced because we widened all the doorways to 36 inches.

  9. Mel from OR

    I can see Kim written all over that office. If definitely fits you. Interesting chair, Can you tell me more about it? I’m in the market for a new chair to sit as I’m writing. My current options either make my lower back hurt or shoulders and neck tense.
    Thank you!
    PS: I love the puppy sleeping in between the shelves. Hehe so cute!
    PSS: I’m not sure what the etiquette is in regards to recommending books to authors, but I recently read an excellent vampire novel. It’s called The Cowboy and The Vampire by Katherine McFall and Clark Hays. I met the authors at the Writer’s Faire in Portland last month and bought the book because I’m such a vampire junkie! I think you would really enjoy it. Lots of humor and action, never mind the hot romance. The book is available at

    • Hi Mel. That is actually a kneeling chair which helps me keep my spin in a nice alignment and strong. It took about two weeks to get used to, but now I can’t live without it. If you get one, give it at least that long to get your back strengthened and comfortable before giving up. Mine has wheels and adjustable height, and I LOVE it. I’d sit at it at the dining room table if I could. -laugh-

      I’ve not read that one yet. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Beej

    All I can picture is pixies hiding in the drawers!

  11. I really do like your decorating style. You seem to be able to create a look I have wanted for my home but don’t seem to be able to produce at my home. There really does seem to be a “vibe” in old homes when people move in take loving care of them. What exactly is the egg shaped crystal object on your desk? Is it a fish bowl? Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Marsah. That is my eco-sphere! It is a self-contained living system of algae and shrimp. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, and I’ve only got one shrimp left. They last anywhere from 3-6 years depending upon conditions, and I think I’m going to have to send mine back for “recharging” soon. I got it because it’s something that my grandfather would have adored, and I think of him when I mess around with it. 😉

      Hope you had a great weekend, too.

  12. I am always curious about desk chairs because I can’t ever seem to find one that I like. What kind of chair do you use…I can sort of see it in the photo but it blends in so I can’t tell if it has arms on it or not.

    • Hi Miss Bliss. That is actually a kneeling chair to help keep my lower back strong. There are no arms at all. If you scroll up a few posts, I told Mel a little more about it, too. 😉

  13. Susie Hanley

    Is it ironic that the only thing I really wanted to see was your keyboard? Spending 8 plus hours a day plugging away at mine and having a “thing” for always looking at the new models when they come out has made me curious what type other writers use.

    I ❤ the Mac keyboards. What do you use?

    • Okay, that’s funny, Susie. My keyboard is Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard with that arched shape that helps keep my hands relaxed. They do tend to cramp up when I’m on the laptop. I’ve recently upgraded to a macbook air because of a hd failure, and I love it. Still miss the back button, though.

  14. Mel Rogoff

    Hrm, you still in Ann Arbor Ms Kim? And where is the Splat Gun, always have to be safe 🙂

  15. Lara Cox

    Awesome and earthy! Though I must confess I pictured something darker too!
    We built our home and I saved thousands of $ by buying our rustic cherry hardwood floors by the box from a discount hardwood floor place. Not too bad for a stay @ home/work @ home family!
    Let me say again how your Truth blew me away! So different from the Hollows, but I love them both dearly!

    • Thanks, Lara! I’m so glad you liked the Truth books. I agree they are totally different, which is one reason for the pen name.

      Dark? No, I write in the light. I was never one of those people who could write after midnight when the house was quiet.

  16. Bob Fester

    I hope you are settled in and comfortable, Kim. I can’t write unless everything is in order! Am re-reading some old Rachel Morgan tales and llooking forward to the next installment!

  17. Lynette

    I love it .. I am a sucker for all things that resemble the Victorian style and you seem to have locked in on it.. and the snow the snow.. picture perfect hope great ideas and many more books come from it and soon lol very soon..

  18. Gail S

    Kim, Your new office is beautiful. I love the windows and the woodwork in the alcove is impressive! You’ve created a nice warm comfortable place to work. Having the windows there can be an inspiration and I suppose a distraction too;-)
    Almost forgot, Congrats on making the NYT Best Sellers List! Woo-hoo!

  19. missy

    Cat bed in the work place .Awesome !

  20. RebeccaC

    Lovely! As one who lives in a town home circa 1985 I must admit to no small amount of jealousy but you did work hard for it so… Truly, though, your home is beautiful!

  21. Stephenie

    I think I’m in love with your desk. If I ever manage to make my dream office in my dream home I’m pretty sure that I’ll have at least three desks… I love old woodwork, so does my mother. Every house we’ve ever moved to it’s been my job to clean all the woodwork with orange cleaner. I look forward to the day when I can repay that kind favor with my own children.

  22. chelikins

    I love your VIEW… omg all the windows and the light! Absolutely beautiful. You only get an area now? I thought one of the rooms was going to be your office? or am I just seeing it wrong.

    Also do you write on your notebook or your computer.. or both.. lol!?

  23. your office is beautiful. I covet your desk. In the past move I graduated from a corner of the kitchen table to a desk in the den between the couch and TV, but it’s metal, not wood like yours. I can only aspire to one day have an office of my own, lol. Maybe the next move.

    Congrats on making “the list!” ~insert sparkly cupcake happy dance here~

    Happy Weekend

    ~Suzanne and the tot, too

    • Hi Suzanne. My first desk was the dining room table. Then a wall between the kitchen and living room. I got an office only a few years ago, actually, and it was nice to have a place to put my things so I could shut the door and relax at the end of the day.

      You have a great weekend, too!

  24. Maryellen

    Cozy! And kudos for giving an old house new love!

    I see you have a knack for orchids too, like my sister. I can never give them the love they need. As much as I wish I had a green thumb, I just don’t. Maybe I kill them with kindness, I don’t know. Took me years to realize I should stop the murderous rampage and just buy silk plants.

    Have a lovely weekend, Miss Kim! 🙂

    • Thanks, Maryellen. The house just loves us right back!

      Ahhh, the orchids. They are about the only house plant I can keep alive longer than two years. I think it’s because they take longer to kill.

      Hope you had a great weekend.

  25. Jer

    Wow! Nice work Kim!
    Looks like a cozy spot! I love the woodwork and the big windows!
    Does the chair next to the windows belong to the puppies?

    …and you mentioned me in your post…HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

  26. mudepoz

    Kim, it’s gorgeous. One of the homes we owned was Craftsman, with a lot of red oak under a ton of paint. Tall Dude spent many summers (he was a high school teacher back then) stripping it. The hot gun didn’t work real well, he nearly burned the mantel of the fireplace.

    I have a love Eastlake chair that needs reupholstering. I got it at an estate sale for 2.00. It’s taking up space in the attic. For 2 bucks, it’s yours!

    I am jealous. I have a hodgepodge of dog ribbons and stuffed springers (TOYS!, Sheesh, what do you think I am) in my space. BUT. Where are your bettas?

  27. Robin

    It looks like the perfect area to snug down and be creative. It is also comforting to see I’m not the only human being with the post it frame on their monitor. 😉

  28. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Office looks great. One of the many advantages of working at home, your office can be just the way you like it.

    Is there any reason aside from all of your other projects that you couldn’t do a short about that journey to the plains for an upcoming anthology? I imagine there may be legal reasons since the characters were written for another house but I’m no lawyer. (Did I answer my own question?)

    My brother is here at last. He starts his new job next week. woohoo!


    • Hi Vampy. I wouldn’t write a Truth short for a Harper anthology, no, but I could under the Dawn Cook name. I’m not planning on it, though. Dude, I’ve got four books coming out this year, and I don’t have time to write a laundry list, much less another novella! -laugh- Maybe in a few years.

      Have fun with your brother.

  29. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim,

    Love your space! Wood floors, woodwork, wooden headphones, wood anything is pure awesomeness. I loved working with it in functional design class but I wasn’t very talented with it….there’s a clock around here somewhere that I designed and built…. Anyway! Ooo, noticed the MacBook Air; don’t you just love it? I’ve been playing around with one whenever I can so I know that’s definitely my next machine. Talk about functional design! Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Mendi. I love wood, too, but I don’t get a chance to work with it much anymore. I love my mac air, yes. I don’t miss the hd in it at all. And light? It’s going to make this year’s tour a lot more comfortable.

  30. Holy crap, I am sooooooooo in love with your desk! And I love the fact that you have your desk facing those beautiful windows. I wish we had a house in a place with real seasons with enough room for me to have an office. I’m not a writer, but I’m a mom and I need a time out spot desperately!
    Oh and might i request that once you have time, I know it’s a foreign concept, could you post a list of books you have on your bookshelves that you’ve enjoyed reading? I would love some other suggestions for great paranormal non-porn like authors. You and Kelley Armstrong are my go to gals for stuff to read, but I feel bad tattering my MMPB any more than necessary. Necessary being every time a new book is released in the series. lol
    I hope you have a wonderful day, Kim. And thanks again for putting my families Halloween photos on your site, it was really the highlight of our year. My kids went crazy with the link sharing and bragging about being famous because of it. LOL

    • Thank you, Heather. I love my work area, too.

      Mmmm, that’s a great idea, but in the meantime, I do have a list of my favorite authors over at the website at the links page.

      I hope you have a great day, too. (And I’m glad you had fun with the contest! Thank you!)

  31. Dayton Denise

    Loving the post-its!!! I do the same thing!

  32. ahhh man i thought you would have lived in an old church *evil grin* I know I want too. you new office looks awesome.

  33. Oh, it looks so lovely and warm and bright! I love the warmth that natural-colored woodwork brings to a room – I never really understood the compulsion some people have for painting every wood surface they find!