Making the list!

A spot of good news today!  The mass market of Black Magic Sanction, which was released  the Tuesday before last, has made the New York Time’s Bestseller list!  I am totally excited about it!  (And feeling kind of dopey, ’cause when my editor phoned to tell me, I know there was this long bit of silence where I pulled myself out of rough draft mode and remembered that, oh yes, I did write a book called that.)  -rolls eyes-

I never wait for the mass markets to make the lists because so many of you just go for the hard cover, so when they do, it’s a bolt from the blue and sets me to dancing.  😉

So I thank you! Thank you for patiently waiting for the mass market, and thank you, guys, who bought both versions, one to keep and one to share. (?)


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  1. Thank you, Alyssa! You have a fab day, too.

  2. Dragongirl

    Woohoo! Congratulations!!!

    And now back to rough draft mode! lol

  3. Maria (Germany)

    I really have both: HC and MM, because I can’t for the life of me remember where my HC is. I thought that sooner or later the HC will come up somewhere if I have the MM, because it’s allways like that!

    Congratulations Kim! You deserve it and I think Pale Demon will break every record there is this far 😉

  4. Jisha

    Congos on making the list!!! Now THAT wasn’t that much of a surprise, but I love the “this long bit of silence where I pulled myself out of rough draft mode and remembered that, oh yes, I did write a book called that” part *grins*

    I know I should have written this two posts ago, but my crapy internet connection decided to bang heads with me again… chapter 2 rocks!! 😀 Trent was showing off for sure, and now I’m feeling oh-so-satisfied that he can’t show off his ‘superiority’ when Rachel’s forced to do black/demon magic for a good cause =)

    Oh, and has any one considered the fact that with confident Trent now having a dash of danger, and needing help from Rachel, he’s absolutely Rachel-candy??? yum 😉

  5. Theresa

    Congrats Ms. Kim!!!!! I can’t wait till Pale Demon comes out especially because my mom might get it for me for my b-day cuz it comes out only a week before. Can’t wait!!!!
    From, Theresa

  6. Tonya

    Congrats Kim! I admit I buy the book in hard back and paper back because I read the series so often I don’t want to mess up my nice hard backs. I do that with your books and the Harry Potter series. (Weird, I know).

    I’ve always wanted to ask you one question Kim. I’m sorry if it’s been asked before:

    How in the world do you pronounce Al’s full name? I know demon names are supposed to be nonsense to keep everyone from guessing them and summoning the demon but I just wonder how you say it…

    • Thanks, Tonya. I really appreciate that.

      Ahhh, Al’s name. I pronounce it
      Al as in Al
      gal as in gal, like a woman.
      liar as in pants on fire
      rept like reptile.

  7. mudepoz


  8. RebeccaC

    Terrific news! Many congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! Sounds like my dilemma now is one others are having, too! Hardback? Yes. Mass market? Of course. Ebook? Well…hmm. Hubby got me an iPad for Christmas and I have to admit that I’m falling in love with it but I wavered at pre-ordering the electronic PD. How will I put that on the shelf with the other Kim books? I did cave and buy the ebook of GBU for all the extra goodies at the end but I still think nothing beats the feel of a real paper book in your hands!

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I hear what you are saying. I’m a paper kind of person, simply because I’m so tactile, and an ebook always feels the same. But I don’t read a lot anymore, so there’s not a huge storage issue for me

  9. Maryellen

    Doin’ the happy dance for ya, Miss Kim! 🙂

    –and kick and shuffle–turn–kick–jazz hands–annndd-smile! 😀

  10. lizardgirl

    Woot! way to go.

    yup, definitely one to share. i usually donate the hard covers to the library then buy the mass market when it comes out.
    this makes for a very pristine collection. my husband swears i’ve never actually read any of the books i own.

    technically, this is true. :^)


  11. JanisHarrison

    Congrats on your high numbers. It’s such a big deal nowadays, to keep the publishers willing to print your work.

    When it comes to print vs electronic, I suppose I’m a bit of a luddite. Certainly won’t lay out the $$$ for one, but my cousin is visiting and is so thrilled with her new whatever it is, she calls it a slate and it’s something by Mac, that I’m beginning to understand the appeal.

    But at this point I’m a confirmed library patron and buy the MM’s when I can afford it (I “afforded BMS in its release week!).

  12. Amy

    Congrats Kim!

    I usually get the hardbound because I want it signed and to show my support but I also get it on audible because it helps pass my time at work. I have found that I catch little things that I missed reading the books when I listen to them and I go wow, I don’t remember that!

  13. Joelle

    Congrats Kim!

  14. Yasmin

    You rock! (my kids say “Woot”…I think that’s good.)
    Actually it’s 3 copies, hard cover to read, paperback for the cover, one to give to the BFF. But your’re close.
    Have a great day, Best selling Author!

  15. Marsha

    Congratulations! I can’t imagine a book in your series NOT making the best sellers list. I saw Antonio’s comments about e-books and I’m afraid it’s inevitable that they will replace my beloved books one day. I do hope that I will be able to collect the entire Hollows series before that happens though.

    • Thanks Marsha. 😉 The way I feel about e-books, is that they will expand the market tremendously, but at the same time, there will be a wider gap between those who sell enough books to make a living at it, and those who are forced to keep a second job. It’s going to be an interesting ten years, and I feel fortunate that again, I seemed to have squeaked in at the threshold of a changing system, able to take advantage of both.

  16. Sara

    Bad Ass!! Congrats! When I was in school, I insisted on paperbacks all the time (*much* easier to carry in a backpack), but now that I don’t have classes my impatience wins out and it’s hard backs all the way! I keep meaning to pick up some paperbacks, though, of the ones with the extra bits thrown in.

    I’m freaking dying for the next one! I hate giving in to “teaser chapters” that are posted because then it drives me nuts for days wondering what the next part is!

    Seriously, though, congrats! Your novels continue to get better and better!

  17. Judi in NJ

    Aaaww Kim!! My eyes are leaking happy tears for you! Congratulations!!! 😀

  18. Antonio


    I met a woman at your Dayton signing last year that buys multiple copies(2-3) of both HC and MMpaperbacks. I think she keeps 2(one signed;one unsigned) and gives the other away as a present. All of which she keeps logged in a virtual library on her smartphone. Very cool, right?

    Yesterday there was a front-page article in USAToday about E-books hitting historic highs after the holidays: “E-book versions of the TOP SIX books outsold the print versions…and of the top 50, 19 had higher e-book than print sales. It’s the first time the top-50 list has had more than 2 titles in which the e-version outsold the print.”

    I know this is USAToday’s list rather than the NYTimes , but it would be interesting to know how your e-sales are in relation to print and what to expect when Pale Demon comes out…do you think it’s possible you could sell more e-versions than HC? 😎

    • Hi Antonio. Wow! That’s a lot of books! 🙂 I’d be interested in the numbers, too. I’m going to guess that I will be selling more HCs than e-versions for a while, but the ratio is changing all the time.

  19. AKR

    You see they say good things come to those who wait …..
    But the longer the wait apparently it get better ..!!! LOL

    Congratulations …!!!
    I’m sure there are WAAAYYYY more successes coming your way, especially still you’re still working at it … (*two thumbs up*) 🙂

    I just had one little question I hope it’s not a bother as I am still relatively new to The Hollows series…. so here goes…

    From Book 3 – With regard to “vampires maintaining their names after marriage, to keep living blood-lines in tact.”
    Where it’s noted that Ivy carries surname Tamwood and Erica carries Randall does this mean that they have different blood-lines and hence different mothers??

    I’m re-reading the books in eager anticipation of Pale Demon =D …

    Looking forward to your response …
    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Thanks, AKR! I appreciate that.

      You asked about vampire bloodlines. Ivy and Erica have the same mother and father, it’s simply a matter of their dad, (Randall) not having anyone to carry on his name, so Erica took it instead of the higher status name of Tamwood. Hope that helps.

    • AKR

      Ohhhh … 😮
      it does .. I’ll have to let my sister know ..
      Thanks … 🙂


  20. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    That is quite an accomplishment especially with the popularity of Nooks, Kindles and other e-readers on the rise.

    When I started reading you all we had were the paper backs, and I had them all until the hard backs were printed up. I gave all of my paper backs to the library and bought all of the HB’s and am working on getting all of the Kindle versions. The HB’s are mostly for signing. 🙂

    Now a question about those raku and Alissa’s mother. Are the raku sort of like small/mid-sized dragons? Did Alissa ever find her mom? In my mind. she does because she has been able to do just about anything else she has wanted to do.

    Even though I’m done with the First Truth books, they are still glowing in my mind brightly, if that makes any sense.


    • Thanks, Vampy, and how cool of you to give your copies to the library! I know there are a bunch of people who thank you, as well.

      You asked about Alissa’s mom. I’d like to think that she found her mother, and even sketched out a short story of an adventure in the plains. Raku are a mid-size dragon, I guess. Somewhere between a fire lizard and a Pern dragon. -grin-

      And now I’m smiling. What you said makes perfect sense to me. They glowed in my mind for many years.

  21. I do have a tendency to buy both, mostly because I can’t wait for the paperbacks to read your stories! I also have a daughter that tends to swipe your books out from under me, so I need that second copy to be able to re-read!

  22. Casey

    Congratulations Kim!!

    Black Magic Sanction was amazing, and I can’t wait to read more! (the chapter releases from Pale Demon just having my bouncing in my seat)

    I always buy the Hard Cover and the Paper-back. I am back and forth between my campus, work, and home so often that having a paper-back to just stick in my purse and go makes it so much easier. I love having the hard-cover (mostly because I can never wait and HAVE to buy the first copy I get my hands on) but also because I love having my favourite books in hard cover because I know that if something happens, they are more durable.

    Congrats, and keep writting!!


  23. I try to buy all 3 versions now that I have a Kindle as well. I’m anal when it comes to making sure I have a full series in the same style. I can’t have a few in paper and a few in hard cover, If I start with one, I have to finish with the same, but when they come out in hardcover, I buy them release day, which has caused me to have 2 copies of the series, which I LOVE since my paperbacks are tattered from being read 9 times each. Totally psyched for Pale Demon!
    I didn’t have the $ for the tour T’s and mugs this time around, which makes me sad, since I have a T for the last 2 books and was hoping to continue with every book, but power and groceries come first, ONLY because we have children. LOL
    Have a great day, Kim. Congratulations!