I found some tacks

It took a while, but I found some tacks, and I finally got Guy’s dad’s chair finished.  (purchased at an estate sale back in the 70s.) I think it turned out quite nice compared to the orange leather it had on it.  I can see a few things I’d do differently already, and where I can improve, but it is/was a practice piece that will get some occasional use, and it is what it is.  Much of what I’m fighting isn’t just developing my skill, but a degrading of the piece itself, but I suppose working around that is a skill in itself.

Next project is the monstrosity of color that Guy and I picked up this summer at the antique fair.  It looks far worse in person.  I’m guessing that this was done in the 7os.  I won’t be taking this on down to the bare bones since once I got the fabric off, the padding looked fairly new.  This is something I intend to use every day, so I’m going a lot slower.

On the work front, I got through another chapter yesterday and am pushing forward on rough draft.  I got the pages back from the HOLLOWS INSIDER, so I’ll be working on that sometime this week.  I can’t wait to get back into it.  I should have some interesting news about content before too long.  I have some blank pictures I might need some help filling . . .


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21 responses to “I found some tacks

  1. Theresa

    OMG!!!!!! I just read chapter 2 and… it. is. AMAZING!!!

  2. Michelle

    That chair came out amazing!

  3. Frederique

    Reupholstery is one of the things on my “learn to do” list. I love the styles of the chairs 🙂

    P.S. Is it Tuesday yet? 😛

  4. JanisHarrison

    The pic of the side chair is very small on my laptop, but it looks fine to me. That armchair is going to be a challenge, huh. Sometimes it’s finding the right tacks or caning, or whatever, that slows the process. But ohmygosh that orange-and-green fabric, what were we thinking???

    • Thanks, Janis. If you click on the picture, it should bring up a larger shot of it. Yes, Guy and I are scratching our heads over the latest chair. I’m sure they were proud of it, because it was done very well, but yuck!

  5. Lesley

    Isn’t feathering your nest fun? 🙂 I just made some radiator covers yesterday (simple, but the first things I’ve ever built with OMG powertools, woo!). The room’s classiness has gone up about 98%. Those chairs are gorgeous!

  6. Antonio

    Did you have to take apart the wooden chair posts to get at the upper backing/pad? That would be kinda ‘dicey’ what with re-glueing and such…I would be paranoid it wouldn’t set properly and be uneven. Your other chair looks like a challenge(with the arms) if you have to take it apart and still maintain it’s structural integrity..

    “Blank pictures you might need help filling…” OOoooo…so, fun for the class? I used to spend a lot of time in the Cinci/N Kentucky area…and i found Rachel’s small neighborhood church and the little grocery they went to for ice cream and such(it’s in cinci, not kentucky though)—the store is called KELLER’S IGA on Ludlow, it’s close to the University of Cincinnati campus and the hospitals, and a tiny church is w/n walking distance(can’t remember name–there are actually a few in the area)…anyhoo–be good! 😎

    • Hi Antonio. I don’t have to take it apart, no, just work the fabric around. That’s tricky in itself.

      Yes, blank pictures that need filling. More as I know it!

  7. Judi in NJ

    Beautiful, Kim!! Nicely done! Can’t wait to see the end result of the one the pups won’t even sleep on. 🙂 Kidding – the 2nd one is beautiful in a Very Brady Way. Haha…ok…I’m done.

    I agree that this is a very exciting KH year already!! Wooty!

  8. Robin

    Guy’s Dad’s chair looks fab!! I am duly impressed. I can’t wait to see what you do with the . . . bright one.

  9. Marsha

    Huge improvement. Both are very beautiful pieces.

  10. Stephenie

    I’m kind of in love with that second chair. The six year old in me wants to tell you to reupholster it in red velvet… then gild it. The more sophisticated twenty year old me knows that something less ostentatious is a more practical choice 😀 I’m really excited about the Hollows Insider… and also about the plethora of Kim related releases this year. It’s fantastic!

    I’m waiting to go to the doctor with my gf right now… She’s been out of work for two days and I don’t go back to work until the 10th for winter break. Despite being sick it’s been a nice 5 day weekend!

    • Frederique

      I think the 6 year old you and the 6 year old me must be best friends cause the red velvet idea seems sooooo cool.

    • Mmmm, velvet! That would be beautiful! If I was going to put it in a room with lace, dark curtains, thick rugs . . . wait a moment. I am. -grin-

      Actually, this is the chair I’m going to be watching TV in, so I want something a little less formal, but red velvet would be gorgeous,

      I hope your girlfriend gets a good bill of health.