Chapter Two, Pale Demon

Chapter Two

Trent rose to his feet, stupidly staring at the tree and the foaming yellow mass of magic.

“Get down!” I shouted as I yanked him off balance. He started to fall, and still sitting, I pulled him toward me, bracing myself and levering his weight over me and to the patio on my far side. He hit the hard pavers with a gasp, eyes wide and hair askew. I was already reaching a quick thought out to the ley line in the backyard. Power flowed in, familiar but painful in my rush, and before Trent had tossed the hair from his eyes, the word rhombus whispered through my mind. In an instant, I relived the five-minute process to make a protection circle.

The semi-invisible barrier sprang up around us, me at its center as in all undrawn circles. Trent sat up, his head even with my shoulder. “Stay down!” I hissed, and we both jerked as two more splats hit my circle, their magic making little dimples of color on my black-and-gold aura. Beyond it, the pixies were moving in the graveyard, and I cursed my stupidity. I’d told Jenks to keep his kids centralized, effectively shutting down our first line of defense.

“Jenks!” I shouted as I stood, my circle inches from the top of my head, and reached for my robe, jamming my arms into the sleeves.

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And in case you missed it, the link to Chapter One


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  1. Lisa

    I sooooo cannot wait until February. Sometimes I feel like I’m wishing my life away waiting on book releases, lol. Oh well, we all have to have a vice, right?

  2. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I finished Lost Truth today. Poor Talon. 😦 I really liked the series a lot. I think it would make an excellent series of movies or TV miniseries. The setting would be visually stunning and the characters were very well done.


  3. Jelle

    Thank you!
    Reading these chapters was a relay nice way to start my day. I’m sorry to see Rachel still has to mow her graveyard. Mat (White Witch, Black Curse) didn’t show up then… And I was so looking forward to read how he interacts with David and somehow end up with a dandelion on his ass. BDW did Rachel get her tattoo?

  4. Limz

    OMG,it was awesome!Best birthday present EVER!If this is only the first two chapters i cant wait what the whole book is gonna be like!

  5. Mel from OR

    AHHHHHHH!!!! I’m in pain from being forced to wait….

  6. Candace

    Woohoo, I’m so excited for this book!!!Is it release day yet?! 😀

  7. amandaintampa

    OMG. I love Trent and now you have him using black magic, that is awesome. Its about time he gets off his high horse. lol. I can’t wait for the book, its coming out right in time for my bed rest after surgery! Yay. I will probaby read it twice b/c not only will it be awesome, but I will be bored out of my mind.

  8. Frederique

    MUST HAVE MORE!!! How much longer till February 22nd? LOL

  9. Marcie

    WOW! Loved chapter 2! Trent is once again being “Trent.” I love that he was using black elven magic. That was perfect. Brings him down a peg or two and no longer so high and mighty. Although I was so hoping he’d get some black on his soul for the way he hates it on Ceri and Rachel. However I guess his familiar, Tulpa, is holding it for him. BTW, I love that name Tulpa. I’ve never heard it before, but I think I may try to talk the family into calling one of our new pets that. Well when I decide its time to introduce another one. THey all want another one, but I’m good. 1 dog and 2 cats is enough with the 3 kids one of which being hubby. 🙂

    • Lesley

      Hey, that’s a good point- didn’t he take the smut for his and Rachel’s trips into the Ever After? Al even said so when he was bargaining with Newt in ODW. Maybe he fobbed it off on some unsuspecting employee. Heaven forbid he should have any grit on his perfectly manicured aura, the peacock! *g*

    • Marcie

      I forgot about that. Yes Trent took the smut then too. Now how did he give that away?

    • Jessica

      I thought that Trent bargained for Minias to take the smut while he took a mark? The same mark that Al later had traded for Rachel’s familiar mark (via Newt).

    • Thanks, Marcie. I’m glad you liked it! I’ve always liked the name Tulpa ever since I found out what it means.

  10. Christine

    Absolutely loved it. I love how you mention Kisten and of course my heart raced through the entire first and second chapters!!

    Thank-you so much. Dying to read more.


  11. kirsty

    OMG OMG OMG i love it i cant wait to get my mits on the book in feb, and i soo did not see that coming about the withons,
    love your writing and love your books i cant wait until febuary.
    thanks for brightening my day.x

  12. Robin Elrod

    WOW!!! Great chapter. Loved it. My first assumptions of the assassins where that Quen sat it up to see how Rachel would have handeled it. Wrong about that. I love the whole Trent doing the magic thing. Maybe he was showing off. I think he just LOVES to get a rise out of her & she with him. I know she’ll give in to him & go. I think it will be very interesting. Can not wait to see how much they get a rise out of eachother through the whole thing. The possibilities running through my head at what might happen, too funny. I cannot wait for more. Thank you.

  13. Love it! But then, even all unknowing, I love everything you write!

    I went to the local B & N this weekend, wanting to get a look at the “Dawn Cook” books, because you said that it’s yours. I’d never heard the name before, or at least, didn’t realize I had – and when I found the name, I found the Truth series…. which I’ve been reading since they came out, not knowing it was you all along!

    Ok, that was probably too convoluted to follow… but here it is simple: I LOVE the Truth books, and I love the way this last one ended. Thank you!

    Now, I need to go find some princess books!

  14. JanisHarrison

    I found myself gasping as I read Chapter 2 — because I was holding my breath! Oh good grief I have to wait for I don’t know how long for my turn at the library copies (I’m #13 on the holds list but somehow nobody drops out of line for a Hollows book).

  15. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I forced myself away from reading any more of Chapter Two because I don’t want to spoil anything when the book comes out. I’ll have to plan starting on a non-work day; I can see that I’ll be reading straight through this one, Kim.

  16. Hilary

    I really enjoyed this-thanks so much for posting it and please thank your publisher as well. I can’t wait until the book is released!!!!

  17. AKR

    Wooo hoooo ….!!! =D
    Nice ….. can’t wait for my sis to read it … lol

    True to your word Ms Harrison … thank you … 🙂
    Can’t wait for the 18th now …..
    Not to mention Feb 22.

    Hmm what is it about your books that are so addictive?? LOL

    AKR (Trinidad addict lol)

  18. Cristina

    I thought it extremely intriguing that Rachel kept Al’s chrysalis….Is she picking up on something unconsciously about its significance, or does she have a practical reason for safekeeping it?

    On another note, I want it to be February so freaking bad now. sigh
    Thanks for the awesome chapter, Kim. 🙂

  19. lizardgirl

    “You did that on purpose!” I shouted.
    His head bowed slightly, and his lips quirked as he eyed me, looking both mischievous and polished. “I told you I was going to.”

    that right there was so summer camp :^) i’m thinking this one will be a lot of fun.
    now if i can only figure out how he keeps his aura so shinny new….

  20. SQUEE!!!!

    *glomps* author!

    😀 Brilliant Mrs. Harrison!! I can’t wait to read all of it. It’s going to be so slow going waiting for the chapters to be released.
    Don’t suppose I can bribe you? You can ride my horse… 😉

    Thank you for sharing this ma’am.

  21. CC in CA

    Thanks Kim! Also, just now as I’m reading chapter two…My sister see’s what I’m reading and says “Pale Demon. Yes you are.” Siblings never miss a beat do they?

  22. Gail S

    Thanks Kim! Thank your publisher for me too;-) I’m going to snuggle in later today and reread ch 1 and then 2. I can’t wait!
    I hope you had a wonderful New Year. Sounds like your enjoying have the family together!

  23. Jer

    Great 2nd chapter, Kim.

    I called a friend of mine to tell her about the chapter 2 release and she had already read it and THEN she blurts out why Trent wants to go! I asked how she knew that for sure, she then decides to answer me with something about Rachel (she visited some site that tells all about Pale Demon).
    I hung up on her. I might call her back this weekend?? GRRR!

    • Thank you, Jer. Oh, that was EVIL of your friend. If it were me, I wouldn’t speak to her for a month or two. But then, my friends know better. Maybe the site was just spreading rumors.

  24. Yasmin

    Oh, I am SO remembering why I hate Trent! And why I love your books so much.

  25. MichelleG

    OMG..It was great. Loved the action. I swear I love Trent so much. There is just something about a bad boy who needs a little redemption. I cannot wait til this book comes out.

    • Robin

      Uh huh, yes, yes and yes! And I LOVE that Trent is doing magic that is shocking Rachel. He is SOOOO someone that can go toe to toe with her and I think he was enjoying showing off for her. Feb 22 suddenly seems way to far away.

    • Robin Elrod

      I agree with you both. I love Trent, the lil bit of bad but knows how to polish, as she says, at the same time. I think he might have been showing off too.

    • Anna

      I am completely on this boat.

    • Thank you, Michelle! I’m glad you liked it. I can’t wait until this one comes out, either.

  26. Maryellen

    “…bright sparkling spots of potential death in the sunshine.”

    I can’t tell you how much I love this description! 🙂 And the part about Trent working black elven magic? Sexy. Sexy, rich, good-looking…okay, you’re starting to win me over to the dark side. I wonder what he’s planning??? It can’t just be about Quen. And now you got me wondering how on earth he’s going to get Rachel to agree to this trip. Hmmm….

    But I still love my Al.

  27. Marsha

    Oooh great, something to look forward to this evening when I get home from work. It looks exciting.

  28. Tala

    OMG I’m in delight! 🙂 cool… oh… Tala in trans.

  29. Christina

    Ahhhh i’ve been waiting for that all morning 🙂 living in the uk sucks! I need more now though…if you could release a new chapter daily I’d be eternally grateful hehe.

    • Thank you, Christina! I’m glad you liked it. I’m not sure what they are doing with the release date in the UK, but fingers crossed that the new tie between Eos and Voyager means a shorter wait for you.

  30. Lesley

    My reactions: WOW! Wow. OMG seriously?! Holy– WOW. Wait, what? Oh. Wow. Oooooooooooooh. No, wait! More! More!

    My favorite part: my automatic assumption that they assassins were after Rachel. LOL!