Smack Head Here

Hee, hee.  Sorry people.  I got ahead of myself this week, and chapter two isn’t going to be released until next Tuesday, not this Tuesday.  I knew this–really I did–but failed to check my schedule before I got excited about it.  I know you’ve been waiting for it, but I do have some good news in that we are scheduled to release five chapters before Pale Demon actually comes out.  My apologies for any gnashing of teeth.

Progress is moving forward on rough draft.  I worked through the plotting issue I had early Monday and somehow got my pages done.  Tuesday was kind of sticky until Trent showed up unexpectedly, and well . . . you know how much I like him, so I burned through another chapter.  Yesterday was not that bad, actually, and what I thought was going to be a transitional, ho-hum chunk of pages turned out to be thought provoking as I took the opportunity to develop a relationship that was begging to move forward.

Today I’m going to be making a foray into the ever-after, and I expect that it’s going to be full of surprises and revelations as I work with Al.  He’s gotten himself into a bit of an unusual spot . . .and Rachel is finding out she wants to help him.  I never expected that, and it should be fun watching his face as it all falls together.


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57 responses to “Smack Head Here

  1. Anna

    What?? A relationship begging to move forward? Trent and Rachel???

    At least, that’s what I choose to think. Ho hum.

  2. proudfit

    Which B&N in San Antonio are going to?

  3. Kim

    omg i so much wanna read the first chapter but i seem to have this problem when i read. I start and i can’t stop. I have been waiting what seems to be forever for the book. Once i start reading im not gonna wanna stop . I read the entire series in like a week and a half like 15 hrs a day slept a couple of hrs and went right back to the books lol .They are so good right from the start . Its like as if your watching a movie in your mind and turn it off in the middle can’t do it i have to keep going. Is the next book after pale demon going to be out this yr as well? I hope so lol 😀

    • I’m the same way, Kim. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows so much! Not long now, and yes, the next book, (which I delivered to my editor last week) is due out the same time next year.

  4. Amanda in Tampa

    Question about the tour… Is this the only major blog you do or do you have jump into multiple blogs in between writing fab books? I was wondering b/c if your fans came up to you during a signing and was like, “Hey I’m (enter blog screen name)” would you recognize it, or do you just have so much stuff crammed in that brain of yours that it is impossible? Just curious.

    Also totally jazzed about the next chapter coming out. Yay Pale Demon.

    • Hi Amanda. That’s a great question. Sometimes I will remember people by their name if they have a unique handle and are a regular poster, but if your name is Jennifer or Mike, chances are slim I’ll make the connection, even if you remind me you post a lot. I once had a person come up to the signing table with a picture of their avatar, which triggered my memory of having chatted with them here at the blog.

  5. Maryellen

    No worries, Miss Kim- next Tuesday it is! It’ll be a Happy New Year’s gift for us all! 🙂

    About Trent showing up in your manuscript unexpectedly–gosh, has he no manners at all? I’ll bet he made himself right at home to, didn’t he? Just write me in and I’ll take care of him for ya! 😉

    I’m working on a piece now where my characters took off in their own little direction, completing ignoring my narrative and plot- the nerve of some people! Don’t they know they’re just a delete button away from annihilation?

  6. Yasmin

    Yay! Al! happy dance!

  7. manekochan

    Dang. Those are some tempting tidbits to know about the next book. -_-; I don’t know if I can stand the wait. Why must you torment me?!? ^^ (Trent and Al are my favorites…)

  8. JanisHarrison

    Going to my fave Indie bookstore today to pick up the p/b of BMS. I am so READY to re-read it. And since I have so darn long to wait for my turn at Pale Demon, another few days’ wait to peek at the first/second chapter is OK.

  9. Gail S

    No head smacking! Another few days is nothing:-)
    Trent and Al, two of the people I love to hate, and hate to love. LOL
    Is this the book for 2013? Now that’s a long time to wait to find out what devious plans are afoot.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Stephenie

    Yay! Trent and Al… I’m always dying for more of both of them. If you ever devise a spin-off series I’m going to vote for an Ever After/Demon take! 😀

    I’m heading back home today, and while I miss everybody there; I’m really really sad to be leaving my parents house. I don’t get to see them very often anymore and I’ve realized how much more important to me being around my family is than I thought it would be. So sad but happy… how I hate to be conflicted!

    • I know what you mean, Stephenie. One of the reasons we moved back to MI was to be nearer my parents, and it has been wonderful. I’ve always had a great relationship with my mom, and I love it when she stops over for coffee or I call her about the deer in the neighbor’s yard. I am thankful every day for the drive and determination to build a job that allowed me to “come home.”

  11. Val-OH

    I can’t wait to read about Al’s sticky situation and Rachel getting him out of it… Is it gonna be like a dog running over sandpaper? RUFF… Get it? Ruff-Rough. He-he-he. Is this the book that will be coming out next year that you are referring to?

    • -grin- It’s better than that, Val. I finally, FINALLY, found out what he really looks like. (happy sigh) This one is the 2013 book. My editor won’t see it until this time next year.

  12. Sarah

    Ms. Kim,
    I know somewhere u mentioned u wanted a book that was completely in the ever after; did that ever happen/will it in the books to come??

  13. Antonio

    “Doh!” 😳

    Stop with the smacking–I’m a big fan of what comes out of that head.

    Be good 😎

  14. Niko

    I think Christmas just came again for me- you mentioned both Trent and Al! WIN! Now if only Nick were added, you would have totally made 2011 for me! 🙂

    • Val-OH

      O_O eh… Niko! What is it with you and Nick. I’m gonna pinch you in February when I see you. 😉 But I totally agree with you on Trent and Al… mmm, Al.♥

    • She shoots, she scores! (Nick is there, too) I’m starting to wrap things up, which means old characters are getting more page time.

    • Lesley

      Oh, wow, Nick survives until book 11 at least? AWESOME! (He’s my favorite character to hate on…I love him!) I hope he’s there until the last big showdown, then gets the smackdown he deserves! (If the two worlds collide, can we tie him up in between them? *evil grin*)

  15. Allie

    OMG Kim! I spat my cup of tea all over the place when I read the header – in the UK, ‘Smack Head’ is slang for heroin addict! I was all ‘Nooooo Kim, don’t turn to drugs – we can wait for chapter 2…’

  16. RebeccaK

    So excited for Pale Demon! And what you are working on now is making me excited for that book too, although I think there is one in between Pale Demon and the one you are working on now. Hee hee come on February!

  17. Robin

    I have to admit to Trent and Al being two of my faves. As I’m re-reading in prep for PD I just caught myself last night totally rationalizing Trent’s actions. I shop for shoes this way too but I was really taken off guard when I realized just how much slack I was willing to cut Trent. And my reaction to Al always reminds of the first time I watched Silence of the Lambs. He can be so charming and witty and you find yourself lulled into unexpectedly taking his side. And then he eats somebody.

    • Antonio

      I find myself doing that with my favorite character(Ivy) as well. I know she has a violent past and has hurt(and maybe even killed) people herself. It’s easy to get caught up rationalizing her behavior as that of a victim, but early on she seems to have taken responsibility not only for her past but for ‘getting better’ now. I suppose if i knew Trent’s past better, and he showed any remorse whatsoever, I could begin to feel some sympathy for him as well. Hopefully not soon though(grin)…

    • Krista

      @ Robin–thats awesome. “And then he eats somebody”. LMFAO!

    • Jisha

      rofl, yeah! 😀

    • Jisha

      @Robin: same here! even though i know Trent is one murdering dude, and kind of an insensitive jerk, i can’t help rooting for him. i just love Rachel too much and trent looks great with her.. and that just about absolves all his crimes in my book!!! 😀

    • -grin- You’re going to love Pale Demon, Robin. I do a lot of rationalizing myself.

  18. Marsha

    OK I’m not one of Trent’s biggest fans, it’s that whole ruthless murderer thing that bothers me, but I can see him stirring things up. Kim do you believe that writing classes can help a person become a writer? It seems to me that most of my favorite writers have a natural gift and have not had much formal education.

    • Hi Marsha. Formal classes are an excellent way to get your foundation, yes. I’d be willing to bet that your favorite writers, who have not had much of a formal education, read a lot while growing up, absorbing technique and patterns unknowingly.

  19. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    It’s that time of year where you sometimes forget which end is up, so the mind slips are forgivable.

    Excited that I got my “tour” T for Christmas and looking forward to March all the sudden, again! They look so good, especially with the St. Louis stop on them finally. Now to break it in so I look like a seasoned roadie….

  20. Christina

    My gosh, I’m so excited about pale demon (perhaps unhealthily so). I’ve really enjoyed the series so far and can’t wait to see where everything leads to. Thankyou for being so amazing- if I had half the imagination you do I’d be a happy, happy girl 🙂 Also, thanks for the updates on the blog, it’s great that you put so much effort in to keeping your fans informed, especially when your so busy writing! x

    • Thanks, Christina! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows so much, and I hope you love Pale Demon! It gets hard to keep up with you guys, but I love it and i hope I can keep doing so for a long time yet.

  21. Jisha

    Umm, I’m sure u must have mentioned this somewhere else but still… *grins* what part of Hollows are you currently working on?! Totally curious about the evolving relationship… not to mention watching Al getting dumbstruck 😀

    About another agonizing wait for another tuesday… *sigh*… but at least this time my vigil would be in holidays and not while appearing for examinations 🙂

  22. Lesley

    Uh, oh….Is Al going to appreciate her help?

    I honestly can’t wait to see what happens with Trent in PD. Of all your characters he’s the one I “get” the least, so he’s the most unpredictable. I hope we learn more about elves soon…there’s so many hints at a darker culture than the pretty face that Trent and Ceri show the world!

    AAAUGH! Next Tuesday! EEEEEE! *headdesk* Pins and needles, here, Kim! Pins and needles!! We’re all antsier than a pixed demon out here! 😉

    • Hi Lesley. I’m so proud of Al. He finally let go of something yesterday. 😉 Trent is finally growing up, and I’m proud of him, too. And Rachel is having revelations all over the place. Busy book. 😉